100+ Zulu Names And Last Names With Meanings

A great Zulu name should be meaningful.

Being the largest ethnic group living in South Africa, the Zulu people have a large array of beautiful names.

As well as lots of great first names, there are many Zulu last names with interesting meanings. If you are looking for some catchy Zulu names we have both modern and traditional names in this list for you to take a look at.

As the Zulu people live in South Africa, many of these names can also be classed as South African, and more broadly, African names. We have listed the best Zulu names for girls and boys to provide you with ideas and inspiration when choosing your own baby name. From names that mean "flower" in Zulu to warrior names and not forgetting more gentle names for your baby in Zulu, there is something to suit every new baby in this list.

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Zulu Names For Girls

A Zulu name is perfect for any child.

Take a look at our rundown of Zulu baby girl names and meanings to pick the best name for your newborn baby girl. From beautiful flower names, to names that mean " beautiful" in Zulu, these female Zulu names and meanings are all wonderful options and ideas that could be perfect for your baby. Which will you choose?

1.  Amahle (Zulu origin) means  "the beautiful ones"

2.  Ayanda (Zulu origin) means "they expand".

3.  Buhle (Zulu origin) means  "beautiful, handsome". A perfect Zulu name that means "beautiful".

4.  Inyoni (Zulu origin) means "bird".

5.  Jabu (Zulu origin) means "rejoice.

6.  Jabulile (Zulu origin) means "happy or joy".

7.  Khulekani (Zulu origin) means "salute".

8.  Lerato (Zulu origin) means "song of my soul".

9.  Liyana (Zulu origin) means "tender". A gorgeous Zulu name that depicts the sweet nature of your little girl.

10. Mhambi (Zulu origin)  means "wanderer".

11.  Mthunzi (Zulu origin) means "shadow".

12.  Nhlakanipho (Zulu origin) means  "intelligence"

13.  Nkosingiphile (Zulu origin) means "the King has given me"

14. Nofoto (Zulu origin) means "like her grandmother".

15.  Nokuthula (Zulu origin) means "serenity".

16.  Nonhlanhla (Zulu origin) means "lucky" or "fortunate"

17.  Nonjabulo (Zulu origin) means "happiness"

18.  Ntokozo (Zulu origin) means "happy".

19.  Ntombizodwa (Zulu origin) means "girl". A strong female Zulu warrior name.

20.  Samukelisiwe (Zulu origin) means "we are welcome".

21.  Sindisiwe (Zulu origin) means "spared".

22.  Sizani (Zulu origin) means "you all help".

23.  Thabisa (Zulu origin) means "give joy". This Zulu name is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.

24.  Thandie (Zulu origin) means "beloved". Famous name bearer: Hollywood Actress Thandie Newton.

25.  Thobeka (Zulu origin) means "be humble".

26.  Uluthando (Zulu origin) means "love". A perfect name that can be a beautiful gift for anyone.

27.  Ulwazi (Zulu origin) means "knowledge".

28.  Yibanathi  (Zulu origin) and means "God is with us".

29.  Zanele (Zulu origin) means "they are sufficient". Famous name bearer: Zanele Muholi, a South African artist.

30.  Zobuhle (Zulu origin) means "beautiful". A super cute Zulu name for any baby.

Zulu Names For Boys

A Zulu boy name can depict the personality of your baby.

Zulu names can be both unique and creative. Our list of names contains some common and some unique names too, such as Amare, Kwame, Feechi and Ekon, which are all good African names. Here are some catchy boy Zulu names for parents searching for Zulu baby boy names and meanings.

31.  Anele (Zulu origin) means "adequate or sufficient".

32.  Bafana (Zulu origin) means "umfaan".

33.  Bangizwe (Zulu origin) means "battling for land".

34. Bhekimuzi (Zulu origin) means "guard the home".

35.  Bhekizizwe (Zulu origin) means "caring for the countries".

36.  Bhekumbuso (Zulu origin) means "looking after something".

37. Bonginkosi (Zulu origin) means "thank the Lord".

38.  Dumisani (Zulu origin) means "acclaim".

39.  Fanyana (Zulu origin) means "young man".

40.  Funani (Zulu origin) means "lovable". This name is perfect for your baby who will be a bringer of light into your life.

41.  Gatsha (Zulu origin) means "branch".

42.  Kagiso (Zulu origin) means "peace". Famous name bearer: South African pace bowler Kagiso Rabada.

43.  Kgabu (Zulu origin) means "to decorate wealth".

44.  Langa (Zulu origin) means "light or sunshine".

45.  Lindokuhle (Zulu origin) means "wait for the best".

46.  Lungelo (Zulu origin) means "tired of you".

47.  Lwandle (Zulu origin) means "endless love is deeper than the ocean". If you are looking for old and basic names like Oceanus or Ocean, go with Lwandle.

48.  Mandla (Zulu origin) means "force or energy"

49.  Mpilo (Zulu origin) means "life".

50.  Msizi (Zulu origin) means "savior or messiah".

51.  Nkanyezi (Zulu origin) means "shining star". A perfect Zulu name for your baby who will grow up to be your little star.

