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All Zootopia Character Names From The Awesome Disney Animation

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Walt Disney has always been the best creator of animated movies.

There has never been any competition for creating interesting animated films that are fun to watch and can provide kids with moral values. 'Zootopia' is one such animated movie produced by Disney.

Also known as 'Zootropolis' in some countries, this movie showcases anthropomorphic animals living harmoniously in the metropolis city called 'Zootopia'.

The plot of this movie hints at prejudice, including how a female bunny cop tried to crack a difficult case to prove her worth compared to the big, tough animals who are a part of the police force. To crack the case, the bunny cop is forced to partner with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox named Nick Wilde, a partner of Junior Ranger Scouts to find the crime boss in the big city. The film was co-directed by Rich Moore.

This movie was a box office hit and gained fame as Walt Disney Animation Studios’ second highest-grossing film at the time of its release. Here are some more details about the variety of characters that different animals have portrayed in the animated movie 'Zootopia'.

'Zootopia' Police Character Names

'Zootopia' is an animated movie centered around characters that are police officers, with the two main characters being a part of the police force. Here are all of the 'Zootopia' police character names.

Chief Bogo, a male Cape buffalo, is the third protagonist of the movie. As his name suggests, he plays the Zootopia Police Department’s head. Chief Bogo was voiced by Idris Elba and has one of the best lines in the movie; 'Didn’t forget, just don’t care.' The no-nonsense character of Chief Bogo had a serious but highly prejudiced personality when it came to adding Judy to his squad since she is a rabbit and does not possess the qualities of a police officer.

Judy Hopps (Hebrew origin) meaning 'woman of Judea' is one of the two main characters of the movie. She is a female rabbit officer who is part of the Zootopia Police Department. Ginnifer Goodwin voices this animated character. Judy (Ginnifer Goodwin) is portrayed as a character who is optimistic, smart, independent, energetic, courageous, but sometimes overconfident.

Nick Wilde (Greek origin) meaning victory to the people, is the other main character of the movie. He is a male red fox who used to be a con artist but then joined the Zootopia Police Department as a police officer. Voiced by Jason Bateman, Nick Wilde is shown to be charismatic and slick but also mischievous and cocky. He is certainly cunning, being a fox, but later in the movie, the character’s soft side is shown to be caring, selfless, and protective.

Officer Andersen (Danish origin) meaning 'son of Anders' is portrayed as a white polar bear with a minor role in the movie. He is shown in an arm wrestle against Office Johnson, a lion, who loses the game.

Officer Clawhauser, a male cheetah (actor Nate Torrence) who works as a secretary and radio dispatcher in the Zootopia Police Department, is a supporting character in the movie. With a charming, cheerful, innocent, and warm personality, Officer Clawhauser loves eating donuts and listening to pop star Shakira. This bubbly character’s full name is Benjamin Clawhauser. Nate Torrence voiced Benjamin Clawhauser.

Officer Fangmeyer, a tiger, is another officer of the ZPD who plays a minor role in the movie.

Officer Higgins (Gaelic origin) meaning 'descendant of Uiginn', is another minor character who is a male hippo. Raymond S. Persi voiced this officer of the Zootopia Police Department.

Officer Johnson is an African lion who is shown losing the arm wrestling contest against Officer Anderson.

Officer McHorn is another police officer who is a part of the Zootopia Police Department. This is a male rhinoceros voiced by Mark Smith. Officer McHorn is another disinterested and serious police officer who does not give any importance to Judy’s potential as a police officer.

Officer Pennington, or Francine Pennington, is another officer at the Zootopia Police Department. A female African elephant, this simply nice character has a supporting role in the movie.

'Zootopia' Sheep Character Names

There are a variety of animals shown in the movie and cute creatures like sheep are also a part of it. Here are the 'Zootopia' sheep character names from Zootopia city.

Assistant Mayor Bellwether, or Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether, is the main antagonist of 'Zootopia', who stays hidden until the later part of the movie. Jenny Slate voices the character of a female sheep. Bellwether has a pretentious personality that seems sweet, kind, and friendly, while her true personality is two-faced, selfish, bitter, prejudiced, and hungry for power.

Gareth (Welsh origin) meaning 'gentleness' is also a young sheep who is Sharla’s younger brother. Interestingly, this character was voiced by Madeleine Curry.

