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150 Best Elf On The Shelf Names That Are Cute And Festive

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Why Elf On The Shelf Names?

It's no secret that the Elf on the Shelf has become an increasingly common custom for many American families over the holiday season. The idea is that Santa sends scout elves to the houses of children who celebrate Christmas to see whether they need anything. Every night, these enchanted elves fly to the North Pole to report the good or bad behavior of the children living in the home to Santa. The fun and games of this seasonal tradition are appreciated by many adults and children alike, and therefore it is often included in Christmas festivities.

Popular Elf On The Shelf Names

1. Alistair- For your lovely elf who means business. One of the most famous elf names.

2. Archey- Your own little handsome Romeo.

3. Bandit- Perfect for a sneaky Elf on the Shelf.

4. Beckham- A famous name apt for a boy elf.

5. Bingo- For your elf that has hit the jackpot with the best owner ever.

6. Blizzard- A winter-themed Elf on the Shelf name.

7. Bonkers- A little crazy but adorable.

8. Boots- A name that is apt for your cute one. 

9. Brewster-A classic. One of the toughest names for a boy elf.

10. Buckly- Another funky yet formal name.

11. Buddy- Your little buddy, he is.

12. Buster-If your Elf on the Shelf is a fierce young lad.

13. Calvin- Another undeniable classic, suitable for a mischievous yet cute elf.

14. Charlie- A name that is so popular everywhere.

15. Chauncey- A classy Elf on the Shelf name.

16. Chibby- A cute name that is also festive.

17. Chip- For a cute elf, one of the chirpy boy elf names.

18. Clancy- A classy name for a classy Elf on the Shelf.

19. Colins- A name for an elf with a pure heart.

20. Dougy- For your cute little elf.

21. Elliott- A perfect name for the most elegant elf ever.

22. Flannery- A flattering name for the most deserving Elf on the Shelf.

23. Fritz- A name for a free soul. One of the best elf-boy names.

24. Frost- A name that is as sweet as frosting.

25. Gatsby- A glamorous name for a glam Elf on the Shelf that everyone will love.

Handsome Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Names

26. Halo- An adorable elf name for the most honorable.

27. Henrick- Truly the most heavenly name.

28. Gingle- A name to be highly grateful for.

29. Gincee- This elf's name is something to be glad about.

30. Louie- A name for the one shining like a luminous star.

31. Lucky- An elegant name for an Elf on the Shelf laden with good luck.

32. Milo- This name will give you miles of smiles.

33. Morton- For an elf that is made full of love.

34. Ninja- A name for an elf that gets in (and out) of some sticky situations.

35. Otis- You should use this Elf on the Shelf name.

36. Paddington- The perfect Elf on the Shelf name for a cuddly elf.

37. Pickles- A name that sounds as delightful as a pickle tastes.

38. Scooter- Scoot over; your elf is coming through.

39. Stout- Perfect for an Elf on the Shelf filled with style.

40. Shadow- For elves who sneak around in the shadows.

41. Sheldon- A name for a sincere elf.

42. Sinbad- For the Elf on the Shelf filled with unique talents and gifts.

43. Skittles- One of the cutest Elf on the Shelf names of all.

44. Sneakers- For an elf who sneaks around.

45. Snickers- For a cheeky elf.

46. Snowball- A name as unique as a snowflake.

47. Snuggles- A name for the perfect elf to snuggle with.

48. Sooty- For elves who fancy a trip down the chimney.

49. Spark- For an elf that is filled with surprises.

50. Spock- The most fantastic elf name for the elf that is as bright as a cracker spark.

51. Tucker- A fancy elf name.

52. Wheatly- An elf name for a warm-hearted, welcoming elf.

Fancy Elf On The Shelf Names Ideas

Beautiful interiors with Christmas decorations for Christmas eve.

