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129 Beautiful London City Names From The Old Smoke

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London is the capital city of England and the biggest city in the United Kingdom since ancient times.

London place names feature some of London's best boroughs, which are home to historic houses, modern offices, and much more. The city is spread across a huge area and is the hub for business in the whole of England.

Read on for the names of some of the most famous business and residential districts in the City of London.

Famous London City Area Names

The city of London, England's cultural, transportation, and economic center, is widely popular for its specific locations, some of which are mentioned below.

Bloomsbury (French and German Origin), meaning 'related to writers and artists', is a popular and renowned abode for literary and intellectual work.

Brixton (Old English Origin) means 'the Stone of Brixi', and is fairly popular for its products, goods, and food.

Camden Town (Scottish Origin), meaning 'winding valley', is famous as a residential area with music venues, cuisine, and electric markets.

Chelsea (Old English Origin), meaning 'chalk wharf', is famous for its show garden and flower show.

Chinatown (Asian origin) is a town area in London that is popular for its authenticity in portraying Chinese and Asian culture.

Croydon (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'valley', is London's richest borough in terms of property prices.

Fitzrovia (English Origin), meaning 'informal', has historical significance as it is where many authors like George Orwell and Thomas Paine used to live.

Greenwich (Old English Origin) meaning 'green town', is one of the most famous boroughs for military and naval connections.

Hammersmith (Old English Origin) meaning, 'flat land', is popular for its employment and commercial involvement.

Holborn (Middle English Origin), meaning 'hollow', is typically famous for its attachments to the legal profession.

Holland Park (Dutch Origin) meaning, 'woodland' is the largest of the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington.

Hoxton (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'sealed enclosure', is known for its public gardens and as a refuge for theatres and entertainment.

Inns Of Court (English Origin), meaning, 'yard', is a group of four institutions known for law and legal education.

Islington (Old English Origin), meaning 'hill', gives off a rural essence and is famous for its vegetable produce.

London Borough of Brent (Old English Origin), meaning 'the holy one', is home to the country's largest stadium, Wembley Stadium.

Notting Hill (Middle English Origin), meaning, 'landscape', hosts Portobello Road Market and Notting Hill Carnival annually.

Peckham (Saxon Origin), meaning 'village of river Peck', has an immensely rich arts and crafts history.

Piccadilly (Spanish origin), meaning, 'a high wing collar', is regarded as the center of London, United Kingdom.

Regent's Park (Latin Origin), meaning, 'to rule', is one of the most royal parks situated in London, famous as 'Jewel'.

Shepherd's Bush (Old English Origin), meaning 'rearer of sheep', is considered to be the best place for music lovers.

Shoreditch (Old English Origin), meaning 'sewer's ditch', is a splendid area to visit at night, as it harbors some cool bars and nightclubs.

Smithfield (African Origin), meaning 'serene', is a widely known business district.

South Bank (Middle English Origin), meaning 'shore', stretches along the southern banks of the Thames and is under the hall of Queen Elizabeth.

South Kensington (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'settlement of the king', consists of several prestigious and famous museums.

Southwark (Old English Origin), meaning 'sudden defense', goes by the traditional name of 'the Borough'.

Spitalfields (Middle English Origin), meaning, 'form of hospital', is famous for its trade of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Strand (Old English Origin), meaning, 'sea-shore', is situated in the center of London and is famous for restaurants, taverns, and coffee shops.

Stratford (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'street', is famous for hosting the Olympics in 2012.

Trafalgar Square (Arabic Origin), meaning, 'west's end', is located in Westminster.

Waltham Forest (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning, 'wood settlement', is best known for its greenery in England.

Westminster (Old English Origin), meaning 'western side of an abbey', is an area in Central London.

London City Street Names

The Abbey Road, Oxford Street, and a number of other streets in London are famous for various reasons. Some of London City's street names are given below.

Abbey Road (Middle English Origin), meaning, 'convent', hosts The Beatles' songs, vocal harmonies, guitars, and creativity in lyrics.

Adelaide Road (German Origin), meaning 'nobility', is located near the Thames River.

Albemarle Street (French Origin), meaning, 'white marl', was made in the 1800s by Dean Alvord.

Bleeding Heart Yard (English Origin), meaning 'heart that bleeds', was named after an urban legend of the brutal murder of Lady Elizabeth Hatton.

