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Cats are adorable animals and they deserve the very best of names.

Chinese cat names are hugely famous and popular all across the globe. Chinese traditions are often depicted while naming cats.

Cats are one of the oldest animals to have been domesticated by humans. China has always treated cats with respect as well as with a spiritual essence. Ancient Chinese tradition Feng Shui is still popularly believed by a large part of people. The most famous being the Feng Shui cat 'Maniki Neko' who is often seen raising and putting down the paw. Féng Shui signs are said to bring good luck and prosperity in one's life. So naming your catty with a Chinese name can also bring good luck in your life. People often name their animals based on actors and superstars, we have made a list of some of the best Chinese cat names for you. Happy name hunting!

If you want to get more cat names for your feline friend, you can include Korean Cat Names and Japanese Cat Names.

Best Ever Chinese Cat Names

Chinese names for cats are generally very sweet. First, have a look at the best Chinese cat names and meanings of the lot.

1. BaiZe meaning "a fictitious creature who holds the list of all demons". Bai Ze is a Chinese mythical Beast.

2. Guang meaning "light".

3. Mao meaning "cat". Mao Xiaotong is a Chinese actress. It can be one of the sweet cat names.

4. Ming meaning "shining, bright, clear". Ming-Na Wen is a famous actress.

5. Mulan meaning "a magnolia blossom". Mulan is the name of the Chinese Disney Princess from the movie ‘Mulan’.

6. Nuo meaning "graceful". One of the cat names that your sophisticated cats would love!

7. Toshiko meaning "clever child".

8. Xiāo meaning "a mountain demon". Xiāo Zhan is a famous Chinese actor and singer.

9. Xiong meaning "ambitious". Xiong Ziqi is a Chinese actor and singer.

10. Zhen meaning "precious".

Personality Trait Chinese Cat Names

Chinese names for kittens have so many varieties differentiated according to their personalities, colors, or sizes. Here we have some of the good Chinese cat names you can give to your cat according to its personality.

11. Ah Fook meaning "lucky". This is a perfect name for the cat who only ever brought loads of love and luck in your life.

12. Ben Ben meaning "a beast".

13. Chao meaning "jump or surpass".

14. Cheng meaning "true or honest". Cheng Wi is a Chinese actor and singer.

15. Fen meaning "to fight".

16. Gang meaning "strong". This Chinese cat name can be perfect for your strong cat.

17. Guiying meaning "brave and heroic".

18. Hey meaning "harmony".

19. Jian meaning "strong and healthy". Zhu Jian is a famous Chinese actor.

20. Ju meaning "huge". Ju Jingyi is a Chinese singer and actress.

21. meaning "reasonable or capable". Lí Hongyi is a Chinese actor and singer.

22. Min meaning "ingenious and sharp". Min Kyung-Hoon is a South Korean singer. Jiongmin is a famous Chinese actor.

23. NaoNao meaning "naughty".

24. Nuan meaning "hot".

25. Pingback meaning "peaceful". This is a perfect name for your peace-loving cat.

26. Qiang meaning "energetic".

27. Ru meaning "a scholar". One of the studious cat names.

28. Sai Hu meaning "fast". This Chinese cat name is perfect for your cheeky fast cat.

29. Tangtang meaning "cabbage".

30. Year meaning "calm and peaceful".

31. Yong meaning "brave". Yong Hua Han is a Chinese actor.

32. Yu meaning "delicious". Yu Rongguang is a Chinese actor and a famous martial artist.

33. Zhong meaning "loyal". Zhong Chuxi is a famous Chinese actress.

Male Cat Names That Are Cute

Gray cat looks up, mewing and having widely opened a mouth.

Here's the list of the cutest Chinese male cat names.

34. Cheng‐Gong meaning "success".

35. Cheung meaning "good luck". Cheung Chi Doy is a former professional soccer player who represented the Republic of China at the International level. He was the first Asian soccer player to play in Europe.

36. Chi meaning "an energetic cat".

37. Chiang meaning "a strong cat". Chiang Kai-Shek was a Chinese nationalist politician who served as a leader of the Republic of China.

38. Chin meaning "a musical instrument".

39. Da meaning "big". A great name for a big cat.

40. De meaning "virtuous".

41. Fai meaning "a brilliant light".

42. Féñg meaning speedy like "the wind". Feng Xiaogang is a Chinese film director, actor, and screenplay writer.

43. Fu meaning "fortunate". Fu Haifeng is a famous former professional badminton player who represented China.

44. Héñg meaning "an eternal companion".

45. Howin meaning "loyal swallow".

46. Húán meaning "someone who prefers staying always happy".

47. Hui meaning "intelligent or wise". This can be a good cat name for your wise and smart pet.

48. Huli jing meaning "the spirit fox".

49. Hundun meaning "chaos".

50. Jiaolong meaning "a sea dragon". Jiaolong can be one of the best cat names for your mischievous cats.

51. Jingwei meaning "a mythical bird".

52. Joe meaning "heroic".

53. Jun meaning "a handsome cat". Jun is a Chinese singer, actor, and songwriter.

54. Keung meaning "the universe". This can be one of the perfect names for male cats who are not just a pet, but your whole world.

