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75 'Mickey Mouse' Characters Names In One Handy List

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While preparing a list of 'Mickey Mouse' Disney characters' names, all of Mickey's friends' names from the famous cartoon series will certainly feature.

The 'Mickey Mouse' series started in 1928 and is the mascot of Walt Disney. The cartoon 'Mickey Mouse' soon became extremely popular among kids and this cartoon character was welcomed by the whole world.

The show is extremely fun to watch. It shares dreams and aspirations along with family values in kids. Some of the popular characters in the 'Mickey Mouse' series created by Walt Disney are his girlfriend, Minnie Mouse, Mortimer Mouse, and his pet dog Pluto. Other famous characters are Huey, Dewey, Louie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Chip and Dale, and Scrooge McDuck.

Here are 75 'Mickey Mouse' characters that are uncommon and were included in the series, along with the most commonly known ones.

'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' Characters Names

'Mickey Mouse' is one of the most famous cartoons that ever existed for kids. There are a lot of people who enjoy the 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'. So, here are some of the names of the characters for your reference.

Baby Red Bird is a little bird who first appeared in 'Goofy's Bird' and lived with its mom in the forest.

Boodles is essentially a device that helps deliver Mousekatools called Monster Mousekatools, but she has a face and voice.

Buzz-Buzz The Bee is the bumblebee who is from Duckburg and has a wife who is not named.

Captain Goof-Beard is Goofy's grandfather, who is quite knowledgeable and a relatively new character in Mickey's life.

Captain Jumps-A-Lot is a bunny who is the pet of Daisy Duck and his body color changes from blue to pink in some episodes.

Chip And Dale are two chipmunks, where Chip is portrayed as the complete opposite of Dale in the cartoon series.

Coco is the pet monkey of Goofy. She is a cute and sweet animated character.

Count Mickula is a vampire and a new friend to Mickey Mouse.

Figaro is the pet cat in a tuxedo who appeared first in the film 'Pinocchio' but then appeared in several shorts of the cartoon 'Mickey Mouse'.

Goofles is the cousin of Toodles, who hands all his Mousekatools to him.

Goofy is the super famous animated dog. He is a friend of Mickey Mouse and is one of the most loved characters.

Ludwig Von Drake is the uncle of Donald Duck and is quite knowledgeable.

Martian Mickey is the alien version of Mickey Mouse who appeared in the 'Clubhouse' episodes of 'Mickey Mouse'.

Melody Mouse is the niece of Minnie Mouse; she is goofy and full of mischief.

Mortimer Mouse is the longtime rival of Mickey Mouse and is very arrogant.

Mr. Pettibone is the super popular pet kitten of Goofy who was a part of 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'.

Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa Claus and appears with her husband in Christmas special movies.

Pete is a cartoon cat who first appeared in 'Alice Solves The Puzzle' in 1925. He is an enemy of Mickey Mouse.

Salty, The Seal, is the baby seal that appeared first in 'Mickey's Circus' and then was paired with Pluto.

Santa Claus is a good cheer who is the mascot of Christmas and is the same traditional figure most people know about.

Sparky is the stuffed lion of Donald Duck, that was gifted by him to his nephews.

Spike The Bee is a bee and the tormentor of Donald Duck in several episodes.

'Mickey Mouse' Large Characters' Names

Some characters were large in size, like the elephant or the bulldog; here is a lot of all those characters who are large.

Bubbles is a baby elephant. She is the pet of Daisy Duck.

Butch is a vicious bulldog. He is the arch-nemesis of Pluto the dog and is said to be owned by Pete.

Clarabelle Cow is an anthropomorphic cow who is one of the best friends of Minnie and Oswald's worst enemies.

Cowardly Lion is large and powerful and lives in the Land of Oz.

Gopher is a character whose hobby is seen to be digging holes underground and watching over several characters.

Gustav, The Giant is the main antagonist in 'Brave Little Tailor', screened in 1938.

Hilda is a hippopotamus and is purple in color.

Horace Horsecollar is a horse. He had a giant plow collar around his neck.

Humphrey is a bear that has appeared several times in Disney movies, but was first aired on 'Mickey Mouse' in 1953.

Rhinoceros is the nemesis of Goofy and was also featured in 'Africa Diary'.