52.  Nkosiyabo  (Zulu origin) means "the King of all".

53.  Phila (Zulu origin) means "cherishing".

54.  Sanele (Zulu origin) means "we are tired of you".

55.  Sfiso (Zulu origin) means "wish"  This boy Zulu name would also be a really cute choice as a center name or middle name.

56.  Sibongakonke (Zulu origin) means "we're grateful for everything".

57.  Siyanda (Zulu origin) means "we are growing".

58. Sakhile (Zulu origin) means "we have built". This name is popular among Zulu babies and parents, and we can see why!

59.  Thando (Zulu origin) means "love". This name might be unisex, yet its sound makes it most suitable for boys rather than girls.

60.  Thulani (Zulu origin) means "be quiet, be peaceful". Perfect for your baby who will be your very own place of peace and reflection (sometimes!).

Gender Neutral Zulu Names

There are a wide assortment of South African baby names that are popular among Zulu people. Zane, Isabis, Jafari and Daliah are some African names for warriors, but there are also some more gentle and peaceful names on this list such as Kagiso which means "peace" in Zulu. Rather than searching for Zulu boy names or Zulu girl names, why not pick a gender neutral option instead?

61.  Fanyana (Zulu origin) means "young man". One of the best Zulu warrior names perfect for your strong prince or princess.

62.  Funani (Zulu origin) means "bearer of gifts".

63.  Katiso (Zulu origin) means "expansion, more, addition, abundance".

64.  Lunga (Zulu origin) means "be right ". One of the cutest baby names in Zulu.

65.  Lwandile (Zulu origin) means "the family has grown".

66.  Lwandle (Zulu origin) means "endless love is deeper than the ocean".  A great boys' and girls' Zulu name.

67.  Mandla (Zulu origin) means "power".

68.  Maphikelela (Zulu origin) means "he who perseveres".

69.  Mpumelelo (Zulu origin) means "success and achievement in life".

70.  Msizi (Zulu origin) means "Savior or Messiah". A perfect name for beautiful babies of any gender.

71.  Mthokozisi (Zulu origin) means "bringer of joy". A cute Zulu name that is popular in South Africa.

72.  Mthunzi (Zulu origin) means "shadow, protector against the heat of the sun".

73.  Musawenkosi (Zulu origin) means "Lord's generosity".

74.  Njabulo (Zulu origin) means "happiness".

75.  Nkosenye (Zulu origin) means "one King". This exemplary Zulu name will never go out of style.

76.  Nkosinhle (Zulu origin) means "God".

77.  Nkosiyabo (Zulu origin) means "their King" or "the King of all". A cute name that depicts trust  and hope.

78.  Olwethu (Zulu origin) means "it's (love is) ours". This name is one of the best Zulu names for babies.

79.  Philani (Zulu origin) means "majestic, unforgettable and precious.".

80.  Phiwokwakhe (Zulu origin) means  "he who has given what was rightfully his." A perfect baby names for boys or girls.

81.  Sandile (Zulu origin) means "beautiful gift of God" in Zulu.

82. Sibonelo (Zulu origin) means "example".

83.  Sifiseo (Zulu origin) means "rise, beginning, or source".

84.  Siphiwe (Zulu origin) means "shine of light".

85.  Sipho (Zulu origin) means "gift". One of the best Zulu male names that could also be used for a baby girl.

86.  Sthembis (Zulu origin) means "promise". One of the cutest Zulu girl names that can also be used for little boys too.

87.  Thadie  (Zulu origin) means "beloved". This name is one of the best Zulu names that is perfect for baby names.

88. Thando (Zulu origin) means "love". A name that means "love" is perfect for your beautiful baby.

89. Themba (Zulu origin) means “trust”.

90.  Zithulele  (Zulu origin) means "quiet". One of the cutest Zulu baby names for a cute baby boy or girl.

Zulu Last Names

Now that we have looked through plenty of Zulu baby names, it is time to take a look at some different Zulu names! To learn and understand more about the Zulu culture it can be interesting to find out more about Zulu names and surnames. This list includes just a few of the wide range of different Zulu surnames, each with their meaning described. If you are looking for Zulu last names this is the list for you.

91.  Amahle (Zulu origin)  means "the beautiful one".

92. Bhekimuzi (Zulu origin)  means "guard the home".

93.  Jabulani (Zulu origin) means "rejoice".

94.  Kgabu (Zulu origin) means "decorate things like a wealthy person".

95.  Langa (Zulu origin) means "air that made things quiet".

96.  Luyanda (Zulu origin)  means "increase".

97.  Luyanda (Zulu origin)  means "perfect".

98.  Mcebesi (Zulu origin)  means "adviser".

99.  Mthunzi (Zulu origin) means "trust, hope".

100.  Musa (Zulu origin) means "humanity and kindness".

101.  Nkanyezi (Zulu origin) means "shining star".

102.  Sifiso (Zulu origin) means "wish".

103.  SimphiweyiNkosi (Zulu origin)  means "our beautiful present from God".

104.  Siyanda (Zulu origin) means "good health".

105.  Thabani (Zulu origin)  means "being happy".

106.  Thalente (Zulu origin)  means "talent".

107.  Vusumuz (Zulu origin) means "raising a home".

108.  Xolani (Zulu origin) means "forgiveness".

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