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88 Smart Makeup Business Names For Budding Entrepreneurs

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Whatever your product type may be, makeup, beauty, or skincare, if you want to attract potential customers for your new business, a unique name for your company is the key!

You must name the business with a catchy and creative makeup company name or a unique domain. When it comes to starting a makeup business, your company name must be easy to remember.

Here are some tips for you to name your makeup business. A unique makeup business name can fetch you a broader customer base. Catchy brand names are vital to running a makeup business. A cool domain name for your beauty blog can expand your social media audience.

Words that describe a business also tell a new story behind the concept of the business. Hence, having a catchy makeup business name is the first impression about the business or the brand for business owners. You must select a name that tells a story.

Make sure to check out the catchy beauty makeup business names for your new beauty business and stand out among your competitors.

Creative Names For Makeup Business

Whenever you choose to go to a salon or a spa or select a product to buy and use, the first thing you look out for is the name. If it's a brand name, then you automatically develop trust. Hence, naming your business determines its growth. Here are some tips to business owners about creative names for the makeup business.

Allure Beauty Cruise is an attractive and alluring makeup brand name.

Be Lovely is a simple yet great name for your makeup business.

Beaucoup Beauty has the French word 'beaucoup' meaning 'much' and is essentially endorsing beauty in excess.

Beautiful & Chic, meaning 'beautiful and stylish' can be a cute name for your makeup business.

Beauty & Blush is a suitable name for a beauty business that is also a makeup brand offering several beauty products.

Beauty Basics implies that your brand offers everything starting right from the basics.

Beauty Hub sounds like the perfect one-stop solution to all of a person's beauty and makeup-related needs.

Beauty Queen is something most women would like to be and that is exactly what'll attract them to your makeup and beauty business.

Blush Rush is one of the most memorable and catchy makeup and beauty business name ideas out there; the best part? It even rhymes!

Blushing Beauty is one of the truly attention-grabbing business name ideas for a makeup and beauty business.

Brighten, meaning 'to shine brighter' is a creative name for a makeup salon.

Dot Fusion could imply the fusion of the old and new techniques and trends to create something new and spectacularly unique.

Everything Beauty, implying an all-inclusive product and service range, is a creative name for a brand new makeup business.

Exhale Spa has two words that are both associated with taking a break and relaxing, which could be something your business will help with.

Glow Girl, a play on the phrase 'go, girl' will make people notice your business and you!

Makeup Canvas represents the art of makeup by a makeup artist.

Moderation Magic, referring to the magic of moderation and balance, is a perfect name for a makeup business.

Pink Peony, named after a pretty flower, is the perfect name for a beauty business.

Radiate, meaning 'to shine' is a perfect makeup business name.

Smooth & Sparkle is a perfect name for a makeup business and a beauty brand that offers a soft skin service and glowy makeup that makes your skin sparkle.

Smooth Skin Solutions is a catchy name for attracting customers with beautiful stories.

Spoil Yourself can be a perfect name for a makeup business to prompt people to spend money and spoil themselves in a good way.

Sugar Lip Cosmetics Corp. is a cute name for attracting girls and women of all ages to your business.

Sweet Nourish, meaning 'to keep something healthy' is a good naming idea for your beauty brand that designs products for skin nourishment.

Zestful Queen, meaning 'enthusiastic queen' describes the overall product service of the business and is a creative name for a makeup business.

Catchy Names For Makeup Business

The domain name of your beauty business company needs to be catchy, especially when most of the online business and marketing involve social media engagement. Check out these catchy name ideas for the beauty makeup business and attract a larger audience as your customer base. 

Beauty Resort sounds like the place to turn to when in need of any beauty-related solution.

Best Friends Cosmetics could either refer to friends' joint ventures or imply that this brand is a customer's best friend.

Color Me is a perfect name for your beauty business brand.

Curious Lily sounds like a fun and appealing name for people who are looking to find their style and express themselves through makeup.

Flirty Fantasy is a fun and perfect idea for naming your makeup business.

Fresh Marks, meaning 'newly added' is cute for naming your beauty brand.

Glamor Gallery is the perfect name for a salon, spa, or makeup studio.

Glamorholic Mom implies the brand has the tried and tested makeup and beauty secrets passed on from moms to daughters.

Glitter Glaze is made of two words that would imply smooth and shiny skin when associated with your makeup business.

Glitzy is a cute name for a makeup brand to enter the beauty business market using glitter and glaze.

Hidden In Love is a unique name that is sure to make your business stand out!

Lush is a catchy name for a makeup business or salon and spa.

Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice is a catchy and popular name that is perfect for a makeup business.

The Spa Queen, describing the luxurious beauty treatments offered to clients, is perfect for your beauty business.

Vogue Styles, meaning 'fashionable styles' is an apt makeup business name.

Unique Makeup Business Names

If you want to sustain your brand name in the beauty and makeup industry, you must have a unique idea to name your beauty business. Check for these tips and name ideas for your makeup business brand names. 

Beauty Junkie! is a perfect name for a person who is obsessed with beauty hacks and beauty products.

Boutique Drip is a perfect idea for naming your beauty business.

