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32 Adorable Nicknames For Poppy

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The name Poppy refers to a little red flower and is a popular first name, often for girls, but can be used for any gender.

Nicknames are used by friends and family members, with their loved ones. A single individual may have various nicknames, each with different meanings.

Nicknames are important for a variety of reasons. Nicknames can refer to specific personality traits of a person and show them that even the minutest details about them aren't missed. Nicknames are meant to be innovative, expressive, and personal, and often have specials symbols or meanings. A perfect nickname brings joy to the people using it and to the person being referred to, which makes choosing a nickname a tough task, in order to get it right.

Poppy is a popular girl's name which comes from Latin origin and means 'red flower'. Although it is a girl's name, it can be used by both genders. If you have a Poppy in your life and are searching for the best nicknames, then look at our list for some great ideas! We have put together a list of the cool, funky, creative and cute nicknames for Poppy, so enjoy!

Creative Nicknames For Poppy

Poppy is a name of Latin origin and is popular among many countries. There are some creative variations of nicknames for Poppy, that can bring a sweet smile to someone's face and a whole new identity. Check out our list of creative nicknames for Poppy.

  • Baddy Poppy - an apt nickname for a Poppy who is often misbehaving.
  • Floppy Poppy - a fun rhyming nickname that would be perfect for a little bunny named Poppy, with floppy ears.
  • Milky Poppy - when the poppy flower is crushed, it produces a liquid known as poppy milk, so this is a clever and creative nickname.
  • Monopoppy - this is a fun and creative name for someone named Poppy who loves playing Monopoly.
  • Pinky - this name came from the color pink, which can be given to any Poppy.
  • Pixie - this is the name of an imaginary character who has magical powers and can fly.
  • Popcorn - a good nickname for a Poppy who loves to eat popcorn, this is a name that can be used as a boy name and also as a girl name.
  • Poppie - another variation of the name Poppy that can be a great nickname.
  • Pops - the name Pops is a short variation of Poppy, making a simple and cute nickname.
  • Princess Poppy - perfect nickname for a little girl named Poppy who loves dressing up as a princess.

Funny Nicknames For Poppy

Here are some funny nicknames for Poppy, that you can use for the silly Poppy that you know!

  • Hoppy - is a good choice for a child called Poppy, who is always bouncing around like a frog.
  • Maddy Poppy - a great nickname for a Poppy who is a bit of a wild child.
  • Peepo - is the name of a cartoon frog, widely known on the internet. This is a funny nickname you can use to address someone named Poppy.
  • Peppa - a cute nickname for a girl named Poppy who loves to watch the cartoon series, 'Peppa Pig'.
  • Peppy - this name refers to someone who is high-spirited and lively in nature, perfect for an excitable Poppy.
  • Poppay - a creative way of saying Poppy.
  • Poppet - is a very affectionate name that can be given to loved ones, especially little kids called Poppy.
  • Popsicle - means a stick of ice cream, and is a fun nickname for a Poppy who loves ice cream!
  • Pop-tart - a nickname that can be used for a Poppy who is as sweet as a Poptart.
  • Popz - a fun and cool nickname for Poppy.

Cute Nicknames For Poppy

Nicknames for Poppy can be really cute.

If you know a little girl called Poppy who is very cute, or you have a sweet friend named Poppy, you can have a look at our list of cute Poppy nicknames, so you can find your favorite meanings and share them with your family and friends.

  • Happy Poppy - a cute name with similar sounds, that is a perfect nickname for a jolly baby girl named Poppy.
  • Lill Pop - a perfect name for a little Poppy, so parents can address their child by this name to show their affection.
  • Poppies - this is another variation of Poppy, which can be used as a nickname.
  • Popso - this word originated in the United Kingdom, which means 'open-mindedness', great for a Poppy with lots of new ideas.
  • PoppyStar - this can be a great nickname for a Poppy who loves to perform or wants to be a singer.
  • Pop Up - this nickname can be used for a Poppy who is very energetic.

Unique Nicknames For Poppy

If you know someone called Poppy who is very unique and special, you can find them a nickname from our list of unique nicknames for Poppy.

  • LollyPoppy - is the best name for a child who loves lollypop candy and is a fun play on words.
  • Pop Bear - a fun and unique nickname for Poppy who is affectionate and always giving hugs.
  • Pop Pop - an adorable name that can be used for girl with the name Poppy.
  • Popsie - or Popsy, which means 'a woman who is attractive', so is the perfect nickname for your pretty little Poppy.
  • Popstar - refers to a pop artist, so is perfect for a Poppy who wants to grow up to be a famous singer.
  • Poppy Rose - a nice combination of two flower names, to make a unique nickname for a Poppy who is as beautiful as flowers.

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