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All The Rescue Bots Names In One Handy List

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Rescue bots are transformers working with the family of heroes to save humans from disasters.

They are a part of Hasbro’s 'Transformers' franchise. They are non-violent transformers aimed at pre-school viewers.

The main rescue bots that include fire bot, construction bot, and others partnered with the Burns family by Optimus Prime to become the first response rescuers. The eight year old Cody Burns, the youngest member of the Burns family, is the only one able to understand Bumblebee. In this article, we have provided a list of all their names. If you find this list interesting, you can check out other articles from Kidadl, like all of the Dinobots names in one handy list or sci fi names.

Main Rescue Bots

Rescue bots are Cybertronians used for rescue missions. There are four rescue bots. Here are the rescue bots names.

1. Blades, one of the main transformers rescue bots who is partnered with Dani Burns and transforms into a rescue helicopter. When he was on Cybertron, he had a land-based vehicle mode. He admires the legendary Autobot scout Bumblebee. Among all the rescue bots, he is the one who expressed the most emotions and has a love for human film and television.

2. Boulder, one of the transforming rescue bots who is partnered with Graham Burns and can transform into a bulldozer. He is fascinated with the culture of earth and wants to learn from books and other sources. He enjoys gardening, painting, interacting with animals, and has a very friendly and kind demeanor.

3. Chase, another one of the transformers rescue bots who transforms into a police car and partnered with Chief Charlie Burns. He has a “by-the-book” personality. Although he gets along well with his partner, Charlie Burns, the two of them disagree occasionally because of Chief’s compassion and Chase’s “by-the-law” personality.

4. Heatwave, the rescue bot or the fire bot who is a fire engine partnered with Kade Burns. He is the leader of the rescue bots, equal rank with High Tide, and second-in-command after Optimus Prime. The Hook & Ladder Heatwave is also a part of the Rescue Rig along with Capture Claw Chase.

The main rescue bots follow Optimus Prime.

Rescue Bot Recruits

There are some new Autobots that are new to the rescue team. Check out the names of these transformer rescue bots toys that come with their own personal tools.

5. Blurr, a rescue bot that can transform into a race car. He was a pilot of a cargo ship that crash-landed on earth over 10,000 years ago during a meteor shower. He takes pride and loves his speed, but he is known to be extremely impatient and reckless. He was always displeasing Heatwave, the fire bot, during his training.

6. Brushfire, a new rescue bot recruit who can transform into a half-track vehicle. She protects the forests of the earth using the help of a Mini-Con bear Sequoia. She can transform from a half-track ATV into the robot mode automatically in a single step.

7. High Tide, the toughest drill instructor, and the crankiest of the old sea dogs. He is one of the oldest friends of Optimus Prime. Whenever the situation becomes tough, he combines himself with his ship to transform into the ‘Megabot Mode’ that comes with immense power and size.

8. Mortar, a construction bot that can transform into a cement mixer. He was a part of the Griffin Rock Construction team. As a flip racer, this construction bot is a small and bot shot-sized figure available in a three-pack along with Salvage and Boulder.

9. Quickshadow, a female rescue bot transformer that can change into a car. She first appeared in season 4 in the desert of North Africa when Chase and Heatwave, the fire bot, were having a problem with Groundbridge. Kade refers to it as ‘Austly Benton’.

10. Salvage, another rescue bot recruit that can transform into a garbage truck. He was with Blurr in the ship that crash-landed on earth over 10,000 years ago during a meteor shower. Unlike Blurr, he immediately started to enjoy his life on earth. He took charge during his first rescue and gained the respect of other rescue bots. Optimus Prime transferred him and Blurr to another location. They returned to help in putting Griffin Rock back after it got teleported to a different location.

11. Servo, a dog-like helper-bot kept in the chest compartment of High Tide. Depending on what task needs to be carried out, he transforms himself. In fact, he can independently transform his limbs for minor tasks. Chase once commented that Servo is a cross between a toolbox and a schnauzer. He can be commanded by a dog whistle. He came to earth with High Tide when Optimus Prime requested that his master trained the rescue bots.

Rescue Bot Training Academy

'Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy' is an animated television series that features a few more new recruits. Here are their names.

12. Hoist, a tow-bot that was once an aspiring inventor and a spaceship repair-bot. Now, he uses his towing abilities and engineering skills as a potential rescue bot. But, there is more to him than meets the eye. He is learning to be more confident in himself and be a team player. After the restoration of Cybertron, he was one of the Autobots blacklisted by the High Council for supporting Optimus Prime.

13. Hot Shot, an ex-member of Primus Vanguard who joined his leader in stopping the battle between Ultra Megatron and Star Convoy. He always tries to prove himself at the Rescue Bots Academy, whether he is on a rescue mission or on the Cube court. Rescue bots and Heatwave always try to keep him out of trouble.

14. Medix, the doc-bot for transformers rescue bots characters willing to help Autobots and humans when they need medical help. He is not the one for surprises and works only with logic. That is why he is not able to work with the unpredictable. But, his work forces him to be on the spot. He is less temperamental and more served.

15. Wedge, one of the best of the new rescue bot characters at the Rescue Bots Academy. He is willing to jump at any chance of proving it as well. However, this has resulted in a small rivalry between Hot Shot and him. He is also the one to criticize his fellow recruits but regrets it soon after. Considered to be the class’s arrogant member, he has a fanboy attitude towards Bumblebee. He also shares his sense of responsibility, like recycling trash properly.

16. Whirl, a recruit at the Rescue Bot Academy wants to be a rescue bot police officer. She is optimistic and loves earth culture. Sometimes, her enthusiasm for her work can get overwhelming. Her sense of judgment can lead to some ridiculous quotes and theories. However, more often than not, she is proven right. She was also the first one to greet Hot Shot enthusiastically when he arrived.

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