53. Beatrix- For a beloved elf.

54. Bella - is a delightful name for an elf who makes everything happier.

55. Bitsy- Your elf is a bundle of joy; rejoice.

56. Blossom- A gorgeous name that the other elves are jealous of it.

57. Bubbles- A fitting name for a cheeky, bubbly elf.

58. Buttercup- A name for the elf with a bubbly attitude; he is joy in physical form.

59. Butterscotch- The flavor is an all-time favorite for everyone! You might as well use it as a name.

60. Buttons- This name is for the all-rounder elf.

61. Candy- The most accurate name for an elf as sweet as candy.

62. Cherry- For the elf who is always on the top, like a cherry.

63. Cinnamon- For an elf who is always sweet and spiced like cinnamon.

64. Coco- For an elf who is kind and generous (and loves hot chocolate!).

65. Cookie- Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, this elf is kind to everyone.

66. Crystal- For the elf with the most creative mind, always comes up with splendid ideas.

67. Cupcake- For the elf who is as delicious as a cupcake.

68. Daisy- For the elf, delicate like a pretty flower.

69. Dotty- For the most dutiful one, who does everything responsibly.

70. Francesca- For the friendliest Elf on the Shelf.

71. Gigi- For the most gifted elf to ever exist.

72. Gingersnap- For the kind-hearted elf who is always generous.

73. Glitter- As shiny as glitter, helping you brighten life.

74. Gypsy- For a fun-loving elf.

75. Holly- This name is filled with hope, love, joy, and Christmas cheer.

76. Kiki- For the elf that is as knowledgeable as an encyclopedia, it will help you with everything.

77. Lexi- For the elf that deserves everything in the world.

78. Lily- Another pretty floral elf name.

79. Lolah- A cute, girly Elf on the Shelf name.

80. Lucy- A popular name for little girls; why not share it with your elf?

Cute Elf On The Shelf Name Ideas

81. Maisey- A name for the most magnificent creature.

82. Milliey- Marvellous Milliey, she amazes you all the time.

83. Mimzy- This name is a little festive; it is surely one you will love.

84. Mittens- For an elf as delicate as a kitten.

85. Moonbeam- For an elf that is as bright as a moonbeam.

86. Moonlight- This name reflects positive vibes like the moonlight.

87. Muffin- For a talented little elf that can even bake if you need it!

88. Nikita- For a girl Elf on the Shelf.

89. Pearl- If your elf is as precious as a pearl.

90. Pixy- For a magical little Elf on the Shelf.

91. Poppy- An adorable Elf on the Shelf name.

92. Princess- If your elf is a little Princess, what name could be better?

93. Puma- For speedy elves, as fast as a Puma.

94. Ruby- For an elf that is as rare as a ruby, you will never find a similar one anywhere else.

95. Sassy- If your elf is sarcastic and sassy, this is the perfect name.

96. Scarlett- She is so wise that even a wise owl cannot compete. One of the most famous elf girl names.

97. Sparkles- Anywhere she goes, she will be filled with wonders and sparkles.

98. Star- A superstar in the making. One of the cutest girl elf names.

99. Stardust- As pretty and magnificent as a starry night. Apt for a girl elf.

100. Sugar- Nothing can be as sweet as sugar, metaphorically and literally.

101. Tippy- For the girl Elf on the Shelf, a well-known trickster, and prankster.

102. Truffles- One of the classy Elf on the Shelf names for chocolate lovers!

Famous Elf on the Shelf Names From TV Shows and Movies.

103. Tinsel - Something that is flashy and dazzling

104. Dobby - A character from Harry Potter

105. Winky - Worked at the renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter universe.

106. Kreacher - Kreacher was an old house-elf who had worked for the House of Black for most of his life.

107. Bernard - In 'Santa Clause' (1994) and its first sequel (1995), Bernard the elf plays a pivotal role.

108. Hermey - 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' includes a character named Hermey.

109. Gimbel - This is the department store where the protagonist of the movie 'Elf' worked.

110. Bing - is a character from 'The Great Santa Claus Switch'.

111. Hoppity - The identifier form of a hop is often used to denote a sequence of short hops.

112. Zippity - A person who is full of life and excitement.

113. Thranduil - Is an invented character from the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, 'The Hobbit'.

114. Arondir - Is a Silvan elf from Rings of Power.

115. Arwen - Is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth canon, 'The Lord of the Rings'.

116. Elrond - Is a fictional character who is half-elf and Lord of Rivendell.

117. Legolas - He is one of the nine members of the Fellowship that set out to destroy the One Ring, and he is a Woodland Elf from the Sindar race.

118. Celeborn - At the end of the Third Age, he was considered among the most enlightened Elves in Middle-earth.

119. Celebrimbor - In Tolkien's made-up language Sindarin, this name means 'silver fist' or 'hand of silver'.

120. Aegnor - He was the ruler of the Noldor in Dorthonion during the First Age.

121. Galadriel - She had royal status among the Noldor and the Teleri, making her an Elf.

Christmas-Inspired Elf on the Shelf Names

Christmas tree decorated with gifts in house interior.

122. Mistletoe - Mistletoe has been a symbol of love, fertility, and long life for quite some time.

123. Sugarplum - This name is used as a term for endearment.

Sleigh - a sled pulled by reindeer, often one carrying Santa Claus.

125. Melchior - It is believed that Saint Melchior was one of the biblical Magi who paid a visit to the newborn Jesus together with Caspar and Balthazar.

126. Noel - The Old French origin of the name Noel means 'born on Christmas'.

127. Hope - From the Old English word "hopian", meaning 'hope' or 'confidence', the Middle English name Hope was formed.

128. Clara - In Late Latin, the name Clarus meant 'clear, dazzling, renowned', and the feminine version Clara is used today.

129. Bell -The gender-neutral name has the connotation of attractiveness.

130. Ivy - In addition to its modern significance, the symbolism of ivy as an indication of loyalty dates back to ancient Greek civilization.

131. Wonder - This name means to dream and wonder in awe.

132. Claus - The Germanic given name Klaus means 'victory of the people'.

133. Snowy - The English name Snowy is often used without regard to gender, and its meaning is 'Filled with Frozen Rain'.

134. Poinsettia - It's a flower called 'Flor de Pascua', which translates to 'Easter flower'.

135. Balsam - has its origins in the biblical Balm of Gilead.

136. Grace - Grace is a Latin name that means charm, benevolence, and charity.

137. Frosty - With a name like Frosty, people will always look to you as the rock around which they may build their lives.

138. Flurry - Flurry's mythical Roman flower goddess origin gives this name its meaning in Latin names.

139. Eve - Because of its phonetic similarity to the Semitic root, which means 'to live', the Hebrew word for Eve is sometimes taken to imply 'living one' or 'spring of life'.

140. Jolly - The term for someone with a positive and pleasant demeanor.

141. Carol - Carol an English name with a gender-neutral meaning of 'happy song'.

142. Joy - A name of Latin origin that means happiness.

143. Mary - Mary is an ancient Hebrew name for girls that translates to Of The Sea, Bitter, or Beloved.

144. Starry - A name of English origin that means a celestial body.

145. Faith - The English word faith means 'trust' or 'devotion' when used to a female given name.

146. Joseph - Joseph is a biblically significant name.

147. Snowball - a name that exhibits extremes in terms of material success.

148. Falala - Falala is an African girl's name that means 'born in plenty'.

149. Rockefeller - A German surname.

150. Holly - The meaning of the name is 'resilience' and 'everlasting life', both of which are associated with the holly plant.

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