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77 Awesome Axolotl Names For Your Adorable Amphibian

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Axolotls are cute amphibians that you would love to give a unique, adorable, and exotic name to make them more beautiful.

Are you planning to buy a female axolotl soon? But have you purchased tanks, food, and decors for your pet?

Before planning to shop, have you thought of any unique names for your adorable amphibian Have you ever thought about what happens when your axolotl bites you? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have any sharp teeth, so it cannot harm you. Also, it is a complete non-threat amphibian, so these pets cannot harm you. Therefore, it is very safe to keep axolotl as your aquatic pet. But please care for your pet a lot as they are more delicate than other amphibians.

You can give them a different name depending on their type like male, female, adorable, funny, and excellent names of your interest. Here are some awesome names you can choose for your adorable pet.

Cool Axolotl Names For Males

Mexican ‘walking fish’ or axolotls are amphibians, not fish. It is a kind of salamander, and they can have a lifetime of about 15 years (not in all cases).

Are you looking for the best unique names for your male axolotl? Below is the list of a few names that you might be interested in choosing from.

Alex (Greek Origin) means 'a protector of mankind' and is of Greek origin. One of the good axolotl names ideas.

Alpha (Greek Origin) meaning 'the beginning' is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and can certainly make for one of the adorable axolotl names.

Arnold (German or English origin) meaning 'to rule' is an adorable name for a pet axolotl.

Arthur (Old English Origin) meaning 'bear-man or a man of strength', is often used in terms of royalty; It is one of the rare axolotl names ideas.

Baki (Arabic origin) means 'eternal.' A great name to call your pet axolotl.

Basil (Greek Origin) meaning royal or fearless, stands for someone very brave.

Brisby (French Origin) is the name of someone who often gets involved in fights.

Charlie (Old English Origin) meaning 'the free man,' is an English origin word that can be a great name for your pet axolotl.

Driscoll (Old English Origin) meaning 'a descendant of message-bearer' is a great name to call your baby salamander.

Freddy (Old English Origin) meaning 'peaceful ruler' is a neutral name for both sexes.

Georgie (German origin) meaning 'earth-worker' is a good name option.

Harrold (Old English Origin) meaning 'army ruler' is a great name for pet axolotl.

Jasper (Persian origin), meaning 'treasure bearer.'

Jerry (Old English Origin) meaning 'holy name', is a great name for pet axolotl.

Logan (Scottish Origin) meaning 'hollow' is a Scottish name, which is one of the popular axolotl names.

Lucius (Latin Origin), meaning 'brightness or light.'

Mars (Latin Origin) meaning 'God of War, is related to the Latin word 'mas,' which means 'male.' One of the more unique name ideals for pets in an aquarium.

Moritz (German Origin) meaning darker-skinned is a good name choice.

Nova (Latin Origin) meaning 'new', can be a great name for a pet golden leucistic axolotl.

Olaf (Nordic Origin), meaning 'relic' is a famous name used by five of the Norway kings.

Oreo is a short name that is very easy to pronounce. Some believe it is a cookie name, but the origin is unknown.

Ruben (Spanish Origin) means 'Behold a son'.

Simba (African Origin) means 'lion', is an African male name for a pet axolotl.

Simco (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'one who harkens' is a simple name for cute pets.

Sparky (Latin Origin) meaning 'to scatter' is a common name for both humans and animals. It is a good name choice for a Mexican walking fish.

Tucker (Old English Origin) meaning 'tailor' is one of the rare name ideas for axolotl names.

Woody (Old English Origin) is a name given to someone who lives near wood.

Cute Axolotl Names For Females

The body of axolotl is so delicate, and they are an endangered species. So, it is better to avoid carrying or handling axolotls unless it is an emergency. Baby axolotls are called 'larvae.' Here are some cute axolotl names that you can choose for your pet.

Albi (Latin Origin) means 'my heart.'

Bonnie (Scottish Origin) means 'pretty or attractive.'

Cashew (Portuguese Origin) is the name of an edible nut and is one of the cutest names compared to others.

Cookie (Dutch Origin) is a sweet biscuit, and the name originates from this biscuit.

