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60 Appealing Lucy Nicknames

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The name Lucy is a very popular feminine English name, derived from the Latin masculine name Lucius, meaning 'of light', which can refer to someone who is born at dawn or daylight, something shiny, or someone of a fair complexion.

Lucy is strong, a Saint's name, the heroine of several fictional novels, and is associated with a bossy and adventurous personality. The English name Lucy has a backstory in the Latin-based Norman language, and became a very popular English name and surname transmitted to England after the Norman Conquest in the 11th century.

The name Lucy was first introduced in England and Wales and was given to girls born at dusk. The popularity of the name slowly reached the US, topping the girl's name chart at one time, still remaining fairly common and popular. The name became a common feminine name in many English speaking countries.

If you want to know some best Lucy nicknames, we have compiled a list of some cool, unique, and cute Lucy nicknames, so you can have a look and pick your favorite!

Cool Lucy Nicknames

If you want to find some cool and unique nicknames for someone named Lucy, check out this list of cool Lucy nicknames.

Aleena - a Greek name meaning 'light', a great nickname for Lucy, born in the first light.

Alyssa - an Irish word which means 'noble', one of the best Lucy nicknames.

Cindy - a fun nickname for the name Lucy.

Cynthia - a feminine Greek name, referring to the Moon Goddess.

Dawna - an English word, meaning 'the first appearance of daylight', similar to the origin of the name Lucy.

Elena - a Greek word meaning 'shining light', perfect for a very bright Lucy.

Elinor - a word meaning 'sunrays', a perfect nickname for a Lucy who lights up your life.

Lacy - a good nickname for a Lucy who likes to dress in her fanciest lace clothes.

Laurel - a unisex name referring to the laurel tree, for a nature-loving Lucy.

Lena - a popular nickname, meaning 'light', 'sun', or 'shining', perfect for Lucy.

Leslie - a surname and given name in Gaelic, and a fun Lucy nickname.

Lexy- a popular Christian name that means 'defender of mankind', a great nickname for a strong and fearless Lucy.

Lillian - a Latin word meaning 'lily'.

Lillie - a version of the name Lillian, a cute nickname for Lucy.

Liz - a Hebrew word meaning 'God's promise', for your special Lucy.

Liza - a popular Christian and Muslim name.

Lizzy - a Hebrew word meaning 'God is my oath'.

Locke - an English word meaning 'forest', a great nickname for a Lucy who loves nature.

Lois - a Greek word meaning 'superior'.

Loki - a mischievous deity in Norse mythology, a perfect nickname for a Lucy who is very cheeky!

Lorna - a Scottish word for 'fox', for a wily Lucy.

Lou C - a cool and interesting nickname for Lucy.

Loulou- an alternate of Lucy, derived from Lou.

Lovano - a Celtic nickname and alternative to Lorna.

Lu - another short and sweet nickname for Lucy or Lucille.

Lu Cee - a trendy take on Lucy, separating the letters.

Luca - a name of English origin meaning 'light'.

Luce - a simple and cool nickname for Lucy.

Luce C - another nickname that plays with the letters and sounds of Lucy to make a fun nickname.

Lucee- a variation of Lucie derived from Luce.

Lucia - the Spanish version of the name Lucy, derived from Lux.

Lucie - a variation of the name Lucy.

Lucille - the French version of the name Lucy. Lucille is derived from Lucia.

Lucrece - a version of Lucretia, and a unique nickname.

Lucretia - a noblewoman in Ancient Rome.

Lulu - a Swahili word meaning 'precious pearl', a perfect nickname for your precious Lucy.

Luti - a diminutive of Lucy, meaning 'cheerful'.

Lux - a cool and trendy nickname for Lucy.

Funny Nicknames For Lucy


(These funny nicknames for Lucy will make you laugh, such as Lucy Goosey and Luce C!)

Check out these funny nicknames, such as Lucy Goosey and Lou C, for the name Lucy. Pick your favorite funny nicknames to use yourself and with your friends!

Ishik - a Turkish word meaning 'light', similar to the origin of the name Lucy.

Lou C - could be used for your cool gamertags.

Lou G - one of the best gangsta type names.

Loucee - a nickname for the lazy Lucy.

Lucasta - one of the best Lucy nicknames, meaning 'chaste light'.

Lucero - a Spanish word meaning 'horse blaze'.

Lucky Lucy - one of the funny nicknames for Lucy who is always lucky.

Lucy Goosey - Lucy Goosey is another chucklesome nickname for Lucy.

Lucy Locket - Lucy Locket is quite an adorable, yet humorous name for Lucy.

Lucy Loo - Lucy Loo is a cute and simple nickname for someone named Lucy.

Creative Lucy Nicknames

As the name Lucy is derived from the word for light, the best Lucy nicknames include words related to light, to give you the best backstory nickname with a cool meaning. So, here is a list of creative Lucy nicknames relating to her shining bright light.

Aurelia - a feminine word meaning 'golden', perfect for a Lucy who is brilliant.

Elin - a Welsh word for 'sun rays', also a perfect nickname for a Lucy who is a bright light.

Hikari - just like Lucy, Hikari also stands for 'light', in Japanese.

Jaroslava - a Slavic word that means 'glory of light'.

Latona - the mother of Goddess Diana.

Lucifer - a fun new nickname for a naughty Lucy, named after the fallen angel, Lucifer.

Medea - the granddaughter of the Greek sun god, Helios, representing Lucy's shining light.

Onella - a Greek word meaning 'light', another perfect nickname for Lucy.

Uri - a Hebrew word meaning 'flame' or 'fire', one of the great nicknames for a hot-headed Lucy.

Ziya - an Arabic word that means 'light', also making a cool nickname.

Cute Lucy Nicknames

Do you want to find the most adorable nicknames for a Lucy that you love? Check out our list of cute Lucy nicknames.

Lilium - a flowering plant with large white flowers, a name that would suit a beautiful Lucy.

Linah - a Greek word meaning 'light' and a cute nickname for a cute Lucy.

Luna- the Roman deity of the moon, perfect for Lucy.

Lyra - named after the constellation of stars, a sweet nickname for your superstar Lucy.

LouLou - a cute nickname for a little girl called Lucy.

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