101+ Best Elf On The Shelf Names That Are Cute And Festive

Elf on the Shelf is loved by children everywhere.

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Christmas is a festive time for everyone all over the world.

Decorating the house with multiple Elf on the Shelf figures has become a popular practice for parents everywhere. The story behind them is that parents place them somewhere in the house in a way that looks like they're up to mischief, and the children look around the house and find them in the morning. Along with figuring out where the family's new festive friend is going to be each day, another of the most exciting parts is that it is up to you to pick a suitable name for your adopted elf!

An Elf on the Shelf does not come with a name, that job is all for you! The following list includes Elf on the Shelf names for girls, and boy names for Elf on the Shelf. It is full of great names to call your elf and make your Christmas that little bit more magical. Make good use of these name ideas, and make your holiday extra-memorable!

Popular Elf On The Shelf Names

If you're on the hunt for Elf on the Shelf name ideas, why not use popular elf names that everyone is familiar with?

1. Alistair- For your lovely elf who means business. A super-popular elf name.

2. Archey- Your own little handsome Romeo.

3. Bandit- Perfect for a sneaky Elf on the Shelf.

4. Beckham- A famous name that is apt for a boy elf.

5. Bingo- For your elf that has hit the jackpot with the best owner ever.

6. Blizzard- A winter-themed Elf on the Shelf name.

7. Bonkers- A little crazy, but adorable.

8. Boots- One of the cutest Elf on the Shelf names.

9. Brewster-A classic. One of the coolest names for a boy elf.

10. Buckly- Another funky yet formal name.

11. Buddy- For your little buddy.

12. Buster-If your Elf on the Shelf is a fierce young lad.

13. Calvin- Suitable for a mischievous but cute elf.

14. Charlie- A name that is popular everywhere.

15. Chauncey- One of the classiest Elf on the Shelf names.

16. Chibby- A cute name that is also festive.

17. Chip- For a cute elf, one of the chirpiest boy elf names.

18. Clancy- A classy name for a classy Elf on the Shelf.

19. Colins- A name for an elf with a pure heart.

20. Dougy- For your cute little friend.

21. Elliott- The perfect name for the most elegant elf.

22. Flannery- A flattering name for the most deserving Elf on the Shelf.

23. Fritz- Looking for the best elf boy names? This is great for a free soul.

24. Frost- A name that is as sweet as frosting.

25. Gatsby- A glamorous name for a sophisticated Elf on the Shelf that everyone will love.

Handsome Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Names

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the names need to suit the elves! Elves' names can be as fancy or as simple as you'd like. Here are some handsome names that we love for your festive little buddy.

26. Halo- An adorable elf name for the most honorable of all.

27. Henrick- A great elf name.

28. Gingle- A funny name everyone would love.

29. Gincee- This name is unique.

30. Louie- A name for the elf that shines like a luminous star.

31. Lucky- One of the cutest Elf on the Shelf names.

32. Milo- This name will give you miles of smiles.

33. Morton- For an elf who is full of love.

34. Ninja- A name for an elf that gets in (and out) of some sticky situations.

35. Otis- You definitely should use this cool name.

36. Paddington- The perfect Elf on the Shelf name for a cuddly elf.

37. Pickles- A cutesy name that sounds as delightful as a pickle tastes.

38. Scooter- Scoot over, your elf is coming through.

39. Stout- Perfect for a stylish Elf on the Shelf.

40. Shadow- For elves who sneak around in the shadows.

41. Sheldon- A name for a sincere elf.

42. Sinbad- For anyone filled with special talents and gifts.

43. Skittles- One of the cutest Elf on the Shelf names of all.

44. Sneakers- For an elf who sneaks around.

45. Snickers- For a cheeky elf.

46. Snowball- Keep it festive with this choice.

47. Snuggles- An adorable choice for your new addition.

48. Sooty- For elves who fancy a trip down the chimney.

49. Spark- For an elf who is filled with surprises.

50. Spock- The most amazing option for the elf as bright as a cracker spark.

51. Tucker- A fancy elf name.

52. Wheatly- An elf name for a warm-hearted, welcoming elf.

Elf on the Shelf names can be fancy or funny.

How often do we dress up in fancy outfits and enjoy the holiday of Christmas? Only once a year! We might as well make it fancy while we're at it, and these Elf on the Shelf names are perfect.

53. Beatrix- For an elf who spreads the love.

54. Bella- A great option for a beautiful elf.

55. Bitsy- For an itsy-bitsy member of the family.

56. Blossom- A name so gorgeous that the other elves are jealous of it.

57. Bubbles- A fitting name for a cheeky, bubbly elf.

58. Buttercup- A name for the elf who is joy in physical form.

59. Butterscotch- This flavor is an all-time favorite for everyone! You might as well use it as a name.

60. Buttons- This name is for the all-rounder elf.

61. Candy- The most fitting name for an elf as sweet as candy.

62. Cherry- For the elf who is on the top, like a cherry, always.

63. Cinnamon- For an elf who is always sweet and spiced like cinnamon.

64. Coco- For an elf who is kind and generous (and loves hot chocolate!).

65. Cookie- Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, this elf is kind to everyone.

66. Crystal- For the elf with the most creative mind who always comes up with splendid ideas.

67. Cupcake- For the elf who is as scrumptious as a cupcake.

68. Daisy- For those who are delicate like a pretty flower.

69. Dotty- For the most dutiful friend, who does everything responsibly.

70. Francesca- For the friendliest Elf on the Shelf.

71. Gigi- For the most gifted elf to ever exist.

72. Gingerbread- A great option to get into the festive spirit.

73. Gingersnap- For the kind-hearted elf, who is always generous.

74. Glitter- As shiny as glitter, helping you make life brighter.

75. Holly- Filled with hope, love, joy, and Christmas cheer.

76. Kiki- For the elf who is as knowledgeable as an encyclopedia who will help you with everything.

77. Lexi- For the elf that deserves everything in the world.

78. Lily- Another pretty floral option.

79. Lolah- A cute, girly Elf on the Shelf name.

80. Lucy- A popular name for little girls, why not share it with your elf?

Cute Elf On The Shelf Name Ideas

As they say, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not make the most of it? Spread the festive joy further with these cute Elf on the Shelf names.

81. Maisey- A name for the most magnificent creature.

82. Millie- Marvellous Millie, she amazes you all the time.

83. Mimzy- A little bit festive, a little bit fun.

84. Mittens- A wintry option for a snuggly elf.

85. Moonbeam- For an elf as bright as a moonbeam.

86. Moonlight- This name reflects positive vibes.

87. Muffin- For a talented little elf who can bake!

88. Nikita- For a girl Elf on the Shelf.

89. Pearl- If your elf is as precious as a pearl.

90. Pixie- One of the most magical Elf on the Shelf names.

91. Poppy- A very cute floral option.

92. Princess- If your elf is a little princess, what name could be better?

93. Puma- For speedy elves as fast as a puma.

94. Ruby- For an elf who is as rare as a ruby and perfectly unique.

95. Sassy- If your elf is sarcastic and sassy, this is the perfect name.

96. Scarlett- So wise that even a wise owl cannot compete. One of the most popular elf girl names.

97. Sparkles- Anywhere she goes, the place will be filled with wonder and sparkles.

98. Star- For a superstar in the making.

99. Stardust- As pretty and magnificent as a starry night. One of the best girl elf names.

100. Sugar- A sweet option for a sweet festive creation.

101. Tippy- For the girl Elf on the Shelf who is a well-known trickster and prankster.

102. Truffles- One of the classiest Elf on the Shelf names, and great for chocolate lovers!


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