13 Great YouTube Videos For Under 5s

Young girl watching a great YouTube video for kids.

During lockdown, the struggle to entertain kids without days out and friends is becoming more and more difficult.

Especially with children under 5 who may not fully understand what is going on in the world outside. As a parent, you may have previously thought that YouTube was only appropriate for older kids and adults, but this is far from true!

As long as younger children are supervised, it can also be a great place to find entertaining content for little ones. So, if you haven't tried watching YouTube channels yet, we would really recommend it. Whether your child likes nursery rhymes, sing-a-longs, relaxing videos or slime videos, YouTube will definitely have something for you to watch. There are so many videos to keep little ones entertained for hours without having to sit still in front of the big TV screen and we have listed 13 of them here - from some of the best YouTube content for kids that the platform has to offer.

Parent and child watching YouTube


If you're looking for some educational content for your toddler, try a long video that covers a few things such as counting and sounds. Younger kids are more likely to stay focused if you find a video that they like and watch it for an hour or so - as opposed to some videos that are only a couple of minutes long. So, why not try watching a video like this one from a YouTube channel called Toddler Fun Learning, which can help with all sorts of topics like counting, shapes, and vehicles.

Children's Museum Video

In this video, America-based Blippi takes a tour of this children's museum to learn about what's there! Blippi's videoes for toddlers are great for learning colours, sounds and shapes.

Nursery Rhymes

Cocomelons's YouTube channel for kids shares nursery rhymes that children will love to sing along with. They have classics on there with animated videos, as well as their own. This video plays several nursery rhymes for 37 minutes - perfect for ages up to 3/4.

Healthy Eating

The short videos found on BST Kids designed to promote good food habits among kids! In this video, the health benefits of each fruit are brilliantly explained in a merry song that kids will love to watch. If you want any other short videos to watch, try the other sections on their channel that cover topics from manners to morals to meeting strangers.


Zoo song by Kids TV is a popular and enjoyable video that toddlers and young kids will love to watch, as they take a trip on-screen around a zoo.

Cartoons (For The Older End Of The Bracket)

Telmo and Tula have a range of cartoons catered to 5 years olds. Such as this 1 hour animated clip of humour and adventures! Watching cartoons on YouTube instead of on TV can be much more convenient for child and parents as it is much more portable and informative - and this series of cartoons can become a go-to watch should you need to entertain them for an hour.

Reviews For Kids

This one is quite a different one - but it's worth a try! For kids who enjoy trawling through toy shops and browsing, they may just enjoy watching reviews from this 5-year-old. This video was the first one that became popular on the channel - called Ryan's World. The channel now has 24.8 million subscribers...


Sing along to these 25 most popular songs for kids from LooLoo Kids. This 1-hour video is bound to keep kids entertained with their favourite tunes - they generally release one new video per week to the channel.

Short Stories

Try this video from Infobells, that features 19 of the best short English stories. The channel is full of content for kids that can help with learning lots of important lessons about morality.

Workout Video

This video '9 Min Exercise For Kids - Home Workout' will give your kids under 5 the best YouTube workout, perfect for lockdown! The channel 'Little Sports' is all about getting active and exercising every day at home with simple and quick moves for kids, which will help to build their muscles, strengthen their bones and improve flexibility!

Live Video

Videogyan Kids Shows brings to you - cartoon animation for children, live! This live stream series features the adventures of TooToo Boy and his various stints in his day to day life. Having live streams for the children to look forward to can really help them get through lockdown!

Drawing Tutorials:

Drawing tutorials: this 'How To Draw A Cartoon Dolphin' will teach your little ones under 5 how to draw many things across all of their episodes. Sit them down with a pen and paper and follow along with to learn how to draw a cute cartoon dolphin! And if you enjoy it, then why not become an Art Club member of theirs and do them every week?

Teeth Brushing

This two-minute Tooth Brushing Song by Blippi is catchy enough that your kids will be excited to brush their teeth twice a day!

You're bound to have found something here that the kids will enjoy, so sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet!



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