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101 Creative Nicknames For Aubrey

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Aubrey shares an English and French heritage while also being a popular male name symbolizing an 'elf ruler'.

The gender-neutral name was able to rise and retain its popularity by staying in the top 100 popular names list maintained by the Social and Security Administration. The name was able to keep its position in the top 50 until 2008.

Due to its feminine pronunciation, Aubrey is primarily used for girls as a name. Given the high ranks held by the apparent gender-neutral name, with a strong meaning, you are bound to be acquainted with a few people named Aubrey. As a common name, there are more than nine different ways to spell Aubrey.

Finding nicknames is quite tiring due to the consideration of several variables. No matter what role a Aubrey plays in your life, the pursuit of making them feel more precious is our shared goal. We've got you covered. Check out our carefully curated list of Aubrey nicknames.

Cute Nicknames For Aubrey

If there is a very close Aubrey in your life, this small and curated list of cute nicknames is the only place thatyou will need. A name or an inspiration, we've got you covered!

  • Abrar- for a diplomatic and intuitive person.
  • Alberi- another one of the Aubrey nicknames which means 'bright' and 'noble'.
  • Auberi- the standard pronunciation for Aubrey. It means 'just' and 'power'.
  • Aubery- an alternative form for Aubrey.
  • Aubreykeens- for the small and keen Aubrey.
  • Autie- add 'cutie' to the mix to get a sweet nickname.
  • Averi- everything is about elves, this name means the 'elf counselor'.
  • Avery- a name similar to Aubrey, 'ruler of elves'.
  • Awbury- a name stressing on the 'aww' again!
  • Awpie- the one who is cute and sweet as a pie, your loved Aubrey.
  • Aww-B- a name focusing more on the 'awwww' for a nickname.
  • Awwberi- an appropriate nickname for your loved Aubrey, better for your spouse.
  • Brightbrey- the one who has brightened up your life. A good nickname for your small child, or spouse, Aubrey.
  • Brighty- in case you felt Brightbrey felt a bit long for a nickname.
  • Brileigh- a cool and sweet nickname for your beautiful Aubrey.
  • Emery- for a family person, the name means 'powerful' and 'strength'.
  • Hugley- the good hugger who goes by the name of Aubrey.
  • Lil-Ri- an excellent nickname for the budding Aubrey.
  • Lovery- association of 'lovely' with Aubrey does give us some cool nicknames.
  • Aubrid- a cute nickname for an Aubrey.
  • Patrey- a Scottish combination of surnames that rhymes with Aubrey.
  • Priori- the most crucial person present in your life. The Aubrey, who ranks high on your priority list.
  • R'Bae- for your close buddy and the bearer of the name Aubrey.
  • Rey-bae- Another one of the 'Bae' Aubrey nicknames.
  • Rylie- the one who hoards a valiant soul within them.
  • Smalley- the Aubrey, who is small or petite. A great name for a friend or a small Aubrey.

Funny Nicknames For Aubrey

Aubrey was first used as a feminine name in 1970!

These funny names are good for a laugh. However, use them wisely, as we don't want to land you in a mess!

  • A-Burrito- for the burrito lover in your group.
  • Ab-smart- taking the Absy name further with a pinch of smartness.
  • Abbrew- for the brew and spirit lover Aubrey.
  • AbriFabri- the friend in your life who contributes with a fabulous personality.
  • Abby- a sarcastic nickname for one with good abs, maybe!
  • Abro- a nickname which means 'honor' and 'fame'.
  • Adley- a unique Arabic name for determining an honest and just person.
  • Ambi-bae- falls under the category of 'Bae' Aubrey nicknames.
  • Ashley- a nickname for the nature lover Aubrey.
  • Aubruh- a playful nickname for your brother Aubrey.
  • Bob- a short name that rhymes with 'aub'.
  • Bree-Ree- the use of two short words for just a funny name.
  • Breezy- the one with an open personality.
  • Brew- an Aubrey who likes to taste different spirits.
  • Bruh- any association is not necessary for funny nicknames
  • Chobs- playing with the nickname 'Bob'.
  • Eww-ri- for when Aubrey does something worthy of an eww!
  • Fab-Ri- another one of the nicknames that mean 'fabulous'.
  • FabAb- a short and cooler name for 'FabriAbri'.
  • Hay-Rey- when you want to say 'Hey Aubrey.'
  • Miss Ri- adding titles provides us with good ideas and nicknames.
  • Mu-bey- another association to form 'Bae' nicknames.
  • R'Briegh- a derivation from 'Hayleigh'.
  • Spew-rey- the angry Aubrey, whose words make significantly less sense.
  • U-bae- another one of 'Bae' nicknames.