Bond Street (Old English Origin), meaning 'chain', is known for its elegance.

Brick Lane (French Origin), meaning 'artificial stone', has a considerable south Asian population.

Carnaby Street (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'village', is an iconic fashion area with fashion resembling the 1960s.

Chancery Lane (French Origin), meaning 'crossing out with lines', is home to two famous legal societies in London.

Cheapside (Old English Origin), meaning 'market place', is an important street in London.

Covent Garden (Old English Origin) meaning, 'a local community', is a popular marketplace and a tourist area.

Downing Street (Old English Origin), meaning, 'to quickly eat or drink', is an important area as it is the residence of the Prime Minister of the UK.

Fleet Street (Old English Origin), meaning 'floating vessel', was known for its printing and publishing work in the 16th century.

Holborn (English Origin), meaning, 'hollow', is a decent street with many museums.

King's Road (Old English Origin), meaning, 'leader', is a street known for its voguish shops, which are known as one of the best in London.

Knightrider Street (English Origin), meaning 'a knight that is riding', is known for having two of the most important colleges in London.

London Bridge (Latin Origin), meaning 'capital of England', is one of the oldest streets in London.

Oxford Street (Old English Origin), meaning, 'oxen's ford', is a very busy street and a famous location for different kinds of shops.

Piccadilly (English Origin), meaning, 'a high wing collar', is famous for its astonishing shops and entertainment districts.

Portobello Road (Italian Origin), meaning, 'meadow', is a famous place known for the shoot of the famous rom-com 'Notting Hills'.

Prince Albert Road (Germanic Origin), meaning, 'noble', was the residence of the famous 'Outa Lappies'.

Pudding Lane (Latin Origin), meaning, 'sausage', is famous for its bakery.

Regent Street (Latin Origin), meaning, 'to rule', is an eminent destination.

Savile Row (French Origin), meaning, 'willow', is famous for its fine classical men's tailoring and has a long history.

Shaftesbury Avenue (Old English Origin), meaning 'name of a town', is known for its theatres and is like the heart of the theatre district in London.

GTA London City Names

The games of Grand Theft Auto World are known to all and played internationally. Some of the city names in the GTA London (east and north) have been pointed out below.

Angel (Greek Origin), meaning, 'messenger', is a part of the Islington area in the city.

Battersea (Old English Origin), meaning, 'gravel island', is located along the southern banks of the Thames.

Bermondsey (Old English Origin), meaning, 'marshy dry ground', is an area popular for its shopping.

Bow (Old English Origin), meaning, 'to bend', consists of the North London Railway's headquarters.

Brixton (Old English Origin), meaning, 'the stone of Brixi', is fairly popular for its products.

Camberwell (Old English Origin), meaning, 'well of the Britons', is an area that abode to several springs believed to have healing properties.

Camden Town (Scottish Origin), meaning, 'winding valley' is famous as a residential area.

Chelsea (Old English Origin), meaning, 'dock of chalk', is a famous neighbourhood.

Hyde Park (Anglo-Saxon Origin), is one of the royal parks of London.

Mile End (Roman Origin), meaning, 'a thousand steps', is popular for the most unusual bridge, 'The Green Bridge'.

Soho (Old English Origin), is known for its liveliness, lesbian and gay bars, and is the center of music and fashion in the world.

Southwark (Old English Origin), meaning, 'sudden defence', is a famous area.

Square Mile (French Origin), has been located along the northern banks of the River Thames.

Westminster (Old English Origin), is an area in Central London.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London

London City Building Names

Here is a list of the famous London City building names.

Big Ben (Middle English Origin), meaning, 'strong', is a classical and old-looking tower clock.

BT Tower (Old English Origin), meaning, 'high structure', is used for British Telecom broadcasts and telecommunications.

Buckingham Palace (Old English Origin), meaning, 'water meadow', is open to public visits every summer.

Euston Tower (Irish Origin), meaning, 'heart', is a neighbourhood famous for being the center of capital radio.

Heron Tower (Germanic Origin), meaning, 'long-legged bird', is a skyscraper situated in Bishopsgate.

Houses Of Parliament (Anglo-Norman Origin), meaning, 'discussion', stand along the northern banks of the river Thames.

Leadenhall Market (Roman Origin), hosts several restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, boutique retailers, and poultry and meat markets.

