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60 Appealing Lapras Nicknames

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Lapras is a type of Pokemon found in the First Generation - and it is a Water/Ice type Pokemon that inherits the transport pokemon species.

The Lapras have three abilities: water absorption - shell armor - and hydration. Are you interested to learn some cool nicknames for your own Lapras?

So what are you waiting for? Here is a list of creative Lapras nicknames that you can take inspiration from.

Creative Lapras Nicknames

There are many favorite nicknames for Lapras. Among them - some of the good nicknames for Lapras are Pikachu which means Sparky - and Squirtle (Turtle) - to name a few. If you have water-based Lapras - call them Aqua - Bubbles - etc.

Some of the creative Lapras Nicknames are listed below. You can check it and choose the best one to name your Lapras.

  • Neptune - is the best Lapras nickname for the God of Water. It is a nickname inspired by the might of gods.
  • Marina - is the female Lapras nickname that came from the sea.
  • Nessie - is a cute Lapras nickname for a pure Lapras.
  • Aurora - is a mystical Lapras nickname for the dawn. It is a nickname that would surely make you proud.
  • Harmony - is a musically inspired nickname that refers to Unity.
  • Atlanta - is an ancient nickname for an ancient hero and a great choice for naming your Pokemon.
  • Misty - is a female Lapras nickname for the Lapras covered with mist.
  • Niagara - is a great Lapras nickname that bears similarity to Niagara falls.
  • Blue Sun - is a unisex Lapras nickname for a cool personality. These two words surely make for a good nickname.
  • Rain - is a gender-neutral Lapras nickname for your lovely Lapras.
  • Pandora - is a female nickname used most commonly in Greek mythology.
  • Zapras - is a lovely Lapras nickname that refers to infinity.
  • Elsa - is a biblical nickname that refers to God's promise.
  • Ness Phelps - refers to the Lapras who love others.
  • Sally - is a female Lapras nickname that refers to the princess.

Unique Lapras Nicknames

The name 'Lapras' is based on Dragons - Fairies - Ghosts - and Bugs. The Japanese way to write 'Lapras' is 'Laplace -' named after the mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace.

Some of the unique Lapras Nicknames are:

  • Mizu - is a Japanese Lapras nickname for the water. It is one of the most interesting nicknames.
  • BoatyMcBoat - in short - is called 'Boaty -' which refers to an underwater vehicle.
  • Bubbles - is a lovely female Lapras nickname that refers to a courteous and considerate personality.
  • Surfer - is a cool nickname for the water. This is a nickname that every girl would love.
  • Iceberg - is a good nickname that is most commonly used in the United States.
  • Splashy - is a suitable nickname for a showy Lapras.
  • Leatherback - is a funny nickname that refers to an existing sea turtle.
  • Tide - is a male Lapras nickname for the ocean's rhythms.
  • Frosty - is a male Lapras nickname for a cool and crispy personality.
  • Umigame - is a Japanese nickname for a sea turtle.
  • Seabreeze - is a unique Lapras unisex nickname for the cooling breeze.
  • Torrent - is a male Lapras nickname representing the fast-moving current.
  • Squirt - is a unique nickname that refers to a spurt.
  • Island - is a unisex name for your Lapras.
  • Cruiser - is a different nickname and is most commonly used in Iran.

Cute Lapras Nicknames

The Lapras can be both male and female to breed. It first appeared in the ‘Pokemon Red and Blue’ video games and is later seen in its subsequent sequels.

Here is the list of cute Lapras nicknames that you would love to name your own Lapras.

  • Ferryman - refers to someone who operates a fiery.
  • Loch - is a perfect nickname for a lake.
  • Poseidon - is a mythological nickname that refers to the God of the sea.
  • Charon - is a unisex nickname for your Lapras.
  • Kappa - is a Japanese nickname for a sea creature.
  • Calypso - is an excellent female nickname that refers to the immortal goddess.
  • Davy Jones - is an adorable nickname that refers to an evil spirit that is present at sea. A combination of two words results in a great nickname.
  • Hydra - is a mythological nickname for a sea monster.
  • Moby - is a character name from the novel 'Moby Dick.'
  • Cecil - is a beautiful nickname used to name your Lapras if you become blind to the beauty of your Lapras.
  • Leonardo - is the character name from the Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Appa - is a character name in the movie 'Avatar: The Last Airbender.'
  • Catbus - is a character in the animated movie 'My Neighbor Totoro.'
  • Gamera - is a monster name in the film 'Godzilla.'
  • Lenny - is a gender-neutral name that refers to Lapras - who is as brave as a Lion.

Funny Lapras Nicknames

Lapras used to live in tropical and polar areas of the ocean. It is similar to a plesiosaur and evolved as the first generation pokemon. Here are some funny Lapras Nicknames - and choose the best one to name yours.

  • Cherry - is a sweet nickname for your darling Lapras.
  • Flappy - is a funny nickname for your Lapras.
  • Crest - is a female Lapras nickname for your worthiest Lapras.
  • Snapper - is a funny nickname representing a fish with sharp teeth found in the sea.
  • Tonic - is an adorable nickname commonly used in the United States.
  • Aria - is a unisex nickname that represents the melodic nature of your Lapras.
  • Iceberg - is a cool nickname - and who doesn't like to watch an Iceberg?
  • Larry - is a lovely nickname that refers to someone from Laurentum.
  • Mist - is a female Lapras nickname that refers to water droplets.
  • Kiwi - is a cute nickname that refers to someone's intelligent and intuitive personality.
  • Melody - is the most common nickname used in the United States of America.
  • Flutie - is a musical nickname that refers to the melodic nature of the Lapras.
  • Gemmy - is a funny nickname for someone who used to be so bright and glittering.
  • Nemo - is an attractive male Lapras name used for your attractive Lapras.
  • Barge - is a sweet nickname that is the occupational name of a boatman. It is one of the cool nicknames that you can pick for a Lapra.
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