Cool Nicknames For Aubrey

Aubrey is one of the unique nicknames with very few variations. check out these cool nicknames for Aubrey.

  • Abarshi- a name that means 'practicality'.
  • Abbi- is one of the short and common nicknames for a girl named Aubrey.
  • Abiri- for a strong and mighty individual.
  • Absta- associated with the name 'Gangsta'.
  • Anderson- the name of a child actress from America, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons.
  • Aob- a nickname similar to 'Rob'.
  • Aub- one of the common names for Aubrey.
  • Auban- a cool nickname for Aubrey.
  • Auberon- which stands for a noble person.
  • Aubarta- is a cool nickname for an Aubrey.
  • Auben- name obtained by playing with letters.
  • Aubert- nickname which means 'bright'.
  • Aubi- another diminutive nickname for Aubrey.
  • Auboss- for an Aubrey who is your boss!
  • Aubray- falls under the category of familiar names for Aubrey.
  • Aubree- different spellings result in cool nicknames.
  • Bray- a short form for 'Aubray'.
  • Bri- name for a rigorous individual.
  • Captain Ri- the protagonist's nickname in the famous Korean Series 'Crash Landing On You'.
  • Hobi- a playful name for a person with many hobbies.
  • Plaza- the name of comedian, actress, and producer hailing from America, Aubrey Plaza.
  • Ray- for one with a regal sense of fashion.
  • Rei- for a graceful individual.
  • Reisty- a descriptive word for a person with a fiery character.
  • Stanri- will remind you of the legendary comic book writer Stan Lee.
  • Tess- the famous Nickelodeon star, Aubrey K. Miller's character name.

Trendy Nicknames For Aubrey

Not every name is trendy, but each has a unique meaning. Also, we know that you can make these names stylish through what you do.

  • Abs- a shorter version of Abby.
  • Audrey Peeples- is an actress based in the United States.
  • Avaree- variation on the nickname Avery.
  • Avo- is a term of endearment.
  • Avri- another variation on the name Avery.
  • Brey- a trendy short form of Aubrey.
  • Clarey- for a bright and famous person.
  • Clary- a versatile name with many meanings, such as 'bright', and 'clear'.
  • Cuori- for the curious person named Aubrey.
  • Curi- time to add the sweet personality of Aubrey in her nickname again.
  • Drake- the middle name of the famous Canadian singer, actor, and songwriter Aubrey Drake Graham.
  • Fray- a powerful nickname that means 'free'.
  • Haprae- a name with no meaning. Try giving this cool nickname to someone.
  • Jay- one of the nicknames meaning 'victory'.
  • Maey- a wordplay on the nickname Aunt May from 'Spiderman'.
  • Melorie- for Aubrey with a melodious voice.
  • Perra- a Catalan name that is mainly used as a surname.
  • Rebe- a shorter version of the word 'rebel'.
  • Reuce- a name with a resemblance to 'royce'.
  • Reve- for a dreamy person with a name that means 'dream'.
  • Riri- a funny and trendy nickname.
  • Seeri- the short name will remind you of the most famous voice assistant, 'Siri'.
  • Teira- name that means 'earth'.
  • Zeri- a gender-neutral nickname meaning 'build'.

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