68 Zombie Puns That Would Even Raise A Laugh From The Undead

Zombie puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

There may not have been that much to laugh about in 2020, but this list of funny zombie names and hilarious Halloween puns will resurrect your sense of humor for sure.

Halloween puns and Halloween riddles are always a favourite with kids. Halloween is the perfect time to share a laugh with friends, and we've conveniently got all the funniest zombie jokes we could find together into one article.

The end of October is just around the corner, and that means spooky skeletons, ghastly ghosts, wicked witches and, of course, zombies. We all know what zombies are, right? They're the shambling monsters that stumble through scary movies saying "Braaaaiinnsss" and trying to eat anyone in sight. But did you know zombies actually come from Caribbean mythology? They were believed to be dead bodies that had been brought back to life through magic and robotically did whatever they were told by the magician in charge. Scary stuff!

If you're looking for something to get the spooky laughs going this Halloween, zombie puns are dead funny. That's why we've written this chilling list of creepy zombie jokes. From Halloween puns to the zombie apocalypse, we've got all the funniest puns to make even the undead laugh. If you are still looking for more, why not take a look at these skeleton jokes for more Halloween laughs?

Funny Halloween Zombie Puns

Zombie puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

By the time you finish these zombie jokes, all that laughing will have you dead tired, and you'll know a surprising amount about what zombies get up to when they're not lurching about scaring people.

1. What streets do zombies live on? Dead ends.

2. What cars do zombies drive? Monster trucks.

3. What makeup do zombies wear? Ma-scare-a.

4. What crosswords do zombies like? Crypt-ic ones.

5. What brand of underpants do zombies wear? Fruit of the tomb.

6. What money do zombies use? Crypt-o-currency.

7. Where do zombies go for beach holidays? The Dead Sea.

8. Where do fashionable zombies shop? Aberzombie and Fitch.

9. Where do zombies go sailing? Lake Eerie.

10. How do zombies go on holiday? On scare-planes.

Spooky Puns About Zombies

If you like spooky puns, Halloween is the perfect excuse to share some of these scary jokes about zombies with your friends.

11. What's a zombie's least favourite quiz question? A no-brainer.

12. What do zombie actors do before they perform? They re-hearse.

13. Where's the safest place to be in the zombie apocalypse? The living room.

14. Why did the zombie go to the doctor? Because of his coffin.

15. Why don't zombies eat comedians? They taste funny.

16. Why can't the zombie get a job? They all want someone more lively.

17. What do you call a row of zombies? A deadline.

18. How do zombies introduce themselves? Pleased to eat you.

19. How does a zombie start a letter? Tomb it may concern...

20. What do you call a zombie driving a Ferrari? A zoombie.

Halloween Funny Bones

We all know zombies eat brains, but that's not a balanced diet. Have a look at these funny Halloween zombie jokes to find out what else they munch on.

21. What did the zombie get when she was late to dinner? The cold shoulder.

22. What snacks do zombies take hiking? En-trail mix.

23. What kind of potatoes do zombies like? Monster mash.

24. What's a zombie's favourite cheese? Zom-brie.

25. What do zombies eat for dessert? Eyes cream.

26. What beans do zombies eat? Human beans.

27. What did the zombie bring to the barbecue? Halloweenies.

28. What do zombies put in their salads? Tomb-atoes.

29. What did the zombie pour on her dinner? Grave-y.

30. What do zombies serve at parties? Finger food.

Zombies' Puns

It wouldn't be a proper zombie joke list without hearing from the undead. When it comes to Halloween puns, sometimes it's the zombies being the funny ones.

31. What did the zombie say when he failed the exam? I didn't have enough brains.

32. What did the zombie bank robber say to the cops? You'll never take me alive.

33. What do zombies say to their sweethearts? I chew-s you.

34. What do undead railway tunnels say? Trrrraaaiiinss....

35. What did the zombie say after he stole all the brains from the lab? Got your knows.

36. What do vegetarian zombies say? Graaaiiinnss!

37. What did the zombie kid call his toy bear? Deaddy.

38. What did the zombie call the girl he was dating? His ghoul-friend.

39. What did the zombie boxer yell at the start of the round? You want a piece of me?

Zombie Puns That Will Spook You

Never mind the zombie apocalypse, these silly zombie jokes and puns will have you shaking with laughter.

40. Why did the zombie soccer player get sent off? He kept moving the ghoul-posts.

41. Why do comedians hate telling jokes at zombie night? All they hear is groans.

42. Why did the zombie take a sick day? She had cold symp-tombs.

43. What part of the military do zombies serve in? The marine corpse.

44. What do you call a zombie with lots of kids? A mom-ster.

45. Why did the zombie teenager need an eyepatch? He kept rolling his eyes and somebody stood on one.

46. How did the Scottish zombie end up undead? He was half kilt.

Cute Halloween Puns

Cuter than the average zombie pun, these jokes feature our creaky undead mingling with vampires, werewolves and other Halloween spooks.

47. What did the zombie say when she thought the werewolf was keeping secrets? Spill the zombeans.

48. What did the ghoul call the zombie's father when he left the car at home? The walking Dad.

49. What do you call an undead bee? A zom-bee.

50. What do you call a herd of undead llamas? The zombie alpacalypse.

51. What happens when ghouls go on social media? Zombie accounts.

52. How did the zombie and the vampire defeat Superman? They lured him into the crypt-onite.

53. What does Mr T say on Halloween? I pity the ghoul...

54. What did the zombie say when she fell out with her vampire friend? You're dead to me!

Funny Zombie Puns

Spooky puns, Halloween zombie jokes and clever zombie names all feature in here.

55. The zombie worked for years to win this prize. He showed real dead-ication.

56. This zombie kept cutting the line so I gave her a piece of my mind. She said it was yummy.

57. I walked past Mozart's grave. He was sitting up, shouting "Braaiinnss" and ripping up all his music. I guess he's a decomposer now.

58. The zombie astrologer writes really scary predictions. They're horror-scopes.

59. The zombie had had a really long day at work. She was dead tired.

60. The zombie's had some bad news. He's looking very grave.

61. The zombie got in trouble with her neighbours. They didn't like her skull-king around.

62. Did you hear about the zombie after-school club? It's dead in that place.

63. "This graveyard's gotten way too popular," said the zombie to the vampire. "People are dying to get in."

64. I always thought zombies ate popcorn with their fingers, but it turns out they eat the fingers separately.

Undead Puns From Beyond The Grave

Zombie jokes with a twist in the tale, these puns will keep you cackling all day.

65. Did you hear about the pair of expensive earrings that was BFFs with a zombie? Diamonds are a ghoul's best friend.

66. Halloween was nearly over, and the zombie was hurrying to get back to her tomb before the sun came up. She was rushing so much, she didn't even notice the headstone was the wrong shape before she got in. It was a grave mistake.

67. A zombie wanted to buy a car, so he went to the vampire's secondhand car lot. After five minutes, he walked out with a rusty old car that broke down as soon as he got it off the lot. I guess a ghoul and his money are soon parted.

68. Three friends were running away from the zombie apocalypse. One of them was limping, and the others realised he'd been bitten. "What are we going to do?" asked one. "We can't kill our friend." "I don't know," said the third. "But if we don't, you know it'll come back to bite us."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for zombie puns then why not take a look at these clown puns that are too funny for words, or for something different take a look at these water riddles that are sea-riously puzzling.



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