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100 Best Car Names for Boys

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Most of us are fascinated by the vroom and the shine of an expensive car.

A motor company or a car name can make for a great baby name too. These car-inspired names are awesome names with an extra bit of dash!

If you are looking for car baby names, look no further. Each of the names here is inspired by a car brand or a motor car company. These car-related names have deeper and more significant meanings that will give a cutting edge personality to your baby boy. Read on to find the perfect car names for a boy.

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Baby Names Inspired By Cars

There are many top car company names that can make for great baby names.

Here is a list of boy car names that you can choose from for your baby boy.

1. Anderson (Scandinavian origin) meaning "son of Andrew". The Anderson was a unique automobile from the United States and is considered one of the most successful ones from there.

2. Aspen (American origin) meaning "quaking tree". The Dodge Aspen was a comfortable compact car produced in the 1970s and 1980s.

3. Aston (English origin) meaning "noble stone". Aston from Aston Martin is one of the most iconic luxury sports car manufacturers from Britain.

4. Atlas (Greek origin) meaning "support". The Graco Atlas 65 was a great car seat to hold up the passengers.

5. Atom (Greek origin) meaning "uncuttable". The Ariel Atom is a classy sports car by a producer in England.

6. Audi (Latin origin) meaning "listen". It is a classic luxury motor car company and as a car brand, both.

7. Baron (English origin) meaning "noble man". Baron Cars was popular for high quality and amazing services.

8. Bentley (English origin) meaning "bent grass". Bentley is a subsidiary of the popular Volkswagen Group, with its headquarters in England.

9. Cadillac (French origin) meaning "little fighter". Cadillac Motor Car Division is known to be a part of General Motors.

10. Cam meaning (Japanese origin) meaning "crown". Cam is short for Camry, a car by the car brand Toyota.

11. Cavalier (French origin) meaning "knight". The Cavalier is a large family car sold in England by the motor car company Vauxhall.

12. Cherokee (Native American Indian origin) meaning "people of a different speech". Cherokee is a line of jeeps.

13. Chevy (French origin) meaning "knight". Chevy is short for the motor company Chevrolet which is a division of the General Motors Company.

14. Clio (Greek origin) meaning "glory". Clio is a car produced by the Renault Group. It is a supermini car.

15. Coco (English origin) is a common nickname. The Kandi Coco was a small electric car from the United States. It can be one of the cute nicknames for a boy car and remains a top choice too.

16. Cole (English origin) meaning "charcoal". The Cole Motor Car Company was an early automobile maker based in Indiana.

17. Cooper (English origin) meaning "container". The Cooper Car Company is a British car manufacturer, with its most popular car being the Mini Cooper.

18. Corbin (French origin) meaning "raven". The Corbin was an American automobile manufactured in Connecticut.

19. Cruz (Spanish origin) meaning "cross". Cruz is manufactured by motor company Chevrolet.

20. Dale (Old English origin) meaning "valley". The Dale Car was an automobile company.

21. Dino (English origin) meaning "dinosaur". Dino was a marque best known for being produced by motor company Ferrari.

22. Discovery (English origin) meaning "discovery". It is a popular and smart-looking SUV.

23. Dodge (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "fame spear". It is the name of an automobile manufacturer based out of America.

24. Dorris (Greek origin) meaning "gift". The Dorris Motor Car Company is a well-known motor company.

25. Echo (Greek origin) meaning "echo". Echo is a classic car designed and produced by the Japanese motor car company, Toyota.

26.  Ford (Old English origin) meaning "pass". Ford is the name of a popular Motor Company.

27. Franklin (English origin) meaning "free man". Franklin was an automobile company from America.

28. Gaylord (Norman French origin) meaning "joyful". The Gaylord was a famous automobile which had been manufactured in Gaylord, Michigan.

29. Holden (English origin) meaning "in the valley". Holden was formerly known as General Motors-Holden.

30. Hunter (English origin) meaning "one who hunts". The Hunter Cavalry is the first vehicle unlocked and given to the player in Burnout Paradise.