Sharla is a young female sheep in the movie, voiced by Madeleine Curry. A fun fact about this character is that her name is never mentioned in the movie.

Woolter and Jesse are two sheep shown as antagonist partners with a minor role in the movie. They were a part of Bellwether’s minions.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia

'Zootopia' Sloth Character Names

Sloths are adorable but sluggish and lethargic tree-dwellers who are also a part of the animated movie. Here are 'Zootopia' sloth character names.

Flash Slothmore is a three-toed male sloth who is a supporting character in the movie. Flash, the fastest sloth, is a team member at the Department of Mammal Vehicles. The character of Flash the fastest sloth was voiced by Raymond S. Persi and is shown as a soft-spoken, social, and professional character.

Priscilla Tripletoe is a three-toed female sloth and a minor character in the movie who is a team member at the Department of Mammal Vehicles. Kristen Bell voices this brown-colored furry character.

Cute 'Zootopia' Character Names

Animated characters are mostly given cute appearances and names that suit their personalities. Here are some cute 'Zootopia' character names for the cute mammals part of the animated film set in Zootopia city.

Boi Chá is the name of the male jaguar who works as the leading news anchor for ZNN. While he is often referred to by the cute name Boi Chá, his full name in the movie is Onçardo Boi Chá.

Bonnie and Stu Hopps are the rabbit couple who are parents to Judy Hopps and another 275 rabbit kids in Bunnyburrow. While Bonnie Hopps is shown as a sensible, supportive, and caring mother in the family, Stu Hopps is shown as a conservative, cautious, and protective father to his children and a caring husband to Bonnie, based in Bunnyburrow. Stu Hopps is a chubby rabbit who works as a carrot farmer. Bonnie Hopps and Stu Hopps first appear at the beginning of the family movie.

Finnick (American origin) meaning 'farm', is a supporting character in the movie portrayed as an adorably small male fennec fox, Nick Wilde's partner in crime. Voiced by Tom Lister Jr., this fennec fox character is bitter, deceitful, cunning, independent, and supportive.

Fru Fru, a female Arctic shrew, is Mr. Big’s daughter and Judy’s future mother. Leah Latham voiced this sassy and spoiled but good-hearted and sweet character.

Gazelle is the famous pop star from 'Zootopia', portrayed as a female gazelle. This character of the movie has been inspired and voiced by the famous singer Shakira. Gazelle is shown as a kind, humble, and loving mammal who also works as a predator rights activist in the film.

Mayor Lionheart or Leodore Lionheart is a supporting character who is as a male lion and has been a longstanding mayor of Zootopia. J.K. Simmons voiced the character of Mayor Lionheart. Mayor Lionheart is shown to have a prideful, charismatic, intelligent, commanding, practical, and inspiring personality. Mayor Leodore Lionheart is an extremely popular character.

Mr. Big is the leader of the mafia, a crime lord, and a business owner. This supporting character is portrayed as an old male Arctic shrew voiced by Maurice LaMarche. Although Mr. Big puts on a facade of being profound and merciless, in actuality is a proud, kind, and supportive father to Fru Fru.

Mr. Emmitt Otterton, a North American river otter, is a minor but cute character who works as a florist living along with his wife Mrs. Otterton, and two children. He is one of the mammals who is missing and drives the police force to start searching. Mr. Otterton is shown as a polite, gentle, mild-mannered, and loving character. Mrs. Otterton and Mr. Otterton share a good relationship.

Mr. Manchas, or Renato Manchas, is a minor character who is a muscular, large black male jaguar working for the Tundratown Limo Service. This is a gentle, calm, cooperative, and somewhat paranoid character who works as a chauffeur for Mr. Big. Though, he turns savage due to the Night Howlers.

Nangi, a minor character in the movie, is a female Indian elephant who works at The Mystic Spring Oasis as a yoga instructor. This character was voiced by Gita Reddy and is shown as a dismissive, apathetic, and disagreeable mammal.

Yax is a supporting character in the movie. As the name suggests, this character is a male Yak who is the owner of Mystic Spring Oasis located in Sahara Square. Voiced by Tommy Chong, this is an enlightened, laid-back, and modest character of 'Zootopia'.

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