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45+ Adorable Nicknames For Athena

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The origin of the name Athena is Greek, and it is a name for a girl.

The Greek and Roman Goddess Athena is specifically mentioned in the name. In Greek religion, Athena, sometimes spelled Athene, is the name of the Goddess of war, wisdom, and practicality.

The Romans associated Minerva with Athena. She was essentially urban and refined, the complete opposite of Artemis, the Goddess of the great outdoors. Athena means wisdom and intelligence.

Since the middle of the 50s, the name has consistently ranked in the top 1,000 girls' names in the United States; in 2020, it ranked as the 108th most popular name for newborn American babies. Since 2012, it has ranked among the top 500 girls' names in England and Wales, and since 2018, it has done the same in France. Canada, Iceland, and New Zealand have extensively used it in recent years. For infants born during the COVID-19 pandemic, legendary names became more prevalent.

Unique Nicknames For Athena

This list is perfect if you want to use a unique nickname for Athena. Some of these come with beautiful meanings.

1. Ahr - is a habitational name derived from an old Germanic place name meaning 'water' or 'stream' that is located in the north.

2. Althea - meaning 'healer' and 'wholesome' in Greek.

3. Anetha - is a Spanish diminutive that means 'grace' and 'unguided'.

4. Atenea - is a Spanish nickname for Athena, meaning 'Goddess of wisdom'.

5. Ath - is usually a Greek boy's name, and the meaning of the name is 'immortal'.

6. Athena Asamiya - is a nickname derived from the famous fictional character from the video game named 'Psycho Soldier'.

7. Athena God - Greek in origin, the feminine name Athena will encourage your child to always look to the sky. It originates from the Greek Goddess Athena, who personifies knowledge, valor, and craftsmanship—all of which serve as potent sources of inspiration for young children.

8. Athena Soul - this nickname is a variant of Athena, which describes a wise person.

9. Athena Venus - originates from the Greek Goddess Athena, and the meaning of the name is quite similar to that of Goddess Athena or simply the name Athena.

10. Athene - is a nickname for Athena, inspired by the English actress Athene Seyler.

11. Athenia - Athenia is a baby girl's name popular in the Christian religion, and the main origin of the name is Greek.

12. Athens - one of the names of the more recent places, Athens is popular for both baby girls and boys.

13. Athi - is a unique nickname for Athena, which means 'the beginning' or 'the first sun'.

14. Athy - one of the relatively few surnames in Ireland which have originated from the name of a place.

15. Tena - is a nickname given as the alternative to the name Athena.

Trendy Nicknames For Athena

Athena nicknames are quite the trend these days. The list of the trendy nicknames for Athena, along with their meanings, is as follows:

16. Attie- Attie is a name that means 'as strong as a bear' or 'wise' and has Celtic origins.

17. Atty- another alternative nickname for Athena.

18. Effie- the meaning of the Greek baby girl's name Effie is 'well-spoken'. It was used for the first time in the 60s as Euphemia's pet form.

19. Hena- the meaning of the baby girl's name is 'a flower', 'greenery', or 'someone polite'.

20. Levinho- means 'extremely sensitive', 'managed', or 'comfortable'.

21. Lilian- a female name of Latin origin, the name Lilian means 'lily' and 'purity'. These exquisite blooms, indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere, stand for love, passion, and the joy of rebirth.

22. Minerva- means Goddess of wisdom.

23. Nea- means 'lime blossom', 'purpose', or 'lustrous'.

24. Nina- refers to 'small girl' in Spanish. Nina also has roots in Hebrew and Russian; Nina is a version of the name Anne in Russian.

25. Thea- Greek in origin, the name Thea for females means 'divine' or 'goddess'.

26. Thena- short form of Athena.

27. Thena Bear- is a cute nickname for Athena.

28. Theo- a name of Greek origin that is gender-neutral and means 'God's gift'.

29. Tia- a name of Spanish and Portuguese origin that means 'aunt' or 'goddess'.

30. Tina- a Latin name that means 'follower of Christ'.

Cool Nicknames For Athena

Here in this section, you will find cool nicknames for Athena that can be used as first names and middle names.

31. Alaina- pronounced as a-LANE-a, and its meaning is 'precious'.

32. Atena- means 'Goddess of wisdom', 'praise', 'wise'. It is a variation of Athena.

33. Atheena- girl's name which means 'wise'.

34. Athina- is an alternate name for 'Goddess of war and wisdom'.

35. Ena- a girl's name of Irish origin, and it means 'little fire' or 'ardent'.

36. Marina- a girl's name of Latin origin, and it means 'from the sea'.

37. Menrva- alternative name for Roman Goddess of wisdom.

38. Mina- is an Indian name for girls, and it means 'joyful'.

39. Sarasvati- is the name of the Hindu goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

40. Thene- the name means 'king'.

Cute Nicknames Of Athena

The name Athena can be portrayed by several nicknames, some of which are listed below.

41. Alexandria- the meaning of this nickname is the 'helper' and 'defender of humanity'.

42. Aurora- a mysterious and passionate name that in Latin is derived from 'dawn'. The Aurora Borealis, also known as the polar lights, is a natural light show in the Earth's sky that can only be seen at high latitudes like the North and South Poles.

43. Ava- the name has a well-known meaning of 'birdlike' and 'lively'. The name Ava is usually given to females and pronounced as 'eh-VAH'.

44. Athie- is a cool nickname that means 'wise'.

 45. Lena - a unique nickname that means 'bright' or 'shining'.

46. Eve- the meaning of Eve is 'life' or 'living'. It can also indicate a person who is full of life.

47. Theo- is a cute nickname that means 'God's gift'.

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