Color My World is a cute name for those looking for beauty business names.

Generous Glam implies a generous dose of glamor.

Kiss Off is witty, catchy, and the perfect name for a lipstick brand.

Lux Beauty suggests the business is luxurious and high-end.

Makeup Beauty Haven implies a safe space for all things related to beauty and makeup.

Refreshing Beauty is a cute name for a makeup brand that gives quality service and refreshing beauty.

Secret To Beauty is the perfect catchy idea for naming your business brand that reveals the secret of staying forever beautiful.

Sheer Delight is the perfect name to fight the guilt of spending huge amounts on makeup and beauty.

Spruce is the perfect name to attract more women to your business.

Sweet Makeup Treats sounds like the name of a business that provides quality makeup to customers. It is a cute name for young business owners.

Unicorn Boutique is a cute name for the beauty business and attracts young girls to get skin-nourishing services.

set of professional decorative cosmetics, makeup tools and accessory

Cool Names For Makeup Business

Beauty brands are a common business profile that offers similar services. To mark your own brand and make profits, you need to have a cool name for your beauty business company. Here are some name ideas for your makeup brand.

Beauty Remedies, meaning 'solutions for improving the beauty' is a perfect idea for naming a beauty business that offers long-lasting beauty hacks and products.

Beyond Heaven, implying 'beauty that surpasses heavens' is a perfect idea for naming your makeup business.

Blossom Deeply is a perfect name for a beauty brand that offers skincare and nourishing treatments.

Cosmetics Innovation highlights your new style of products and services. This is a creative name for a beginner makeup brand.

Delight, meaning 'happiness' is a perfect name for a makeup business.

​Entice, meaning 'attract' is a creative idea for naming makeup brands.

Glow Up, meaning 'to shine bright' is a creative idea for naming your makeup brand.

Gypsy Floral is one of the perfect company names for your alternative business brand.

Cute Names For Makeup Business

If you are a beginner and a young business owner, you can start with some name that sounds cute and attractive. This will help you call customers of your age and involve a young customer base. Here are cute company names for the makeup business.

Beauty Moon, meaning 'similar to the beauty of the moon' describes the quality of the beauty service that your business offers.

Bella Beauty, meaning 'beautiful woman' is also a cute name to name your beauty business and cosmetics brand.

Blue Lily represents beauty like that of a water lily and is a cute name for your makeup business.

Bubbly, meaning 'cheerful' is a cute name for a makeup business.

Dazzling Beauty, meaning 'radiant and shining beauty' is a perfect name for your beauty brand.

Makeup Maven, meaning 'an expert of makeup' implies that your business is an expert in beauty products, makeup, and cosmetics.

Marshmallow Beauty is a creative idea to name your makeup business.

Peachy Lips refers to a color that is trending in the fashion industry and hence, can be a good idea for naming makeup brands.

Petal Pink, meaning 'a flower in pink' relates to blushing pink cheeks and seems cute for a beginner makeup business.

Shine Pretty is a cute name for a beauty brand. The two words prompt customers to use the products that promise to make them shine and look pretty.

Supreme Sparkle is a good idea that gives a magic touch to your makeup brand. Supreme Sparkle implies no other brand can match its service as it is supreme.

Whims & Craze describes the perfect state for many people and is ideal for naming a cosmetics brand or business.

Clever Makeup Business Names

Nowadays, unisex spas and salons are common where you need to come up with a clever beauty brand name that is welcoming to all customers and is not gender-specific.

Adorn, meaning 'add beauty' can be a cute name for your makeup business that attracts both women and men.

Aesthetic Studio, meaning 'a studio relating to perception by senses' is a unique name for your business that is no less than a studio that creates art with makeup.

Beauteous, meaning 'pleasing' or 'beautiful' is a cute name for a new makeup business.

Beauty Elixir, meaning an 'elixir (a substance that cures all ills) for beauty' can be a good name for a business that gives products, services, tips, and hacks on staying beautiful.

Beauty Passport is a cool name for attracting customers who want to go on a journey of looking beautiful.

Elegant Ever After implies an everlasting elegance and is a good idea for naming your beauty business that will make your clients look elegant.

Flawless Beauty, meaning 'beauty that is perfect or without a flaw' is the ultimate makeup business name.

Glamor Shack, meaning 'shelter for glamor' is a good idea for naming your makeup brand.

Magic Touch will win customer confidence because who doesn't want to add a magic touch to their beauty and charm?

Rainbow Beauty Store would mean a shop where you find beauty products that are as colorful as the rainbow and can be a cute name appealing to young people who like colorful makeup looks.

Refine, meaning 'remove impurities' is a good name for starting a new salon or spa that rejuvenates the skin.

Skin & Beauty is a cool idea for naming your makeup brand that involves skin treatments and products for beautiful skin.

Spa-tacular is a combination of the words' spa' and 'spectacular' and is a clever way of naming your spa or salon business.

The Sun Kissed Brunette is a clever name to attract all your brunette customers who want to look glamorous.

Time To Shine is a nice idea for naming your makeup business and beauty brand. It is inclusive of all sections of people, even prompting them in their hard times by reminding them that it can be their time to shine.

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