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120+ Best Fluffy Dog Names

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Fluffy dogs are some of the best companions you could get to make your life happier and comfier.

Their fluffy coat of fur means there will be shedding. Furthermore, finer grooming is necessary to keep them in tip-top velvety healthy shape.

There are numerous fluffy dog breeds out there - both small, large, and everything in between. The most popular ones also tend to be innately friendly breeds, e.g.: Samoyed Chow, Collies, Malamutes, and Pekingese. The names of these cuddly fluffballs of love and comfort will often reflect their caring nature.

If you are interested in learning more about different dog names, you can look at our other articles Big Dog Names and Funny Dog Names.

Fluffy Dog Names For Boys

Fluffy dog names for boy dogs can be really funny and cute.

Here are a few funky male names befitting your fluffy friend that you may like.

1. Adiv (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasant, gentle".

2. Ambert (German origin) meaning "shining light". Among the most popular white fluffy dog names.

3. Arlo (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "fortified mound".

4. Barack (Hebrew/Arabic/Swahili origin) meaning "blessing" and "blessed one".

5. Barwyn (Welsh origin) meaning "a white mound".

6. Baxter (Scottish origin) meaning "baker".

7. Benigno (Latin origin) meaning "kind".

8. Berne (Germanic origin) meaning "bear-like".

9. Billy (German origin) meaning "resolute protector" (from 'Wilhelm').

10. Buddy (English origin) meaning "friend". This scores highly among the more common fluffy boy dog names.

11. Charlie (Old English origin) meaning "free man" (from 'Charles').

12. Chewbacca (Russian origin) meaning "dog" (from 'Sobaka'). In the 'Star Wars' films, Chewbacca is a major character who is Han Solo's co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon.

13. Chi (Vietnamese origin) meaning "purposeful person".

14. Clem (English origin) meaning "gentle" (from 'clement'), Also a beloved non-playable round character in 'Warframe'.

15. Coco (English origin) meaning "chocolate bean". A cutesy name for fuzzy dogs who look like chocolate.

16. Cotton (English/Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "soft fiber from cotton plant". Suits white fluffy dogs, especially a Bichon Frise.

17. David (Hebrew origin) meaning "adored".

18. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "everlasting". As everlasting as the bond between you and your fuzzy wuzzy pet.

19. Ezra (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's help".

20. Faven (African origin) meaning "light". Although not popular, it is one of the most appropriate white fluffy dog names.

21. Gabe (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's bravest man".

22. Gerald (Germanic origin) meaning "rule with a spear". The protagonist of the 'Witcher' fantasy saga, also known as 'White Wolf'.

23. Gil (Germanic origin) meaning "bright young man".

24. Grant (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "large". Perfect name for big fluffy dog breeds.

25. Gwyn (Welsh origin) meaning "white".

26. Herz (Germanic origin) meaning "heart"

27. Hiroshi (Japanese origin) meaning "generosity".

28. Hwan (Korean origin) meaning "bright".

29. Iggy (Latin origin) meaning "fiery one". A prominent dog character from the third volume of 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventures'.

30. Kane (Irish origin) meaning "little warrior". One of the cutest fluffy dog names for your feisty dogs.

31. Kylo (Latin origin) meaning "heavenly". Among the unique names for dogs.

32. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest". One of the greatest dog names.

33. Nimbus (Latin origin) meaning "black cloud". Perfect name for fluffy dog breeds with black fur.

34. Puffin (Latin origin) meaning "little friar from the north".

35. Riley (Irish origin) meaning "rye field". Among the cute fluffy dog names.

36. Siegmeyer (German origin) meaning "victory" and "noble". Siegmeyer is a knight in 'Dark Souls' known for his comically round armor.

37. Snowy (English origin) meaning "covered in snow". The adored pet sidekick of Tintin from Herge's classic comic book series. The character was possibly a Wire Fox Terrier, but it suits all fluffy dogs who are white, such as a Bichon Frise.

38. Suave (Spanish origin) meaning "soft". One of the elegant but cute names for dogs.

39. Teddy (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God"; From Theodore.

40. Toby (Hebrew/Greek origin) meaning "Good is Yahweh".

Fluffy Dog Names For Girls

Fluffy girl dog names for your cuddly pooch.  

41. Abby (Hebrew origin) meaning "my father's joy"; From 'Abigail'.

42. Annie (English origin) meaning "gracious" and "merciful".

43. Astrid (Old Norse origin) meaning "fair Goddess".

44. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning "dawn". Also, the Disney character better known as 'sleeping beauty'.

45. Bailey (Latin/Old French origin) meaning "attendant" and "porter". One of the sweet dog names.

46. Bella (French origin) meaning "beautiful".

47. Cassandra (Greek/Spanish/French origin) meaning "shine upon mankind". One of the best fluffy puppy names for breeds like Corgi and Samoyed Chow.

48. Charmin (Greek origin) meaning "delight".

49. Chloe (Greek origin) meaning "blooming". If you like Greek myth and have a fluffy dog, this can be a great fluffy dog name with sophistication.

50. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning "day's eye". One of the most popular female dog names.

51. Donna (Italian origin) meaning "lady of the home". This could be among the fitting dog names for lady dogs.

52. Dory (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God". It can be a great name for a fluffy dog and if you like 'Finding Nemo'.

