30+ Zombie Jokes That Are Drop Dead Hilarious

Zombies can be really scary, but you can always want a piece of their living-dead humor!

The origin of these scary creatures can be traced back to Haiti.

In popular culture, zombies have become a major part since Michael Jackson's Thriller. Apart from that, they have been represented a countless number of times in movies, books, and TV series.

Growing up, children used to hear about the zombie all time. However, few have a concise idea of where these ghoulish creatures originated from. Originally associated with Haitian rural folk culture, zombies have now also been considered to have emanated as a legend from the slave trade. While there is quite a lot of debate about the origin of these creatures, no one can actually deny the fact that zombie apocalypse jokes are the stuff of legend.

The first major representation on video has been the movie Night of the Living Dead. Such was the influence of the film, that most of what people hear about the zombie today had been a direct influence of that movie. Over the years, there have been quite a few movies involving these ghoulish creatures. Notable undertakings would include franchise films like the Resident Evil franchise, Dawn of the Dead, and even the cult classic Shawn of the Dead. However, much like any aspect of popular culture, even the representation of zombies evolved from simple flesh-eating undead creatures to nuanced portrayals involving aspects of love, power, liberation, and equality. Such adaptations include the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods and the animated movie corpse bride by Tim Burton. So if you're looking for the best zombie jokes for kids, you have come to the right place, read on to find out. These funny zombie jokes are really going to make you feel hearty!

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Rib-Ticklish Undead Jokes

With or without brains, zombies live across cultures come in all shapes and sizes.

Zombies have been one of those supernatural entities that have never gone out of fashion, you would therefore do well to arm yourself with a few funny zombie jokes. You never know when you might meet one and have to entertain them. Here's a list of some of the funniest jokes about zombies:

1. Why are zombies never arrested? Cause they can never be taken alive!

2. What bread do zombies usually eat? Whole brain!

3. What is a zombie sleepover called? Mass grave!

4. What do vegetarian zombies eat? Graaaiinss!!

5. Why don't any zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? Zombies eat their fingers separately.

6. What do zombies say before a boxing match? "Do you want a piece of me"?

7. Do you know where zombies live? On dead-end streets!

8. What do dyslexic zombies eat? Brians.

9. What is a zombie s favorite language? Latin, because it is a dead language.

10. Why was the zombie comedian boo-ed off stage? Because most of the jokes he said had gone bad.

11. Why did the zombie get a bullet in the head? Because it asked for a high five.

12. Why didn't the zombie cross the road? Because it did not have the guts to walk.

13. Humans get arrested under Miranda rights, but what do zombies get arrested under? Habeas Corpus people!

14. If the Joker actor was the only zombie in a web series what would it be called? The Joaquin Dead.

15. Which sea do zombies swim in? The Dead Sea!

16. What shampoo does a zombie wash his hair with? Head and Shoulders!

17. How does a zombie greet you? It says "Nice to eat you!"

Funny Zombie Quotes

 Zombies are an integral part of popular culture even today

A zombie quote is much like zombie jokes, you never know when it might come in handy. Here's a list of some funny zombie joke-based quotes. So enough of making jokes about the undead. Time to let the zombies speak isn't it? Hear it from the funny zombies themselves:

18. What did the zombie say when he was asked why he eats brains? "A mind is a terrible thing to go to waste."

19. During the apocalypse, what did the stupid children say to each other? "Zombies usually eat brains, ergo you are in all probability safe."

20. What did the zombie say about drinking blood? "Blood is really warm. It's like drinking hot chocolate but with more screaming."

Zombie Jokes Straight From The Coffin

Here's a list of jokes that can be converted into zombie one-liners straight from the dead-end streets of Hell:

21. Why is it never wise to let a zombie cross the road alone? It might not have eyes.

22. What would you call an undead cheese? It was zom-brie.

23. Why can you overtake a zombie on a bicycle so easily? Because they're dead on my feet.

24. Why do many zombies go to sleep early? They are dead tired.

25. Why are zombies so good at Minecraft? Dead-ication!

Funny Zombie Humor When Apocalypse Hits

Zombies are always related to the apocalypse - the end of days and stuff like that. Well, no matter how dreary and gloomy days might be we should not be denied apocalypse-timed jokes right?

Here is a list of stale zombie jokes that will not bring life to your party:

26. What did the cowboy zombie who keeps talking about the apocalypse tell me when I met him? He said the end is neigh!

27. What is an apocalypse in Wisconsin called? Parmageddon!

28. During the zombie apocalypse, what would be the most secure place on earth? Washington DC. They haven't got any brains down there.

29. What did the zombies say when asked why they haven't risen yet? The zombie say that someone has been dragging at that task for quite a long time.

30. Why is the population of Eastern Europe never really worried about the lack of food in the event that the Zombies decide to rise? Because they can always cook-up a nice pot of Ghoul-ash.

31. Where should people go in case the zombies decide to rise? The retirement home, no one there's gonna have the teeth to take a bite at you.

32. Why is a Zombie apocalypse one of the greatest things that gamers look forward to? Because the moment it starts, they would head out with a sledgehammer for an exciting game of Whack-A-Mole.

33. What would happen if the apocalypse were to happen in Vegas? Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

34. If Batman was infected during a zombie apocalypse what would he say on seeing one of his arch-nemesis destroying Gotham? BANEEEEE!

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