Lloyd's Building (Welsh Origin), meaning, 'grey', whose architect was the famous Richard Rogers.

Millbank Tower (Old English Origin), meaning, 'high structure',  is the heart of Burberry headquarters.

Principal Tower (Latin Origin), meaning, 'prime importance', is a residential tower.

Royal Albert Hall (Germanic Origin), meaning, 'noble', is the center of independent concerts and music venues.

South Quay Plaza (French Origin), meaning, 'sandbank', is located in Tower Hamlets Borough.

St George Wharf Tower (Old English Origin), meaning, 'high structure', is the tallest residential skyscraper in Britain.

St. Paul's Cathedral (Latin Origin), meaning, 'seat', has once been the tallest building in London.

Tate Modern (Old Norse Origin), meaning, 'art seeker', is home to various independent houses.

The Gherkin (Medieval Greek Origin), meaning, 'small pickled cucumber', is also called the 30 St Mary Axe.

The Heron (Old English Origin), meaning, 'long-legged bird', also known as 'Milton Court', is a 36-storeyed skyscraper in London's center.

The Shard (Germanic Origin), meaning, 'to cut', also known as the London Bridge Tower, is a tall building made up of glass.

Tower 42  (Old English Origin), meaning, 'high structure', is a skyscraper, also called the Natwest Tower.

Tower Of London (Old English Origin), meaning, 'high structure', is an age-old fortress and castle.

Names Of London City Districts You Might Not Know

A list of London City district names has been mentioned below, which you might not know.

Bromley (Old English Origin), meaning, 'broom', is the heart of entertainment in Old Kent Market Town.

Croydon (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning, 'valley', is an area famous for its parks and new apartment buildings.

Ealing (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning, 'borough', is an area famous for its film studios.

Harrow (Middle English Origin), meaning, 'one who harrows the land', is a neighbourhood located in the outer borough in the northwestern part of London.

Hounslow (Anglo-Saxon Origin), is an area known for its treasure for talent.

Kingston (Old English Origin), meaning, 'king's town', is a district known for its natural harbor and historic limestone buildings.

Knightsbridge (Old English Origin), is an area known for having top-tier restaurants which serve numerous different tastes of food.

Romford (Old English Origin), meaning, 'the spacious ford', is situated in Essex's county as a market town.

Sutton (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning, 'southern farm', is an area popular for its village-like small districts.

West End (Indo-European Origin), meaning, 'evening', a is neighborhood widely famous for its shopping areas in West London.

Wood Green (Saxon Origin), meaning, 'open ground near woods', is a very famous district.

Baby Names Inspired By London City

Name your baby after any street, area, or part of London and preserve the essence of the lovely city in your baby's name.

Abergele (Roman Origin), meaning, 'mouth of the river', shows the speed and constant flow of your baby's life.

Amberley (American Origin), meaning, 'jewel', is a great name for your baby.

Ashton (English Origin), meaning, 'ash tree', is a wonderful British name.

Audley (English Origin), meaning, 'old friend', is the perfect name for your baby showing compassion and concern.

Chester (English Origin), meaning, 'military camp', shows the patience and discipline of your baby.

Devon (Celtic Origin), meaning, 'defender', is a strong name for your child.

Easton (English Origin), meaning, 'east settlement', is an interesting name for your child.

Eton (English Origin), meaning, 'island settlement', shows the coolness and the soothing behavior of your child.

Hailey (English Origin), meaning, 'meadows', shows the beauty of the vast expanse of land.

Harlow (Old English Origin), meaning, 'rock', is quite a unique name for your baby, symbolizing strength and durability.

Kensington (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning, 'king's settlement', is the perfect name for your baby whose presence is like royalty.

Kingston (Old English Origin), meaning, 'king's town', is an ideal name showing dignity.

Lincoln (Old English Origin), meaning, 'lake colony', is a good name as it shows the independent behavior of your baby.

Marlow (English Origin), meaning, 'pool', is a good name for your baby as it shows charm.

Preston (English Origin), meaning, 'priest settlement', is a lovely name for your baby, which is like a divine light in your life.

Windsor (English Origin), meaning, 'bank of a river', is a good name for your child.

York (Roman Origin), meaning, 'town of wild boar', is a great name for your baby.

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