8 Wimbledon Activities At Home For You To Ace

Playing tennis at home.

Wimbledon has been cancelled but that definitely doesn't mean you can't have plenty of your own tennis games at home.

Whether you're a family of sports stars or prefer to sit on the sidelines, Wimbledon often felt like the start of summer so it's definitely something that'll be missed by lots of us. Don't worry though, we've come up with plenty of ways you can match the fun of the tennis season, from crafts to recipes and activities, there's something for everyone!

Pick Up A Racket

The first Wimbledon themed activity, and probably the most obvious one, is to play a bit of tennis yourselves! It's a great easy game for the whole family to get involved in and play together. We've come up with some top tips on how you can learn to play in your garden so you can really get to grips with balancing the ball and the best way to serve. Don't worry if you haven't got rackets and a ball, you can still play for free just try and be creative! A beach bat and ball set will work or you could even use a balloon as the ball and make your own rackets out of paper plates and kitchen roll tubes. Garden furniture, a rope or a washing line can also work as the net. Try and remember not to hit your shots as hard as they do on the centre court or you might accidentally lose a few balls to the neighbours garden!

Tournament Time

Once your family have mastered the basics of tennis, it's time to have your own Wimbledon Tournament. You could either draw names from a hat to see who is going to play each match or, depending on how big your family is, just play a few games of doubles and keep score. If you want to be really competitive you could just start playing and let the winner of each match stay on the court to see if they can go unbeaten!

A girl looking through strings on tennis racket.

Ball Puppets

If you prefer to get creative instead of active then this is a perfect option for you and a brilliant one for kids of all ages to get involved with. You'll need to find a tennis ball, some glue, felt tips, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and anything else fun in your craft box. All you need to do is stick the different bits and bobs to the ball to make a face. Use the pipe cleaners for hair, stick on the googly eyes and use the felt tips to draw on a face. Why not have a go at making the ball version of your favourite tennis player or emoji? You could even make one as a self-portrait!

Iced Biscuits

Tennis can be hungry work so we love this simple snack idea. All you need is some round biscuits like digestives or rich teas and a bit of green and white royal icing. To make your icing just mix 100g of icing sugar with four teaspoons of water and add a few drops of green food colouring; then to make the white do the same again but leaving out the food colouring. Using a teaspoon, the kids can cover the biscuits with green icing. Once it's set, layer a couple of white stripes on top in the same shape as they are on a tennis ball, younger kids may need a hand with this. Let them set and then they're ready to enjoy.

Baked goods fresh out the oven.

Watch A Match

We know there aren't any new tennis matches happening at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can't watch a Wimbledon game! You can watch last year's final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer as well as plenty of other matches on YouTube. Put on your best tennis watching attire, create some tickets, make sure the strawberries and cream are ready and press play! The fact you're watching inside means you've got brilliant centre court seats for free, it doesn't matter what the weather is like and you can fast forward if the kids don't fancy four hours of tennis.

Afternoon Tea

One of our favourite parts of Wimbledon is the food! From the picnics to the Pimm's and afternoon tea, it all helps to add to the atmosphere. Why not make a delicious afternoon tea for the family to enjoy together. Have a look at our blog post full of ideas of classic British sweet treats you can create in your kitchen. Your kids can help to cook mini apple pies, scones and Eton mess using the easy to follow recipes. If it's a nice day, you may want to set up a picnic blanket in the garden and enjoy your afternoon tea while you sit in the sun.

Trophy Time

It wouldn't be Wimbledon without the famous winner's trophy and one of our favourite activities is creating our own! You can use it to give to the champion of your family tennis match or just as a great chance to be crafty. You'll need two paper or plastic cups, some yellow or gold paint, yellow or gold card, scissors, a pen and some glue. Paint the cups with your kids then, once they're dry, stick the bases together so it's like the bottom cup is upside-down with the other cup resting on top. Cut some handles out of card and stick them onto the sides of your trophy. Write the year and what the trophy is for on a piece of card and stick that onto the bottom cup to act as the base. We love that a homemade trophy can help to add a bit of friendly competition to your very own Wimbledon.

Thirsty Work

All this tennis talk is making us thirsty! It's important to stay hydrated while you play so make sure there is plenty of water on hand. Pop a few slices of lemon and some strawberries in it to add a bit of a summery flavour. If you're wanting a bit of a treat why not make a Pimm's for yourself and some lemonade with all the fruit in for the kids. Oranges, cucumber, berries and mint all work really well.

Close-up shot of tennis ball on racket.

There are plenty of ways you can bring Wimbledon to you and recreate some of the fun in your own house. We love the idea of hosting our own tournament, watching a match and of course, afternoon tea. Let us know whether you ace any of these activities!



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