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90+ Beautiful Pacific Islander Names With Meanings

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Looking for a name that dances off the tongue like a sweet melody? Welcome to the wonderful world of Pacific Islander names! With roots in many Polynesian cultures, these names not only have a sweet sound but also rich, meaningful backstories. Each name is like a tiny treasure chest of its own culture and tradition; it's like giving your child a piece of art they can carry with them forever!

Pacific Islander names are an important part of the cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands, which include countries such as Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and Hawaii, among others. These Pacific Islander baby names often have deep meanings and are steeped in cultural and spiritual significance. In addition to their cultural significance, Pacific Islander names are often beautiful and melodic, with unique sounds and rhythms that reflect the natural beauty and diversity of the islands. Many pacific islander baby names are also closely tied to the natural world, with references to plants, animals, and other elements of the environment.

So, if you're looking for a name that's as extraordinary as your future adventurer, read on. These names are not only lovely to hear but also come packed with meaning that can inspire your beloved child all throughout their life. Get ready to discover a name that's a perfect fit for your family's newest chapter!

Popular Pacific Islander Names For Girls

Looking for a standout name for your daughter? Explore this curated list of Polynesian girl names. Each cute name, rooted in the vibrant cultures of the Pacific, offers both charm and significance. From the lyrical sounds to the profound meanings behind them, these names seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary appeal. So, keep the uniqueness going with these rare Pacific Islander girl names with unique meanings.

1. Ala (Samoa origin): means 'excellence'.

2. Alana (Hawaii origin): means 'harmony'.

3. Aluna (Hawaii origin): means 'descent'.

4. Anahera (Maori origin): means 'angel'.

5. Aonani (Hawaii origin): means 'beautiful light'.

6. Aroha (Maori origin): means 'love' and 'compassion'.

7. Elikapeka (Hawaii origin): means 'God is my oath'. This is a Hawaiian version of the lovely name 'Elizabeth'.

8. Farahinano (Tahiti origin): means 'the flower of Pandanus'.

9. Hauata (Tahiti origin): means ‘cloud of peace.’

10. Hauora (Maori origin): means 'healthy'. Name your baby girl Hauora to wish her good health.

11. Heiani (Tahiti origin): means 'crown of the sky'. This is one of the most common Tahitian girl names in the Pacific.

12. Hine (Maori origin): means 'girl or daughter'.

13. Kaia (Hawaii origin): means 'the sea'. It's the Hawaiian form of the name 'Sarah'.

14. Kalama (Hawaii origin): means 'flaming torch'.

15. Keiki (Hawaii origin): means 'child'.

16. Kiri (Maori origin): means 'tree bark'.

17. Kupa’alani (Hawaii origin): means 'steadfast heaven or loyal heaven'. The name is a combination of the words 'Kupa' and 'Alani'.

18. Kamalani (Hawaii origin): means either 'heavenly child or royal child'. This name is popular on the Hawaiian islands.

19. La (Maori origin): means 'Sun'.

20. La’akea (Hawaii origin): means 'sacred light'. It comes from two Hawaiian words; 'la’a' which means 'sacred and devoted', and 'kea' which means 'light'. Therefore, the literal translation of the name means 'sacred light'.

21. Lanuola (Samoa origin): means 'colorful life'. The name comprises two Samoan words, 'Lanu' meaning 'color' and ola meaning 'life'.

22. Leilani (Hawaii origin): means 'heavenly flower'.

23. Leinani (Hawaii origin): means 'beautiful Garland'.

24. Mana (Hawaii origin): means 'spiritual powers'.

25. Manaia (Samoa origin): means 'nice or beautiful'.

26. Malosi (Samoa origin): means 'healer.'

27. Makani (Hawaii origin): means 'the wind'.

28. Meilani (Hawaii origin): means 'heavenly flower'.

29. Mele (Hawaii origin): means 'song'.

30. Moana (Hawaii origin): means 'ocean'. It gained international fame through the Disney movie with the name as its title. It's also a Polynesian name common in various island cultures.

31. Nani (Hawaii origin): means 'beautiful' in Hawaiian. It’s a word so pretty, that it’s practically a Hawaiian word of art!

32. Ngaio (Maori origin): means 'evergreen tree'. The Maori name 'Ngaio' is from a species of tree.

33. Orihei (Tahiti origin): means 'crown of dances'.

34. Pania (Maori origin): means 'crown or beautiful maiden'.

35. Poehei (Tahiti origin): means 'pearl crown'.

36. Poehere (Tahiti origin): means 'pearl of love'.

37. Raina (Tahiti origin): means 'calm sky'.

38. Rauana (Tahiti origin): means 'several stars'.

39. Rongomaiwhenua (Samoa origin): means ‘earth mother'.

40. Teuila (Samoa origin): means 'flower of the ginger plant'. It's a lovely Samoan name fit for a queen.

41. Tevahine (Tahitian origin): means 'the woman'. This is a Tahitian word has

42. Tia (Tahitian origin): means 'goddess.' In some Tahitian name traditions, it’s believed that this Tahitian name is derived from a Polynesian god.

43. Tiarehere (Tahiti origin): means 'flower of love'.

44. Vahine (Tahiti origin): means ‘woman or girl.’

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Popular Pacific Islander Baby Names For Boys

Check out this list of popular Samoan baby names and cool Pacific Islander name choices. Rich in tradition and meaning, these names offer a unique blend of cultural depth and contemporary appeal. Whether you're honoring your heritage or just love the sound and significance, these names will help your child stand out while staying connected to a rich cultural tapestry. Explore these names to find the perfect fit for your new arrival.