Willie, The Giant is a character that has been seen in several films.

Goofy figure for Celebration of Mickey Mouse's 90th Anniversary at KING POWER Rangnam

Cute 'Mickey Mouse' Character Names

There were many cute 'Mickey Mouse' character names that were in the series. Here is a list of some of the cutest character names.

Buddy McBilly is a goat kid who has been in two episodes of 'Mickey Mouse'; one is the 'Roadster Racers' and the other is 'Mixed-Up Adventures'.

Chuuby is the orange bird cartoon who lived in Runamuck Park. It was first featured in the 'Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway' episode.

Earl is part of the 'Goof Troop' and is the owner of Earl's Auto, which is a car lot.

Emma Glamour is the most popular tastemaker in Duckburg and is Daisy Duck's employer.

Fanny is a conservative and innocent rabbit who becomes flirtatious later on.

Fester is the lion from the Goof family and is a great sidekick.

Gubbles is the fish pet of Mickey and can be seen in the episodes, 'Gasp, No' and 'Flushed'.

Huey Duck is the son of Della Duck and the oldest nephew by three seconds of Donald Duck.

Louie Duck is the son of Della Duck and the youngest amongst the nephews of Donald Duck.

Maw Pete is the mother of Pete, who is first shown crooked like her son, but then she is better.

Mickey Mouse is the protagonist of the namesake 'Mickey Mouse' series and is also the mascot of Disney.

Millie Mouse is a niece of Minnie Mouse, who is full of mischief yet is extremely sweet.

Minnie Mouse is the female protagonist of the series and is known for being Mickey Mouse's girlfriend.

Mr. Hammerhead is a character who was first seen in the 'Date with Destiny' episode.

Pluto is Mickey's dog and is very playful. Pluto gets jealous when Mickey plays with others.

Quoodles is a new friend of Toodles and is a good friend of Minnie as well as her helper in many adventures.

Scrooge McDuck is a popular character in the series. He is also famously called Uncle Scrooge by others.

Super Goof is a superhero and has powers similar to Superman.

Toodles is one of the major characters of the preschool TV series 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'.

Waffles is the cat of Goofy and Max in the 'Goofy Troop'.

Witch Hazel is a character who helped in getting candy from Donald to his nephews.

Woodles is the wizard who helped Minnie and Pluto when they needed it.

'Mickey Mouse' Characters Names starting with D

Of all Disney characters starting with D, there is the entire duck family, but there are many more characters' names starting with D. Here are some names for your reference.

Daisy Duck is the girlfriend of Donald Dunk and the best friend of Minnie Mouse.

Dapper Duck is the exact physical copy of Donald but has better manners and beautiful speech.

Dark Warrior Duck is the darker version of Darkwing Duck, from an alternate reality.

Dark Wizard is the antagonist and the keeper of King Pete's palace. For anyone to fight with Pete, the wizard had to be defeated first.

Debbie is a guest character in the series and has auburn hair. She is the oldest cousin of Max Goof and is the niece of Goofy.

Detective Casey is the chief's head detective and is a great one at that; he first comes into the scene when Mickey is forced to go to work by a shady plumber.

Dewey Duck is the middle child of Della Duck and the nephew of Donald Duck.

Dexter Dingus is the criminal genius and partner of Pete and is also an inventor.

Dinah is Pluto's dog girlfriend. The pet dog had puppies of her own.

Doc Static is the clean-shaven, inventing friend in a lab coat of Mickey Mouse.

Doctor Proctor is the doctor for Mickey Mouse in the series.

Doctor Vulter is an ape who is a villain and also resembles a gorilla.

Dolly Paprika is infamous for her thefts with her partner Fantomius.

Donald Duck is called the wise hen who is the best friend of Mickey Mouse. He has a short temper but is lovable.

Donald Jr. is the younger version of Donald Duck, who is his lookalike. He was first aired when Donald turned 80 years old.

Donna Duck is the ex-love interest of Donald Duck.

Doofus Drake is the friend of the three nephews of Donald Duck and has appeared in the series several times.

Dopey Davis is a criminal in the series and was the one who stole Pauline's pearls.

Douglas Twinkmeyer is a minor character in 'Goof Troop'.

Duck Fethry is a fun and eccentric cousin of Donald Duck and is seen quite often on the series.

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