Crystal (Greek Origin) is a great name, meaning of crystal, for a valuable pet.

Dobby (Anglo-Saxon Origin) meaning 'glorious shining' is a good name choice.

Erna (English origin) means 'eagle'.

Ernie (German Origin) meaning 'serious or earnest' is a good option for a pet axolotl.

Florence (Latin Origin) meaning 'flower' is one of the good naming choices.

Juno (Latin Origin) means 'queen of the heavens.'

Jupiter (Latin Origin) means 'the supreme god'.

Kitty (English Origin) means 'pure' and is a great naming choice for a pet axolotl.

Lilo (Hawaiian Origin) meaning 'generous' is a neutral name for both sexes.

Matilda (German Origin) meaning 'mighty in battle' denotes strength.

Molly (Irish Origin) meaning 'star of the sea' is a good name option.

Sara (Latin Origin) meaning 'princess' can be a good name choice.

Sushi (Japanese Origin) is a great name choice for a pet axolotl.

Cute and adorable axolotl names are extremely popular with pet parents.

Unique Axolotl Pet Names

Are you a fantasy lover? Have you ever thought that your axolotl has been picked up from some fantasy novels? If so, why not try to name your pet based on any mythological tales? 

Axel Gummy describes your axolotl’s smile.

Coco Aphrodite is an ancient goddess of love and beauty.

Coco Bobble, if kept as your pet’s name, denotes its bobblehead.

Fin Dragon denotes your axolotl’s caudal fin that is present behind the vent head.

Gandalf is a character from the novel 'Lord Of The Rings', and he is a wizard.

Gills Adonis is a remarkable beauty, and is loved by the goddess Aphrodite.

Haku Grin describes the bent in the mouth of your axolotl, and it is a grin-shaped bent.  

Haku Poseidon is a unique pet name that is a god of the sea.

Hercules is a son of Jupiter, and he is famous for his strength.

Luna Medusa represents the umbrella-shaped body of your aquatic pet.

Molly Triton is considered a demigod of the sea and a son of Poseidon.

Siren is an evil creature that lives in the sea.  

Speedy Gimli is a fictional character featured in the novel 'The Lord Of The Rings.'

Stitch Swimmer best suits your pet, as it describes the swimming talent of your aquatic pet.

Sushi Blob is a fun, unique name that describes the viscous substance of your aquatic pet.

Zeus is a god of sky and thunder who rules Mount Olympus based on Norse mythology.

Funny Axolotl Names

The axolotl is very easy to care and feeding them is quite easy. It is an uncommon pet for pet lovers in many countries. But for amphibian lovers, axolotls are one of the best choices. So, do you want to keep your axolotl pet a funny name? Check the below list to know some of the funny axolotl names.

Ariel Axel is not a washing detergent, but it also means 'a little mermaid.'

Aristotle can be kept as your pet’s name, which relates to a great philosopher.  

Axie is a short form of Axolotls.

Bastante Dragon means 'pretty' in Spanish. Do you ever think that your pet is more pretty than others? Then, this is the best name that suits your pet.

Bubbles, when kept as your pet’s name, relate to water, and it will be a fun one too.

Harry Water is a name similar to Harry Potter.

Holy Sock best match your pet as they like to hide behind the rocks and pebbles.

James Pond is a cute and funny name for your pet, as they live within the pond, right?

Lilo Rainbow does not denote their color (as they are not colorful), but for their charming look.

Luna Piggy is one of the best funny names. But do you think the skin of your pet resembles a pigskin? If yes, this is the best name for your aquatic pet.

Mr. Flipper best suits your pet if your pet is super active and funny.

Mr. Little Foot, if kept as your pet’s name, best suits their tiny little foot.

Mutkip is one of the cute names and is a Pokémon character based on axolotls.

Smiley best suits your pet as they love water. A cute name for a fish.

Smiley denotes their perfect smile. Why not keep it?

Speedy Squishy perfectly fits their squishy body type. It is one of the unique names too.

Ziggy denotes their zig-zag moments and is one of the cute names you can choose.

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