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All TXT Members Names, Songs And Album Titles For K-pop Fans

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TXT is also one of the popular K-pop groups formed by Big Hit Music.

Group name TXT stands for Tomorrow X Together. TXT group is band of five Korean boys, and the name of the TXT members are Soobin, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, HueningKai, and Taehyun.

They made their debut on March 4, 2019. Their debut was with the extended play 'The Dream Chapter: Star'.

Are you interested to know more about the TXT Group that hails from South Korea? Then this post will help you learn about them. Check the list properly and completely to know more about the Tomorrow X Together K-Pop group.

Band members' named Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, and Taehyun are popular across the world. Want to know more about TXT Taehyun, TXT Beomgyu, TXT Huening Kai, TXT Yeonjun, TXT Soobin? Read on for more information on TXT members' names with a detailed TXT profile, featuring TXT ages related to the second boy group from Big Hit Entertainment.

TXT Members' Real Names

TXT is one of the new and popular K-pop groups introduced by the music brand Big Hit Music that formed the K-pop group BTS. Here is the information regarding the age of TXT group members- Soobin is 21 years old, Yeonjun is 22 years old, Beomgyu is 20 years old, Taehyun is 20 years old, and Hyuening Kai is 19 years old. Read on for band members' names, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, and Taehyun, who are extremely popular. There are details associated with their zodiac sign.

Choi Soo Bin is the full name of Soobin who prefers to use the stage name Soobin instead of his real name Choi Soo Bin. He was born on December 5, 2000 and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His English name is Steve Choi. He is the tallest member boy in the group and is extremely popular on social media.

Choi Yeon Jun is the real name of Yeojun. His English name is Daniel Choi. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Yeojun was born on September 13, 1999. He uses the stage name Yeonjun instead of his real name Choi Yeon Jun.

Choi Beom Gyu is the full name of the TXT member Beomgyu. He was born on March 13, 2001. His English name is Ben Choi and zodiac sign is Pisces. He uses the stage name Beomgyu instead of his real name Choi Beomgyu and is extremely popular on social media.

Kang Tae Hyun is the real name of the member Taehyun. His English name is Terry Kang. He was born on February 5, 2002. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He uses the stage name Taehyun instead of his real name Kang Tae Hyun.

Kai Kamal Huening is the real name of Huening Kai. His Chinese name is Xiuning Kai, and his Korean name is Jung Kai. He was born on August 14, 2002, which makes his zodiac sign Leo. He uses the stage name Huening Kai instead of his complete name Kai Kamal Huening.

TXT Members Stage Names

The most popular TXT member in the group is Choi Yeon Jun. He has been part of a K-drama too. He did a cameo in one of the K-dramas and is also referred to as the Fourth Gen IT Boy. The Tomorrow X Together South Korean Group leader is Choi Soo Bin. He is the tallest one in the Big Hit Music. Details of Tomorrow By Together band members' names, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, and Taehyun are given below, along with their zodiac sign.

Soobin is the stage name of the leader of the TXT group. His real name is Choi Soo Bin. He was the second member of the TXT GROUP, whom Big Hit Music revealed on January 13, 2019.

Yeonjun is the stage name of Choi Yeon Jun. He was the first member of the TXT whom Big Hit Music revealed. This revealing took place on January 10, 2019. He got the first rank for raps, dance, and vocals when he was in his training period.

Beomgyu is the stage name of the TXT member whose real name is Choi Beom Gyu. He was the last member to be revealed by Big Hit Music on January 20, 2019. He is an ARMY, that is, a BTS fan. He calls himself a tiger, which is the meaning of his name.

Taehyun is the stage name of the member of Tomorrow X Together, whose real name is Kang Tae Hyun. He was the fourth member to be revealed by Big Hit Music on January 17, 2019. He is a huge fan of Jungkook, one of the BTS members.

Huening Kai is the stage name of Kai Kamal Huening. He was revealed on 15th January 2019 as a part of TXT and a third member of the group. His nicknames are Hyuk and Ningning. He is the maknae of the K-pop group TXT.

TXT is a popular band in the USA as well as South Korea.

TXT Song Names

Any of the Tomorrow By Together members are not related to each other. They were under training for many years, in 2019, they made their debut. The members of the TXT have the potential to rap, dance, and sing too. They have also written a few songs and are trying to learn more about producing music. The names of the songs made by the TXT group are given below.

