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55 Angel Names For Girls

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When we think about angels, we always consider them as spiritual beings and protective guardians; doing the mystical work of God.

However you want to portray them, it gives a good feeling to think they are floating around with their majestic wings and always there to help us.

Many of us recognize angel names like Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. However, there are other angel names that we are not familiar with. There are angel names that come from the bible. There are guardian angels, seraphim, and cherubim; many of which are associated with nature, Zodiac signs, and other elements. In addition, there are direct and simple angel names such as Angelica, Angel, and Angelo, which you may be able to closely relate to.  

This article will help you to select a name for your baby. Hopefully, our comprehensive list has a name that inspires you to select one for your little girl. To make it easy for you, we have even researched their meanings.

Obviously, parents have to consider a lot when selecting a name for their daughter. These angel names will make your job easy.

Names That Sound Exotic

1. Parisa: The name is of Iranian/Persian origin and means 'fairy-like'.

2. Rosangel: This angel name has an Italian component that comes from the names ‘Rosa’ and ‘Angela'. The sound of the name is music to the ears. If you have a hard time keeping the elements together, you can just say 'Rose' as a nickname.

3. Seraphina: this beautiful name comes from an archangel inspiration. It came into the limelight when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their daughter Seraphina.

4. Rabia: It is a very popular Arabic name, but became popular after the famous Persian Poet known as Rabia Balkhi.

5. Ariel: this is a Hebrew name and it is also unisex. The meaning is ‘lion of god.’ It can be found in the bible.

Names That Are Angelic

6. Angel: the name is of Spanish origin and unisex for your angel baby. It is considered a term of endearment and means ‘announcer or messenger.’ It comes from ‘Angelos,’ which is a Greek word.

7. Angelica: this graceful name is quite popular, chic, and delicate. It was first popular in Italy, and was used also in the Romeo and Juliet play.

8. Evangeline: This romantic moniker is from the Greek culture and means ‘good angel,’ ‘Angeles’ or 'messenger.’ It is abbreviated as 'Eva', which is used as an alias.

9. Angelina: this name became popular because of Angelina Jolie, the actress. It is an Italian name and is often used in children’s stories.

10. Angela: this angelic name has been known since the 20th century and is still popular today. It was used by many parents in the ’60s through the late ’70s.

11. Angelette: this is a French name with a strong connotation of being abbreviated as nicknames 'Anjel' or 'Anji'.

12. Gotzone: this Spanish name means 'Angel' and will be a unique name for your baby angel.

13. Raphaela: this is one of the female angel names used in a religious context and is said to bring healing. It is used by parents internationally, but mostly in European countries.

14. Laila: this is a name of Arabic origin that is given to girls who are born during the night.

A symbolic image of angels and moons.

Names That Sound Poetic

15. Angelisa: this name is quite uncommon but stylish and poetic. It comes from a variation of the name 'Angelica'. It would suit a mild-tempered baby.  

16. Batya: this name means 'daughter of God'. It is the name that was given to Pharaoh’s daughter in biblical times. She was the girl that found Moses on the River Nile in a small basket.

17. Eden: this name is derived from the garden of Eden and has a heavenly and poetic connotation to it.

18. Eternity: this name is a virtuous name; very delicate and serene. It is a pretty name; different from Felicity and Serenity.

19. Milla: this is one of those angel names that means 'gracious' and 'dear'. It is a rare name but has become popular among celebrities now.

20. Gabrielle: this name is quite feminine and remembered as a biblical name for the angel Gabriel. It is a traditional, but modern name.

21. Micheangela: this name is derived from 'Michelangelo' and is the female version of it. It is a European name; mostly used in Rome.

22. Castiel: this is a name that came from the angel known as 'Cassiel'. In fact, that is how it is spelled originally. The prominence of Castiel came about from the TV series known as 'Supernatural'.

