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All BTOB Names, Meanings, And Song Titles For Ultimate K-Pop Fans

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Current Cube Entertainment BtoB members Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Peniel are extremely popular in South Korea.

The different roles of the Cube Entertainment BTOB band members could be categorized as lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, visual, and sub-vocalist. The members of the band enjoy considerable popularity across the world.

Do you want to know more about Cube Entertainment BtoB members Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Peniel? Do you know some members are now in military service in South Korea?

Read on to know all about these iconic band members and the BTOB Profile of these performers. Afterward, also check cool band names and movie character names.

BTOB Members Names

BTOB, a South Korean Boy Band from Cube Entertainment, stands for Born To Beat. It was formed in 2012 and originally had seven members. Some of the famous names of the band members Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Peniel, are known worldwide. Now, it is a four-member band, rolling out amazing music.

Seo Eun-Kwang, better known by his stage name Eunkwang, is a South Korean singer, musical actor, composer, entertainer, and the leader and main vocalist of the boy band BtoB. Seo was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea, on November 22 1990. His stage name Eunkwang has garnered tremendous popularity in South Korea. He earned his bachelor's degree in practical music from Dongshin University.

His younger brother, Seo Eun-Chong, is his only sibling. He participated in the Donation Applause 337 Relay Campaign among 200 other celebrities and athletes. On August 21, 2018, Seo was enlisted for active-duty military service in the military band at the ROK army's 27th division, also known as the 'We Will Win' unit, in Gangwon-Hwacheon do's County. He is everyone’s favorite because of his adorable smile, and we are all waiting for his return.

Lee Min-hyuk, sometimes known as Minhyuk or Huta, is a rapper, singer, actor, composer, and MC from South Korea. Lee Minhyuk was born in Seoul, South Korea on November 29, 1990. He attended Dankook University, where he majored in musicals. He is a member of the BtoB boy band from South Korea. He has appeared in several television programs as a supporting character, including Sweet, Savage Family, and A New Leaf.

Lee Chang-sub is a South Korean singer, performer, and musical actor who uses the mononym Changsub. Lee Changsub is a South Korean actor born in the city of Suwon in the province of Gyeonggi-do. With his BTOB groupmate Lim Hyunsik, he graduated from Howon University in Practical Music. They were both accepted in 2011 with a razor-thin 3000:5 ratio. He received a Daesang at the 16th Suwon Music Festival in 2008, and in 2009 he became VP of the Red Cross Youth Gyeonggi Province. He is the lead singer of the South Korean boy band BtoB. On January 14, 2019, he began his military service after being enlisted as an active-duty soldier.

Im Hyun-Sik is a South Korean singer-songwriter and composer and the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band BtoB. Hyunsik was born in Seoul, South Korea, on March 7, 1992. His father is a folk singer from South Korea. With groupmate Lee Chang-sub, Hyunsik graduated from Howon University in Practical Music. He debuted as the lead singer of boy group BtoB of Cube Entertainment in 2012, with the promotional single, 'Insane'. The group has released two studio albums and ten extended plays since its debut.

Peniel Shin, best known by his stage name Peniel, is a South Korea-based lead rapper and vocalist. In 2012, the main rapper made his debut as a member of the South Korean boy band BtoB. Shin started updating his followers on POV in 2016, his official vlog channel. Shin's daily activities were featured on the channel. He released Homesick, his English debut mixtape, on May 1, 2016, with KAIROS.

Yook Sung-Jae is a South Korean composer, actor, singer, host, and entertainer who uses the mononym Sungjae. Yook was born on May 2, 1995, in Yongin of Gyeonggi Province. He has an older sister. Yook Sungjae hails from a family of entrepreneurs. His father is the CEO and President of a semiconductor-related IT firm whereas he is a member of the boy band BtoB and the BtoB Blue sub-group. Yook has appeared in television dramas in addition to his group's activities.

Jung Ilhoon is a South Korean lead rapper, composer, record producer, and actor who goes by the moniker Ilhoon. His fandom name Melody, is also quite popular. Ilhoon was the main rapper for the BtoB boy band from South Korea. Ilhoon’s collaborations with musicians such as Hyuna and G.NA are well-known. Ilhoon left the group in December 2020, leaving his fans in shock as they were huge fans of the member. Ilhoon then collaborated with different artists over the next few months. Recently, Jung Il-hoon was awarded a suspended jail term by the court. Though, Jung Ilhoon is one of the famous members names from the band.

BTOB Couple Names

BTOB members Eunkwang, Changsub, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, Peniel, and Sungjae are extremely popular in South Korea but do you know that all BTOB members are worshipped widely? Here are details of the popular memberships in the group. Grab a seat and read below, and enjoy their BTOB Profile.

Eunkwang + Minhyuk or Minkwang: Starting with, in my opinion, the most powerful ship in BTOB. Did you know that Minhyuk had a negative first impression of Seo Eunkwang? He once remarked that when he first saw Eunkwang, he thought, 'we're doomed.' When Eunkwang began to sing, though, he changed his mind. Minhyuk stayed at Eunkwang's side to assist him with his leadership duties because they were same-age pals. Taking care of the other five children members does not appear to be an easy task. A dream come true for a fan.

Eunkwang + Changsub or Kwangsub: These two have a long history together. They both went to a music school called ModernK in high school. Indeed a fan favorite coupling.

