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All Of The Chipettes Names In One Handy List

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The Chipettes is a fictional group of three chipmunk singers, based on the 1983 American animated television show, Alvin And The Chipmunks.

The Chipettes names have remained the same, with some additions in later years. While the original three names have been maintained across episodes and films, some variations have also popped up.

The Chipettes comprises of three girl chipmunks. In the original 1983 TV show, they are singers and the counterparts of the male characters, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Brittany has a crush on Alvin, but she doesn’t show it. On the other hand, both Eleanor and Jeanette are expressive about their love for their counterparts. The Chipettes are sisters, and share Miller as their last name. They also share this surname with their adopted guardian. Let’s take a quick look at all these Chipettes names.

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The Original Three Chipettes Names

Figurines of Eleanor Miller surrounded by Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

Together, the Chipettes are known for their own idiosyncratic actions. The original TV show had several episodes specifically about them. They were all voice-acted by Janice Karman in all the shows and films. She is the wife of Ross Bagdasarian Jr., the son of the creator of the original series.

1.Brittany- She is compassionate, sassy, wise, and the oldest of the chipmunk girls. She is generally seen in pink but also wears other colors like black, etc. She is taller than Eleanor and shorter than Jeanette. Brittany is shown as Alvin's girlfriend, the lead character of the TV show. He has a crush on Brittany, but she feigns that she does not like him. They share love/ hate relationship and rivalry. Since she is the Chipettes' assumed leader, she throws her weight around when they all go out and do certain activities and comes across as selfish, egoistic, bossy, greedy, and self-centered. Brittany also worries about her beauty and extremely vain sometimes. While Jeanette stands up to her, Eleanor finds herself at the receiving end of Brittany’s taunts and criticisms. Yet, she is a loving character and deeply cares for her two kid sisters. Brittany is also the favorite Alvin and the Chipmunks names (characters) for many viewers.

2.Eleanor- She is the youngest, and is partnered with Theodore in the TV series. She is the chubbiest among the three and wears her signature green color. Eleanor is the most adorable one, and is often found playing around with Theodore. She and Theodore have an open relationship. In the film, 'The Squeakquel', she falls madly in love with Theodore at first sight. Eleanor is also mature and more likely to stand up against Brittany than her older sister Jeanette. Although she is worried about her shortness, Theodore repeatedly appreciates her natural beauty in the show and the films. Eleanor is known for her penchant for food and cooking. Despite being fat, she is great at sports.

3.Jeanette- Jeanette is smart yet shy; the tallest sister and is Simon’s counterpart. She wears her signature blue color but can also be seen wearing purple too, especially in CGI films and television series. She along with Simon, has poor eyesight, which is why she is always seen wearing eyeglasses. Known to be clumsy, sweet and shy, Jeanette is book smart, courageous and doesn’t give into Brittany’s dominating behavior. Jeanette, compared to Brittany, doesn't care much about her appearance. She is more like Theodore when comes to their shy personalities. She and Simon are in love but are never open about it in public. In 'The Squeakquel', she is also seen falling in love with Simon at first sight.

4.Miss Beatrice Miller- There’s another related chipmunk character, called Miss Beatrice Miller, who is shown as the Chipettes' adoptive mother. She is known to be very talkative, and for her fanciful dressing, but also caring and compassionate towards the Miller sisters. In some episodes, this guardian character is named Miss Mary Miller.

Other Chipettes Names

Since the original TV show has spun off several other shows and films, there have been some more Chipette names. Here they are:

5.Charlene (German origin)" Featured in a 1982 album related to the TV show".

6.Ronette (Old English origin) Chubby; has similarities to "Eleanor".

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