You've Got Talent! Great Family Talent Show Ideas

Three children performing an act for their at-home talent show.

It is important for our mental wellbeing to keep entertained and, although we might be managing to use the time well, we still might find times when our little ones are bored and we have run out of ideas for fun activities. One great way to use the time during lockdown is to run a family talent show.

By making family members the performers and judges, talent shows are suitable for all ages and can be a fun bonding activity for the whole family. It requires as much or as little effort as you like, as you'll find that the activity starts to run itself. You can perform in more than one act to make sure there are plenty of performances throughout the show. Lockdown is the perfect time to practice a new skill, and what better way to show off these skills that to perform them in a talent show. We've included some talent show tips to help you create the perfect talent show for your family.

Take a read below to discover how you can put on your own talent show from home.

Make sure you plan a date to do the talent show; you might decide to have more than one round and a final on separate days. Allow plenty of time for the performers to prepare and practice their performances. This creates a fun way to use the lockdown time to learn a new skill, new song or new dance. The more acts the better, so you might decide to get friends and family to get involved through Zoom, Skype or Facetime, even if that's to get three distant relatives to be the judges. It is a great way for your little ones' Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents to see how well they're doing at their skill, and get involved in all the fun.  That's not to say talent shows can't be enjoyed by smaller families too; one way to make the activity last longer is to rate the performances out of ten and try and beat your personal best in every show. This makes yourself your own competition and encourages practice. Swap roles too to make sure everyone gets the chance to both perform and judge.

Talent Show Ideas For You And Your Family To Get Stuck Into

There are so many talent show ideas to choose from. You can use your favourite TV talent show as inspiration or maybe your kids will already know what their act will be! We've created a list below in case you need some act ideas.

Have A Go At Dancing

There are many forms of dance, from Waltz to breakdancing and ballet to ballroom. Dancing is a great way to keep active so if you choose to practice a dance routine for the talent show, you'll be keeping fit while learning a great new skill. Dancing is also perfect for all age groups because it is great for both beginners and experts, and with so many online tutorials, your imagination wont be limited by a lack of resources. You can even pair up with other family member and create your own dance group to choreograph your own dance routine. So get those dancing shoes on and start planning!

Give A Music Performance

Whether you sing or play an instrument, a perfect way to impress the judges is to show off your musical talent. You might choose to perform in the talent show as a group or as a solo act. Learning to sing or how to play a musical instrument is a brilliant skill to learn and master during the lockdown. If you don't have an instrument to hand, then you might choose to create your own beforehand. This will undoubtedly impress the judges and bound to earn extra talent show points! Your kids will have a brilliant time choosing their favourite songs to rehearse and perform, and may even decide to dress up too.

Try Your Hand At Acting

If your kids are missing their school drama classes, perhaps they can act out some scenes from their favourite film, play or TV show. This is another example of a performance that can be performed as a group or individually. You could perform a Shakespeare monologue, a group comedy sketch or even a mini script they've written themselves,

Try Out A Circus Act

Why not choose something more quirky and learn a circus skill! Your kids could learn how to juggle or ride a unicycle. Maybe your little one could perform a clown act or make funny impressions of people. If the sun is shining, have the talent show in the garden and they can  perform a trampoline act or perhaps some stunts on their bicycle or skateboard. If you have any pets, you can get them involved too. Just like a lion tamer, you could create a show routine that shows off your four pawed friends' impressive tricks.

Some Easy and Simple Talents For You To Try Out

The great thing about running a talent show is that it is fun for everyone no matter the age. For younger children or family members who think maybe some of these talents seem a little bit too ambitious, we've included a list of some easier-to-learn performance ideas so that nobody is left out.

Learn Some Magic

There are so many simple magic acts that can be learnt quickly and still leave the audiences speechless. You could learn some of the more simpler classics like bending a spoon or making a coin disappear. You can use items around the house such as a pack of cards or perhaps you've got a magic set at home. There are so many fascinating and easy-to-learn magic tricks online that can be used for the talent show. You might decide to perform a magic act that involves the audience and judges too which is sure to win extra points.

World Record Breaking

There are so many simple world records to try out. Even though it might be too tough to beat these world records, coming even slightly close is extremely impressive and would make a great talent show idea. For example you could see how many T-shirts you can put on in one minute or how many sticky notes you can stick to your face. Or maybe you could try and beat the record for most coins stacked into a tower. You might uncover an unusual hidden talent that you never knew you had! There are so many world records that can be used for talent show ideas; just make sure the chosen act is safe and wont result in any injuries.


If you and your kids want to write some lyrics but are a bit nervous about singing in front of everyone, then you might feel that reciting a poem feels a bit nicer. You can spend your preparation writing a poem and then perform it on the day of the talent show.  You can write it about anything you like, perhaps about your lockdown experience so far. Or you might choose to recite a fun one that you like that has already been written.

Ways To Give The Talent Show Some Pizzazz

You can make the talent show even more special by trying out some of the following ideas. Create a stage, whether that's indoors or in the garden. If you decide to do the talent show indoors, consider changing the lighting and playing your favourite music playlist to build up suspense and make the event more exciting. Perhaps make a talent show programme with the times of all the performances. This can be kept as a keepsake too so you can remember the day. Try setting up some costume ideas prior to the talent show too, as this can make it feel more exciting and provide a few laughs along the way. Just make sure to take lots of photos and videos to keep as memory for when your kids are older!



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