Eunkwang + Hyunsik or Kwangsik: Well, there isn't much history here; they happen to share a dorm; thus, they're pretty close! Since Hyunsik is rarely the one who teases, I like to refer to them as 'Dad and his favorite kid'.

Eunkwang + Peniel or Kwangpen: Eunkwang seized the English line for himself. The lads are working hard to improve their English to interact with overseas followers. In the same way that we are studying Korean to comprehend them. Eunkwang is one of the members studying more diligently than the others. As a result, most of his dialogue with Peniel is in (broken) English. The names are enough to make any fan happy.

Eunkwang + Sungjae or Kwangjae: These two are still going strong. Sungjae went to great lengths to make Eunkwang cry during their end-of-year concert a few months back, and Eunkwang face-timed Sungjae to show him his new cafe in Singapore.

Minhyuk + Peniel or Minpen: During the New Men era, Peniel finally addressed his long-standing concern to the supporters, and the two got closer. Minhyuk possesses all of the attributes of a mother. Minhyuk noted in the Hello Counselor episode that he recalls Peniel writing, 'when my members compliment me, it's when I'm most pleased,' and Minhyuk, as the mother, remembers it.

Minhyuk + Sungjae or Minjae: We usually refer to them as mom and the youngest kid, and it appears that the youngster seems well-behaved with the mother but not around Eunkwang, the father. A fan favorite, by all means.

Changsub + Hyunsik or Changsik: These two lovely voices are graduates of Howon University's Applied Music School, which is widely regarded as Korea's most prominent music institution.

Changsub + Peniel or Penchang: Changsub has recently shown a lot of affection for Peniel (and his lovely head). We can all feel the pouring affection, from kissing his head to yelling, singing, into his ear in waiting rooms.

Changsub + Sungjae or Changjae: These two children have a tense relationship. Their feelings for one other are genuine, yet they have different goals.

Hyunsik + Minhyuk or Minsik: Their former behind-the-scenes films document their history, which came to a close in The Beat Season two. This couple's favorite pastime is competition for the largest pair of eyes.

Hyunsik + Ilhoon or Hoonsik: You must admit they are a talented pair. These two are BTOB's principal composers and frequently collaborate on projects. But, aside from composing, they share similar hobbies, so they got close.

Peniel + Sungjae or Penjae: This pairing began in 2012, during the MTV Diary period. They were watching the newest episode of MTV Diary on TV, which was the one when they were waiting for a singing session together in Cube. Sungjae eventually slept on Peniel. They started shipping themselves while monitoring and came up with the names Penjae, Peniel's Pen, and Sungjae's Jae.

Ilhoon + Sungjae or Iljae: They are the youngest and the cutest. These two spent nearly all of their study days together and even attended tests together. It reminds me of that MTV Diary episode when our parents get up early on test day only to prepare breakfast. Sungjae is/was(?) clinging to Ilhoon, demonstrating his maknae traits.

BTOB song Melody was dedicated to all the fans who loved to listen and groove on the band's melody.

BTOB Song Names

The members' roles in the official BTOB band in South Korea could be categorized as lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, visual, and sub-vocalist. When BTOB spun the wheel to choose the new maknae in August, it landed on Yook Sung Jae, their old maknae, therefore, nothing changed. Their songs are the most soothing to our ears! It's what keeps our lives lit and running. Here we present a list of BTOB songs to bless your years!

My Girl – Press Play (2012), 'Press Play' was one of BTOB's first albums, and while tracks like 'WOW' and 'Press Play' are well-known, the tags related to the widespread release 'My Girl' should not be forgotten.

Ello Ello – Beep Beep (2014), this album will brighten your day and give you all the good vibes. This song's tale is about someone summoning the confidence to reveal their feelings to someone they admire — it's sweet, cheerful, and hopeful.

Hope You’re Doing Fine– Move (2014). This ballad is the perfect tune to listen to when you're languishing in sadness. To begin, you'll hear Changsub's sweet and soothing voice, which will cure your soul.

Yes, I Am – New Men (2016); if you're looking for music that will encourage you to be more productive and move mountains, this is the song for you.

Red Lie – Brother Act (2017), 'Red Lie' tells the narrative of a lover who has lost interest in their spouse. This song's brilliance lies in its ability to capture the anguish of this discovery.

My Lady – Brother Act (2017), the album 'Brother Act' is well remembered for including their famous song 'Missing You,' but the single 'My Lady,' which follows it, is a bop.

BTOB Members Names Meanings

Here are the names and the meanings of your favorite BTOB members. One fun fact! Do you know how BTOB is pronounced? It is pronounced as 'Bee to bee', not 'B.T.O.B' or 'Beetob'. So, read below all their names and their possible origin and meanings!

Seo Eun Kwang (Korean origin), the meaning of this name is ‘shines with kindness’.

Lee Min-hyuk (Korean origin), means ‘glowing gentleness’.

Lee Chang-sub (Korean origin), means ‘being good at adjusting/harmonizing.’

Im Hyun-Sik (Korean origin), the meaning of his name is ‘to plant something to show off (kind of like: putting something into the world that will grow to be great).’

Peniel Shin (Korean origin), his name means ‘eastern roots’.

Yook Sung-jae (Korean origin), just like his personality suggests, the meaning of his name is ‘star material’.

Jung Il-hoon (Korean origin), means ‘doing meritorious deeds which are worth gold’. He left the boys in December 2020.

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