31. Jenson (Scandinavian origin) meaning "son of Jen". The Jensen Interceptor was a famous grand touring car.

32. Jetta (Danish origin) meaning "stone from Gagai". The Volkswagen Jetta is a common and convenient car which is widely used and produced by Volkswagen.

33. Jimny (English origin) meaning "supplanter". The Suzuki Jimny is a line of mini SUVs by Suzuki.

34. Kona (Celtic origin) meaning "more than one root". The Kona was an electric car by Hyundai.

35. Lancer (Polish origin) meaning "lance". Lancer was a car produced by Japanese producer Mitsubishi.

36. Lexus - a portmanteau of "luxury" and "elegance". Lexus is a very popular luxury vehicle division of Toyota from Japan.  

37. Lincoln (Old English origin) meaning "lake colony". Lincoln is a luxury car brand from America.

38. Logan (Scottish origin) meaning "hollow". Logan was the name of a comfortable compact car by Renault.

39. Martin (Latin origin) after the God of fertility. Martin is often associated with Aston Martin which is a British sports car producer. Martin is a great baby boy name choice.

40. Maverick (English origin) meaning "calf or yearling found without an owner's brand". The Ford Maverick is a comfortable and convenient car.  

41. Monte (English origin) meaning "from the wealthy man's mountain". Monte Carlo is the name of a Chevrolet car.

42. Morgan (English origin) meaning "dweller of the sea". Morgan Roadster was one of the most powerful models of the producer Morgan.

43. Nash (English origin) meaning "by the ash tree". The Nash Metropolitan is an American car known for its comfort and convenience.

44. Nissan (Japanese origin) meaning "miracle". One of the most well known Japanese motor car company.

45. Noble (Latin origin) meaning "aristocratic". It is a popular British sports car company.

46. Owen (Irish origin) meaning "noble-born". The Owen Sedanca was a British classic car.

47. Packard (English origin) meaning "pack". Packard was an American luxury car.

48. Pierce (English origin) meaning "rock". The Pierce-Arrow 66 was an American car. Pierce is a great baby name.

49. Ranger (English origin) meaning "forest protector". Ranger was an automobile brand of General Motors".

50. Renault  (Latin origin) meaning "ruler's advice". Renault is the most iconic car company. A unique name for your baby.

51. Riker (Danish origin) meaning "becoming rich". The Riker was an electric car from the late 1800s.

52. Romeo (Latin origin) meaning "a pilgrim to Rome". The Alfa Romeo is a comfortable compact car from Italy.

53. Rover (Dutch origin) meaning "pirate". Austin Rover is a subsidiary of British Leyland.

54. Spark (Old Norse origin) meaning "vivacious". The Chevrolet Spark is a hatchback 5 seater car.

55. Veyron (Indian origin) meaning "great man". The Bugatti Veyron is a famous sports car.

56. Willy (English origin) meaning "with gilded helmet". Willys was a brand name for an American automobile company.

57. Wilson (English origin) meaning "desire". Wilson Automobile Manufacturing Company was a famous manufacturer of vehicles.

Baby Names Inspired By People

There are many people who revolutionized the automobile industry.

Here are some names that have been inspired by car-related people - be it motor car company founders or motor car racers.

58. Anthony (English origin) meaning "praiseworthy" from Anthony Prost, a racer known for driving a variety of cars.

59. Ayrton (English origin) meaning "farmstead on the river Aire". Ayrton drove for McLaren between 1988 and 1993 winning the F1 World Championships in 1988, 1990, and 1991.

60. Enzo (German origin) meaning "giant". Enzo Ferrari was the name of the founder of one of the most famous companies, Ferrari.  

61. Jeffery (English origin) meaning "peace of a stranger".  Thomas Buckland Jeffery was the creator of a few early models of automobiles.

62. Jeremy (English origin) meaning "exalted by God". Jeremy Clarkson is the show host of 'Top Gear'.

63. Mark (Latin origin) meaning "of Mars the god of war, warlike". Mark Smith is an American professional racing driver.

64. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning "the one like God". Michael Schumacher is a German retired racing driver.