Names That Are Cultural

23. Angelique: this name is of French origin and comes from the names 'Angelina' and 'Angelica'. It has been popularized by the character in the movie 'Dark Shadows'.

24. Celeste: this is also a French name and does not have many traditional abbreviated forms; expect for 'Ella'.

25. Celine: this is also a French name but from Canada. Celine Dion is the Canadian singer that made it popular to have this name. It sounds elegant and means ‘heavenly'.

26. Luz: this is a well-known Spanish name. It means ‘light'. It refers to 'Our Lady of Light'. It shares the same roots with names such as Lucille, Lucia, and Lucy.

27. Melek: if you are looking for a Turkish name, which means ‘angel,’ this is it. It is royally acclaimed in Turkey since ancient times.

28. Tien: this is an Asian name from Vietnam. It means ‘angel.’The name is also unisex.

29. Mariangela: this is one of those names that was considered popular in the middle ages. However, it is becoming popular again. It is a combination of 'Maria' and 'Angel'.

30. Aniela: this is a Polish name and has been around since 1993. In some cases, the alias is 'Anne'.

Names That Sound Wise

31. Dara: this name means ‘wise’ and comes from a biblical reference to a male angel. It is from the Irish culture and is considered timeless.

32. Dina: this name means ‘wisdom and learning.’ It is a stylish name but dates back decades ago. It is spoken with resonance.

33. Evangelina: this is one of those hip names that has a variation. The nickname is usually 'Eve', 'Vangie', or 'Eva'. It is in one of the top 100 categories of baby names.

Names That Are Dainty

34. Charmeine: this name means ‘harmony.’ It has been around since 1913.

35. Cielo: this name is quite romantic and means ‘heaven’ and ‘sky.’ It is popular is both Italian and Spanish cultures.

36. Dalili: this is a Swahili name and means ‘a sign from the gods.’ It sounds elegant and ideal for your beloved baby. Similarly, related names are 'Dalila' or 'Delilah'.

37. Erelah: this is a Hebrew name, which is very distinct and different. It is more feminine than names like Gotzone and Dara.

38. Gwyneth: this has always been a popular name in Hollywood. It is an original and classic name and means 'happiness'.

39. Miracle: this is a divine name; short for 'Mira'. It is not as popular as most names, but very distinct and special.

40. Muriel: this name has a special meaning, that is, ‘bright sea.’ It is connected to the angel depicted in the month of June.

Names That Sound Heavenly

41. Alya: this is an elegant name and the meaning is ‘to ascend.’ It is an Arabic name, which is ideal for parents who are looking for a heavenly name.

42. Gloria: this is one of the most popular baby names so far. It soared to the forefront after World War II and has been used for many generations.

43. Halo: this is a name is inspired by a cherub. It is saintly, heavenly, and divine. It is also not so common.

44. Haven: this is a very nice name that invokes warmth and safety. It is used by actress Jessica Alba for her second daughter.

45. Heaven: this name has been used for the past 3 decades. It is evident what the meaning is.

46. Jannah: this is an Arabic name, which means ‘paradise,’ ‘garden’ or ‘heaven.’

47. Lani: this is a Hawaiian name that means ‘heavenly.’

48. Yael: this is a Hebrew name known in the Bible. The meaning is 'to ascend'. It is used in the Book of Judges.

49. Zachariel: this name means ‘angel of surrender.’ It comes from the name 'Zachary'.

An adorable beautiful baby girl in angel costume.

Names That Are Creative

50. Nevaeh: this is a very unusual name and means 'Heaven'.

51. Melek: this is one of those cute and innocent Arabic names which means 'angel'.

52. Rabia: Is a name of Arabic origin given to girls and it means 'beginning of life'.

53. Alyssa: Is a name of Indian origin and it means 'sweet angel'.

54. Arella: Is of Hebrew Origin and means 'angel messenger'.

55. Aurel: means 'golden angel' and is of Latin origin.

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