Crown was their first single from their debut album. The song was about finding someone special in your life who will motivate you and like you the way you are.

Cat & Dog was their second single from the debut album. The song has various vocal transitions, such as mumble rap, marimba melodies, and trap beats that make the song unique. This song was about the infatuation of the young generation. They also released an English version of the song after the huge success of the original song.

Our Summer is an acoustic mix released during the tour when they visited about six cities in the USA in 2019.

Blue Orangeade and Nap of a Star, both the songs are from the tracklists of their debut album released in 2019.

Nine and Three Quarters (Run Away) is their lead single from their second album. The song was inspired by one of the most popular movie series 'Harry Potter'.

Angel or Devil was more about dancing. This song's main focus was on dancing in a white room. The song was more like a black and white. The dance they have shown in the song had a step that BTS performed in their song 'Boy in Luv'.

New Rules is also one of the tracklists from their second album.

Roller Coaster is also one of the famous songs from their music album.

Can't You See Me? is the first single from their third album. This song has a mixture of emotions that can melt everyone's heart.

Blue Hour is the first song from their next album and has a disco vibe.

Way Home is the next song that the TXT released after 'Blue Hour' and gifted their fans on Valentine's Day.

0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori is the title track of their next song. The song was about love in a disordered world. This song was a collaboration and its lyrics were co-written by the BTS leader RM.

Ice Cream is another popular song of TXT whose lyrics were penned by the leader Soobin.

What if I had been that Puma! was another hit song of TXT. Its lyrics were written by Yeonjun, Taehyu, and Beongyu.

Frost is a popular TXT single whose lyrics were penned by Yeonjun.

Dear Sputnik is produced and written by Huening Kai. Also, Taehyun co-wrote and gave music to the song.

TXT Album Names

The pronunciation of the names of the TXT members is 'ee-un-jeun' for Yeonjun, 'su-bin' for Soobin, 'byom-gyoo' for Beomgyu, 'tae-h-yun' for Taehyun, and 'hyou-ning kai' for Huening Kai. The fandom name of the TXT is MOA, that is, Member of Alwaysness. The fandom name of Soobin is Soobrangdan or Soobders, Yeonjun's fandom name is Moawajjunie, Beomgyu's fandom name is Bamtori or Beombadan or Wolftoris, Solomon is the fandom name of Taehyun, and NingDungie is the fandom name of Huening Kai. The album names of the TXT are given below.

The Dream Chapter: Star is the debut album of the TXT members. The tracklists in this album include 'Blue Orangeade', 'Crown', 'Our Summer', 'Cat & Dog', and 'Nap of a Star'.

The Dream Chapter: Magic is the second album after the debut of the TXT group. The album's tracklists include 'New Rules', 'Nine and Three Quarters (Run Away)', 'Roller Coaster', 'Poppin' Star', 'Can't We Just Leave The Monster Alive', 'Magic Island', '20cm', and 'Angel or Devil'.

Magic Hour is the Japanese album of their second album. The songs in this album are 'Nine and Three Quarters (Run Away)', 'Crown', and 'Angel or Devil'.

The Dream Chapter: Eternity is the third album of TXT. The songs included in the album are 'Drama', 'Can't You See Me?', 'Fairy of Shampoo', 'Maze in the Mirror', 'PUMA', and 'Eternally'.

Drama is the Japanese version of 'The Dream Chapter: Eternity'. The songs in this are 'Drama, Everlasting Shine', and 'Can't You See Me?'.

Still Dreaming is a Japanese album. The songs in this are 'Intro: Dreaming', 'Force', 'Run Away', 'Blue Hour', 'Crown, Angel or Devil', 'Drama', 'Everlasting Shine', 'Can't You See Me?', and 'Outro: Still'.

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze is the next album of TXT. The songs in this album are 'Anti-Romantic', '0X1= LOVESONG (I know I love You)' feat. Seori, 'Magic', 'Ice Cream', 'What If I Had Been That Puma', 'No Rules', 'Dear Sputnik', and 'Frost'.

The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, the album's tracklist includes 'Loser=Lover', 'Anti-Romantic, 0X1= LOVESONG (I know I love You)' feat. Seori, Magic, 'Ice Cream', 'What If I Had Been That Puma', 'No Rules', 'MOA Diaries (Dubaddu Wari Wari)', 'Dear Sputnik', 'Frost', '0X1= LOVESONG (I know I love You) feat. Seori (Encore Mix)'.

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