65. Rory (Gaelic origin) meaning "red". Rory Byrne is a well-known South African car engineer and designer for F1 cars.

Baby Names For Male Cars

There are certain names with a speed or dash present within the name. Such names for boys are also appropriate as male names for cars. Check these out below.

66. Thunderbolt (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "arrow".

67. Wraith (Gaelic origin) meaning "spirit".

68. Fighter (English origin) meaning "fighter".

69. Garth (Welsh origin) meaning "gentleness".

70. Exile (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Deoradhán".

71. Draco (Italian origin) meaning "dragon".

72. Boomer (American origin) meaning "loud".

73. Poison (English origin) meaning "drink, potion, poisonous draught".

74. Thor (Scandinavian origin) meaning "thunder".

75. Thunder (English origin) meaning "stormy tempered".

Car Baby Names Inspired By Popular Culture

Here are some car names from movies from popular culture. These motor car names are perfect for a baby boy.

76. Anglia (English origin) meaning "angel" from 'Harry Potter'. The Flying Ford Anglia was a light blue Ford Anglia driven by Ron Weasley's family.

77. Kitt from Knight Rider. KITT is a fictional character from the adventure 'Knight Rider'. It is a cute car name.

78. Herbie (German origin) meaning "illustrious warrior" Herbie, the Love Bug is a fiction Beetle from Volkswagen. Herbie is one of the most popular car names.

79. Stanley (English origin) meaning "The Stony Field". Stanley is a unique car that was created by people at Stanford University.

80. Luigi (French origin) meaning "the renowned fighter" from 'Cars 2'. Luigi is a fictional yellow-colored car from the animated comedy movie Cars.

81. Guido (Italian origin) meaning "guide" from 'Cars 2'. Guido is a fun blue colored car from the Cars series.

82. Flo (Latin origin) meaning "flourishing". from 'Cars 2'. Flo is a recurring fictional character in the Cars series.

83. Mack (Gaelic origin) meaning "son". Mack is the name of a truck in the 'Cars series'.

84. Sarge (Old French origin) meaning "officer" from 'Cars 3'. Sarge is a strong army jeep that fought in World War 2.

85. Sheriff (English origin) meaning "officer". from 'Cars 3'. Sheriff is a police car in the Cars series.

86. Finn (Irish origin) meaning "white" from 'Cars 2'. Finn is a blue colored sedan car from the Cars series.

87. Francesco (Latin origin) meaning "Frenchman" from 'Cars 2'. Francesco Bernoulli is an important character in Cars 2.

88. Smokey (Native American origin) meaning "the soul of the fire". Smokey is a major character in 'Cars 2'.

89. Jackson (English origin) meaning "son of Jack". Jackson storm is a popular character from the 'Cars series'.

90. Fred (English origin) meaning "peaceful rider". Fred is a generous red-colored car from the 'Cars series'.

91. Boost (English origin) meaning "bragging". Boost is a recurring character with three boost tanks above his trunk.

92. Frank (Latin origin) meaning "free one". Frank is an antagonist in the 'Cars series'.

93. Bob (German origin) meaning "fame". Bob is a Japanese light blue taxi. Bob is one of the most popular car names.

94. Darrell (English origin) is a common surname. Darrell is a Chevrolet Monte Carlo from the 'Cars series'.

95. Max (Scottish origin) meaning "Magnus' spring". Max is a character from 'Cars 2'. It is both a cute and strong car name.

96. Miguel (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God". Miguel is a racing car from Spain.

97. Brent (English origin) is a common nickname. Brent Mustangburger is a fictional character from the 2013 film 'Planes'. It is one of the cute nicknames for a boy car.

98. David (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved".

99. Ramone (German origin) meaning "counsel". Ramone is a fictional purple-colored car from 'Cars 2'.

100. Tex (American origin) meaning "derived from Texas". Tex is a character from the 'Cars' series.

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