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80+ Beaver Names From Fiction, Plus Cute And Funny Ideas For Names

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Beavers are large, semiaquatic rodents of the mild Northern Hemisphere.

There are two surviving species in the variety: the Eurasian beaver (C. fiber) and Castor, the North American beaver (Castor canadensis). Beavers are the second biggest living rodents after the capybaras.

They have strong bodies with huge heads, long chisel like incisors, earthy colored or dark hide, hand-like front feet, webbed back feet, and level, flaky tails. The North American beaver has a bigger skull with a more extensive tail. The creatures can be found in various freshwater living spaces, for example, waterways, streams, lakes, and lakes. They are herbivorous and devour tree covering, amphibian plants, brush, grasses, and sedges.

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Famous Beavers Names

Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) eating while standing on a log.

Oregonian is another name for beavers. There are no unique names for the male or female, yet the babies are called kits. The word 'beaver' refers to a diligent worker, as well as some other likened similarities to the creature. If you are looking for some famous fictional beaver's names, this is a perfect place for you.

1. Abigail, is a famous rodent from the animated film 'Once Upon a Forest'.

2. Angelmouse, is a popular rodent from the animated television series 'Angelmouse'.  

3. Bernard, is a famous rodent from the animated film series 'The Rescuers'.

4. Bianca, is an adventurous rodent from the film series 'The Rescuers'.

5. Bingo "Bet It All" Beaver, this famous beaver is from the animated series 'The Get Along Gang'.

6. Blabber Mouse, is a fictional popular rodent from the cartoon 'Snooper and Blabber'.

7. Buddy and Twig, the two young male kits are from the animation series 'Wild Kratts'.

8. Daggett, is a famous beaver from the animated series 'The Angry Beavers'.

9. Daniel Mouse, is a popular rodent character from a short animated film 'The Devil and Daniel'.  

10. Doris, is a female famous beaver who appeared in the animated series 'Timothy Goes to School'.

11. Handy, is a popular orange beaver from the animated series 'Happy Tree Friends'.

12. Henry, is a cheerful beaver from the animated series 'Timothy Goes to School'.

13. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, are husband and wife beavers are from the adventure film 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe'.

14. Mr. Busy, is a famous brown beaver from the animated film 'Lady and the Tramp'.

15. Munchy Beaver, is a shy beaver appeared in animated series 'PB&J Otter'.

16. Norbert, is the brother of beaver Daggett in the film 'The Angry Beavers'.

17. Pudgy Beaver Mom, is a mother beaver appeared in the animated film series 'Ice Age 3'.

18. Remy, is a very popular mice character from the animated film 'Ratatouille'.

19. Reilly, is a famous beaver from animated film series 'Open Season'.

20. Timber, is a popular beaver from animated series 'Wild Kratts'.

Funny Beavers Names

American Beaver Baby Swimming Exercise.

Beavers play a significant part in setting up and looking after wetlands. Beavers aren't savage-looking creatures like the tiger, which could strike you at any second. Beavers eat the bark, buds, stems, and twigs of trees If you are searching for funny beaver's names, this is the perfect list for you. We have lists of funny beaver's names just for you.

21. Andrin (Roman origin) means "ruler of the home".

22. Andrina

23. Andromache

24. Andromeda

25. Andronicus

26. Androw

27. Andwele (African origin) means "god brought me". Can be one of the other names for beavers.

28. Andy (English origin) means "manly". A perfect beaver nicknames for funny beaver.

29. Aneko (Japanese origin) means "older sister".

30. Anemone

31. Anemoon

32. Banner (American origin) means "flag". Is one of the perfect beaver kits name.

33. Bannister

34. Bansi (Indian origin) means "flute".

35. Banteng

36. Banu

37. Banyan (English origin) means "merchant".

38. Banzai

39. Bao (Vietnamese origin) means "treasure".

40. Baptiste (French origin) means "baptized".

Cute Beavers Names

Are you looking for some cute beaver's names? You are in the perfect place. We have compiled a list of cute beaver names for you.

41. Baqer (Arabic origin) means "man of knowledge".

42. Baqia

44. Baqir (Arabic origin) means "to rip open".

45. Taisiya

46. Tait

47. Taboo

48. Taj (Arabic origin) means "crown".

49. Taja

50. Takahiro

51. Takako

52. Takala

53. Takara (Japanese origin) means "treasure".

54. Takashi

55. Takashia (Japanese origin) means "noble, dignified, honor".

56. Takato

57. Takayoshi

58. Takehiko

59. Takeshi (Japanese origin) means "military, warrior". Angry beaver names for active beavers.

60. Takiko

Names For Baby Beavers

Below is the list is given for some names for baby beavers.

61. Takoda (Native American origin) means "friend to everyone".

63. Takuma

64. Takumi (Japanese origin) means "artisan, skilled". Perfect names for beaver babies.

65. Takuya

66. Tal

67. Vahide (Turkish origin) means "unique, like no other".

68. Zabel (Spanish origin) means "God is my oath". A cute name for a witty beaver living in the woody area.

69. Zabrina

70. Zac

71. Zaccai (Hebrew origin) means "just, fair".

72. Zacchaeus

73. Zaccheus (Hebrew origin) means "clear, bright".

74. Zaccur (Hebrew origin) means "mindful". A unique beaver name for beaver living in the woody jungle.

75. Zach

76. Zarriah (American origin) meaning not known.

77. Zasha

78. Zavad (Hebrew origin) means "gift".

79. Zavala

80. Zavier

81. Zenas (Greek origin) means "gift of Zeus".

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