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60 Aggron Nicknames

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Why Aggron Nicknames?

Aggron was among the Generation III beasts introduced by the Japanese media franchise Pokémon. The name was derived by combining the terms 'aggressive' and 'iron'. It belongs to a species of ‘Iron Armor’ Pokémons, living on mountains. Every Aggron has a mountain as its domain. They are also pretty aggressive and protective Pokémons and fiercely attack any intruders. An Aggron is also relatively taller and bulkier than most Pokémons. It feeds on iron, using the steel horns to dig tunnels in the bedrock and find food. An Aggron evolves from a Lairon, with Aron as the base Pokémon. There is an additional mega-evolutionary stage that Aggron can achieve and become Mega Aggron. However, a trainer needs to acquire the Mega Stone called Aggronite. Unlike the steel and rock type Aggron, a Mega Aggron is purely a steel type Pokémon. The fierce stature of an Aggron is evident in how it can dominate any Pokémon battle. If you play Pokémon-based games or write stories, you might also give nicknames to the Pokémons you own. Children can also use one of these nicknames for their Aggron toy.

Cool Aggron Nicknames 

1. Aaron - Meaning 'exalted' or 'strong', popularly interpreted as 'mountain of strength', which literally describes this Pokémon.

2. Acier - It is the French term for ‘steel’. 

3. Aggie

4. Aggy - A variant of Aggie. 

5. Agnes (Greek name) - Meaning 'holy', 'pure', and 'good'.

6. Ana (Hebrew origin) - Meaning ‘gracious’.

7. Anny 

8. Arnold - Meaning 'eagle power'.

9. Axel

10. Megaron - Referring to the Mega Aggron. 

11. Rockie - Since Aggron is a rock-type Pokémon. 

12. Rocky - A popular variant of Rockie.

13. Ron - An abbreviation of Aggron.

14. Ronnie 

15. Ronny

16. Rono - A nickname of a Lairon that evolved in Aggron, owned by the character Sapphire from the Pokémon franchise.

17. Steel Beast - Aggron is a Pokémon beast made of steel.

Creative Aggron Nicknames

18. Agsy

19. Colossus - Since Aggron is a relatively large and bulky bipedal Pokémon. 

20. Eisen - It is the German term for ‘iron’. 

21. Gigas - It is the Greek term for ‘giants’ and a fitting nickname for a giant Pokémon like Aggron.

22. Ironbeast - Aggron belongs to a species of Iron Armor Pokémon. 

23. Ironhide - The body of an Aggron is made of iron.

24. Juggernaut - Meaning 'a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force', describing Aggron's presence on the Pokémon battlefield during combat. 

25. Magnus (Latin origin) - Meaning 'great' and 'magnificent'.  

26. Metallicus - Aggron’s body is essentially made of metal. 

27. Panzer - This was the name of a German armored vehicle used by the army during the war. It is fitting since Aggron is sturdy, like a battle tank. 

28. Sentinel - Meaning 'one who keeps guard'; it is a fitting nickname for an Aggron if it is used as a defensive Pokémon. 

29. Skjold - It is the Norse term for 'shield'. Skjold can be used as a nickname for Aggron, as a reference to its shielded body. 

30. Steelix - Referring to Aggron being a steel-type Pokémon.

31. Titanus - Drawing similarity between Aggron's strength and appearance to that of a 'titan'.

Unique Aggron Nicknames

32. Aggris - It means 'silver' in Greek, referring to the steel-like appearance of the Pokémon.

33. Aggro - An abbreviation of Aggron, also meaning 'aggressive behavior'.

34. Altzairu - It is the Basque term for 'steel'.

35. Anett  (Hebrew origin) - Meaning ‘gracious’. 

36. Armor - Since Aggron is an armored Pokémon.

37. Brute - Aggron is a Pokémon that battles with brute force.

38. Ferrosaur - Referencing Aggron being an iron-based Pokémon resembling the build of a dinosaur.

39. Gron - Another abbreviation of Aggron, this was actually a surname that came from the Old French word 'grand', which in turn came from the Latin word 'grandis', meaning 'tall' or 'large'.

40. Hagane - It is the Japanese term for 'steel'.  

41. Ironclad - Refers to the Aggron’s iron-based body. 

42. Ironjaw - Because Aggron uses its powerful jaws to crunch and eat iron.  

43. Leviathan - Since Aggron is larger than most bipedal Pokémons, this nickname refers to its huge size. 

44. Metal Monster - Aggron is a beast made of steel. 

45. Steelhead - Aggron’s head seems like a helmet made of steel. 

46. Steelhorn - Since Aggron has a horn on its head made of steel. 

47. Steel Tyrant

48. Tank - Aggron is strong, like a battle tank. 

Funny Aggron Nicknames

49. Anger-on - Since Aggrons are inherently territorial and get fiercely angry when trespassers enter their mountain territory. 

50. Black And White

51. Godzilla Junior - Aggron looks similar to a Godzilla but is relatively smaller in size. 

52. Goon

53. Groony

54. Heavy Metal - Iron is a heavy metal that makes up the steel body of an Aggron. The nickname is also a pun on the genre of music known as heavy metal. 

55. Metalhead - A goofy nickname for Aggron, who has a metallic head made of rock and steel. It is also a pun since metalhead refers to the fans of any metal music. 

56. Rockstar

57. Rusty  

58. Steelzilla - Since Aggron looks like a Godzilla made of steel. 

59. Superon - A mix of the superhero Superman and the Pokémon Aggron, since both characters have an armor-like body and great strength. 

60. The Rock - Since Aggron has a tough hard exterior, like a big rock or boulder. It also is a pun referring to the celebrity Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

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