45. Akamu (Hawaii origin): means 'formed by God'. This is a derivative of the English name 'Adam'.

46. Akeakamai (Samoa origin): means 'seeker/lover of wisdom'.

47. Alika (Hawaii origin): means 'protector'.

48. Anaru (Maori origin): means 'strong and manly'. This is the first Maori name form of the name 'Andrew'.

49. Aputi (Samoa origin): means 'snow on the ground'.

50. Ariki (Maori origin): means 'chief or leader', a name fit for a future king!

51. Aukai (Hawaii origin): means 'seafarer'.

52. Awhina (Maori origin): means 'help and supporter'.

53. Fetu (Samoa origin): means 'God of the night'. This is the short form of 'Fetuilelagi'.

54. Hamuera (Maori origin): means 'name of God'. This is the Polynesian form of 'Samuel'.

55. Hawea (Maori origin): means 'peacemaker'.

56. Ioane (Samoa origin): means 'God has favored me'. This is the Samoan form of the name 'John'.

57. Iokua (Hawaii origin): means 'to deliver'. This derives from the English name Joshua.

58. Kaiko (Hawaii origin): means 'sea with strong current'.

59. Kaipo (Hawaii origin): means 'darling or sweetheart'.

60. Kale (Hawaii origin): means 'strong and manly'.

61. Kapono (Hawaii origin): means 'righteous'.

62. Keanu (Hawaii origin): means 'cool breeze over the mountains.'

61. Keola (Samoa origin): means 'life' or 'health'. A fitting name for a boy who is always full of life.

62. Kimo (Hawaii origin): means 'supplanter'.

63. Ku (Hawaii origin): means 'to stand' or 'upright'. The name stems from the god of war (whose full name was Kū-ka-ili-moku) in Polynesian mythology.

64. Laki (Samoa origin): means 'lucky'. Name your boy Laki to wish him great luck in life.

65. Laniakea (Hawaii origin): means 'immeasurable heaven'.

66. Loto (Samoa origin): means 'heart'.

67. Maleko (Hawaii origin): means 'war-like'.

68. Mana (Samoa origin): means 'spiritual power' or 'authority'.

69. Maui (Hawaii origin): means 'legendary hero'. It's the name of the Hawaiian demigod, Māui.

70. Matai (Samoa origin): means 'chief'.

71. Paikea (Maori origin): means 'one who does great things'. Originating from Maori folklore, Paikea is the whale rider who was a revered ancestor.

72. Pio (Maori origin): means 'pious', it's one of the best baby names.

73. Rangi (Samoa origin): means 'heaven' or 'the sky'.

74. Tama (Tahitian and Tongan origin): means 'boy or son'. It's a name common in Tahitian and Tongan kings' lineages.

75. Tane (Maori Origin): means 'man.' In Maori mythology, Tane is also the god of forests and birds.

76. Vai (Samoan Origin): means 'water,' a nod to the life-giving Pacific Ocean.

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Popular Unisex Polynesian Baby Names

Looking for a baby name just as special and versatile as your future bundle of joy? Take a look at these unisex Pacific Islander names! These unique gems are more than just labels; they're packed with cultural richness, lovely meaning, and stories from far-off islands. Picture a name that's a perfect fit, whether you're welcoming a little boy or a little girl into the world. Get ready to explore this concise guide filled with names that radiate both individuality and inclusivity.

77. Aroha (Maori Origin): means 'love'.

78. Aloha (Hawaii origin): means 'love or compassion'.

79. Aulani (Hawaii origin): means 'king’s messenger'.

80. Aulii (Hawaii origin) means 'delicious and dainty'.

81. Ipo (Hawaii origin): means 'lover or sweetheart'.

82. Iwalani (Hawaii origin): means 'heavenly seagull'. Inspired by the abundance of seagulls near the coastal regions, this name is a great choice for dependable kids.

83. Kai (Hawaii origin): means 'the sea'.

84. Kapena (Hawaii origin): means 'captain', a perfect choice for those who want to be captain of a ship or a corporation.

85. Kealii (Hawaii origin): means 'chief'.

86. Lea (Samoa origin): means 'joy'. It is a short and sweet name for any gender.

87. Loe (Hawaii origin): means 'king'.

88. Mahina (Hawaii origin): means 'moon'.

89. Makenna (Hawaii origin): means 'abundance'.

90. Moke (Hawaii origin): means 'the person who is sweeter than honey'.

91. Noelani (Hawaii origin): means 'heavenly mist'.

92. Oke (Hawaii origin): means 'deer lover'.

93. Palila (Hawaii origin): means 'bird'.

94. Tausa’afia (Samoan origin): means 'pleasant and lovable personality'.

95. Kai (Hawaii origin): means 'sea'.

96. Tama (Samoa origin): means 'child' or 'young one'.

97. Lani (Samoa origin): means 'heaven'. It’s an ethereal choice for babies born under island skies.

98. Manaia (Maori Origin): means 'mythical bird'. It's a gender-neutral Maori name.

Navigating the vast ocean of Pacific Islander names has been quite the voyage, hasn't it? One of the standout pros of these names is their rich heritage and melodic flow; however, a potential challenge is ensuring an accurate meaning and pronunciation, especially in places unfamiliar with such traditional Samoan names. Remember, while some may resonate due to a famous bearer, it's essential to choose a name that truly aligns with your family's values and heritage. Perhaps consider using it as a middle name if you're still on the fence. As each baby born is a new chapter in your family's story, ensure their name echoes that story's beauty and depth.

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