Ritika Shukla

For Ritika, working means achieving her set targets promptly and ensuring efficiency in the responsibilities she’s been entrusted with. That, according to her, is key to a successful professional life. A determined, analytical thinker, Ritika is a reliable team player. A graduate of Bachelor's of Commerce (Honors) from the Mata Sundri College For Women, Delhi, she’s currently pursuing her MBA from the School Of Management and Entrepreneurship at IIT Jodhpur. During her undergraduate course, she was awarded Student Project of the year by INSC for her academic research project on Psychological Stress, Antecedents, and Analysis for Undergraduates. She was also among the All India Top-50 percentile in the National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NCFE-NFLAT). In her free time, Ritika enjoys reading fictional novels and content writing.

Recent work