55. Kong refers to cats with bright and lovely eyes.

56. Liang meaning "good or bright". Liang Jie is a Chinese actress.

57. Lol meaning "joy".

58. Long meaning "a dragon".

59. Maneki-neko meaning "a lucky cat".

60. Rui Shi meaning "guardian lions".

Male Cat Names That Are Classy

Have a go at some of the classiest and meaningful Chinese boy cat names.

61. Bao meaning "a treasure". Bao Jianfeng is a Chinese singer and actor. Bao is a cute Chinese name.

62. Dilong meaning "an earth dragon".

63. Fenghuang meaning "the Chinese". Fenghuang is a Chinese county.

64. Fucanglong meaning "the treasure dragon".

65. Huo meaning "fire". Huo Yuanjia was a famous Chinese martial artist.

66. Jiufeng meaning "a bird with nine heads".

67. Manchu meaning "an innocent and pure-looking cat".

68. Mo Chou meaning "free of sadness". Perfect name for the cat who has brought happiness in your life.

69. Na meaning "graceful".

70. On meaning "piece".

71. Qing Niao meaning "a mythical bird".

72. Shu meaning "a well-behaved cat".

73. Shun meaning "obedient". This can be one of the good names for male cats that are obedient.

74. Wan meaning "a scholar".

75. Wang Shu refers to the name of a god.

76. Who meaning "who drives a carriage to the moon".

77. Wonton refers to a type of food dish. Wonton is a Chinese dish which is famous all over the world.

78. Yaling meaning "graceful or refined".

79. Ying meaning "a brave and heroic cat".

80. Ying Yue meaning "a reflection of the moon".

81. Yinglong meaning "a responsive dragon".

82. Yun meaning "cloud". This is one of the best names for male, white and fluffy cats that remind you of clouds.

83. Zhi meaning "wisdom".

Female Cat Names That Are Beautiful

Below is the list of the Chinese girl cat names that are the most beautiful.

84. Ai meaning "love". Ai is a cute Chinese name.

85. An meaning "peace or quiet".

86. Bai meaning "pure". Bai Lu is a famous Chinese actress. Bai is a common Chinese name for a female cat.

87. Bik meaning "jade".

88. Feng meaning "maple- from the brown and red like maple leaves". Perfect name for your red or brown colored female cat.

89. Heng meaning "a persistent person".

90. Hua meaning "a splendid person". Hua Mulan was a Chinese military officer. The Disney Princess movie 'Mulan' was based on her life.

91. Huan meaning "happiness".

92. Jia Li meaning "good and beautiful".

93. Jiahao meaning "home or family". This female cat name is perfect for the female kittens who are a part of your family.

94. Jing meaning "quiet or gentle". Jing Tian is a famous Chinese actress.

95. Kuan Yin refers to the Buddhist deity of mercy.

96. Li Hua meaning "a pear blossom".

97. Li Mei meaning "a pretty rose".

98. Li Ming meaning "pretty and bright". This female cat name is can be best for the bright and shiny and the prettiest female kittens.

99. Lian meaning "a lotus".

100. Ling meaning "the dawn".

101. Rika meaning "true fragrance".

102. Riko meaning "the child of truth".

103. Shika "deer" is the meaning of this name. Shika is a cute Chinese name.

104. Shizuko meaning "a quiet child".

105. Sora "sky" is the meaning of this name. Sora (sky) is a very sweet name for female cats.

106. Yijun meaning "joy or harmony".

107. Zhulong meaning "a torch dragon".

Female Cat Names That Are Graceful

Two Maine Coon kittens playing and jumping in living room in front of sofa.

Lastly, here we have the list of the most graceful and meaningful Chinese female cat names.

108. Huang meaning "intelligent". Huang Yie is a famous Chinese actress and singer

109. Jia meaning "a beautiful cat". Jia Qing is a popular TV actress and singer. What a fitting name for female cats!

110. Lan meaning "a cute name". Lan Yingying is a famous Chinese actress.

111. Lixue meaning "pretty snow". This female cat name is best for the white as snow female kittens.

112. Masa name meaning "just or true".

113. Masumi meaning "true clarity".

114. Mei meaning "beauty". A perfect name for female cats who are your precious little beauty.

115. Naomi meaning "honest beautiful". Naomi Wang is a famous Chinese singer.

116. Natsuki meaning "summer hope".

117. Natsumi name meaning "beautiful summer".

118. Ning meaning "calm or serene".

119. Niu meaning "a girl".

120. Qi meaning "a fine jade". Qi Wei is a famous Chinese singer and actress.

121. Qing meaning "clear blue or green eyes".

122. Ryoko name meaning "a refreshing child".

123. Shang-Yang meaning "a rain bird".

124. Shenlong meaning "a rain dragon".

125. Teng name meaning "the flying dragon".

126. Tianlong meaning "the celestial dragon".

125. Xiang Liu meaning "a nine-headed monster".

126. Xinyi meaning "happy or joyous".

127. Xiulan meaning "luxurious or elegant".

128. Xiuying meaning "elegant".

129. Xue meaning "snow".

130. Ya meaning "graceful and refined". Among the perfect meanings of names for a graceful female cat.

131. Yu Yan meaning "a beautiful smile".

132. Yue meaning "the moon". Yuexi An is a famous Chinese actress.

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