53. Doux (French origin) meaning "fluffy". A literal yet fancy name for your dog.

54. Ebele (African origin) meaning "compassion". Among the names for dogs which are sweet in sound and meaning.

55. Effie (Greek origin) meaning "well-spoken" (from 'Euphemia').

56. Elaine (French origin) meaning "shining light" (from 'Helen'). One of the best white fluffy puppy names.

57. Ester (Czech/Persian origin) meaning "star-like".

58. Fofo (Portuguese origin) meaning "fluffy". Spiciest of female dog names for your fluffball.

59. Gusta (Latin origin) meaning "exalted".

60. Heidi (Germanic origin) meaning "of noble birth" (from 'Adelheid').

61. Lacey (French origin) meaning "lassey", a place in Normandy. One of the best name ideas if you braid your dog's long hair.

62. Lily (Greek origin) meaning "flower".

63. Lolly (Latin origin) meaning "laurel or sweet bay tree".

64. Lucy (English/French origin) meaning "born at dawn" and "shiny".

65. Maggie (English origin) meaning "pearl".

66. Mia (Italian/Slavic origin) meaning "mine" and "darling".

67. Millie (Germanic origin) meaning "strength".

68. Moxie (American origin) meaning "spirited, energetic". Among the cute and appropriate dog names.

69. Nana (French origin) meaning "grace". A well-known large protective dog from 'Peter Pan', making it one of the most recognizable big fluffy dog names.

70. Peach (English/French origin) meaning "fruit".

71. Penny (Greek origin) meaning "weaver" (from 'Penelope').

72. Pixie (Irish origin) meaning "fairy". A sweet name for frolicking cute fluffy dogs.

73. Sadie (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess".

74. Sasha (Slavic/Greek origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

75. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "star".

76. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) meaning "gazelle-like". One of the graceful dog names.

77. Willow (Middle English origin) meaning "willow tree". Works well for fluffy dog breeds with frizzy hair, like bichon frise and yorkies.

78. Winnie (English origin) meaning "one who makes friends with peace".

79. Wren (English origin) meaning "small bird".

80. Zara (Arabic origin) meaning "radiant".

Gender-Neutral Fluffy Dog Names

Unisex names for fluffy dogs that go both ways.

81. Avery (French origin) meaning "elf king".

82. Barry (Irish origin) meaning "fair-headed".

83. Bear (Old English origin) meaning "the brown one". A great name for a samoyed chow.

84. Bernie (French origin) meaning "bold as a bear". One of the sweet unisex dog names.

85. Bertie (Old German origin) meaning "bright raven".

86. Carmo (Hebrew origin) meaning "garden of God".

87. Caron (Welsh origin) meaning "loving" and "kind".

88. Cleo (Greek origin) meaning "glory".

89. Cloud (English origin) meaning "condensed vapor floating in the atmosphere".

90. Cupcake (English origin) meaning "little cup-sized cake".

91. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning "friend".

92. Dilshad (Persian origin) meaning "happy heart".

93. Dusty (Old Norse origin) meaning "stone" (from 'Dustin').

94. Dylan (Welsh origin) meaning "born of the ocean". Famous personalities with this name include the poet Dylan Thomas.

95. Fluffy (English origin) meaning "fleecy; covered with fluff". One of the most obvious dog name ideas, but you cannot go wrong with this adorable name!

96. Gene (English origin) meaning "well-born".

97. Gigi (English/Italian origin) meaning "earth-worker" (from 'Georgine'), but also 'famed warrior' (from 'Luigi').

98. Jazz (American origin) meaning "a style of music".

99. Joey (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who will grow".

100. Laika (Swahili origin) meaning "angel". Laika is the first dog (and the first living creature) to orbit the earth from outer space.

101. Milan (Slavic origin) meaning "kind and loving".

102. Nova (Latin origin) meaning "new".

103. Peanutbutter (English origin) is a portmanteau between 'peanut' and 'butter', a buttery paste made out of crushed peanuts. Mr Peanutbutter is a famous Labrador Retriever character from the popular Netflix animated series 'Bojack Horseman'.

104. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning "ardent" and "fiery". One of the best dog name ideas for your feisty Poodle.

105. Rory (Goidelic origin) meaning "red-haired king". Perfect name for your ginger pup!

106. Sandy (Greek origin) meaning "defender of man". Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel from the cartoon TV show 'Spongebob Squarepants'.

107. Snowball (English origin) meaning "ball of snow". One of the most literal small fluffy dog names, for breeds like tiny Pomeranians, Bichon Frise, and such.

108. Taylor (Old French/Latin origin) meaning "cutter".

109. Woolly (Old English origin) meaning "a clearing frequented by wolves". Also a punny name for fluffy big dogs with the wordplay on 'woolly'.

110. Yule (English origin) meaning "of Christmastime".

Funny Fluffy Dog names

A funny-sounding dog name compilation for your silly cuddly puppy.  

111. Big Mac (Gaelic origin) meaning "son" (from the Gaelic prefix Mac-). Big Mac is also McDonald's iconic hamburger that once used to be its flagship item. A punny dog name for snuggly big dogs.

112. Droopy (English origin) meaning "hanging limply" or "drooping". Droopy McPoodle is an MGM cartoon character, a detective Basset Hound known for his droopy face and lethargy.

113. Floof (English origin) meaning "to move in a fluffy manner" or "to make something fluffy".

114. Fluffernutter (English origin) meaning "a type of New England sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff".

115. Groot (Dutch origin) meaning "large". A comic-book character created by none other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Groot first appeared in the first issue of Tales to Astonish, and was more recently popularized by the Marvel film 'Guardians of The Galaxy'. A cute small twig in appearance, Groot is actually a flora colossus who can grow massively. An instantly recognizable name for your dog irrespective of its size.

116. Hooch (English origin) meaning "booze". Thanks to the film 'Turner and Hooch', this is quite the epitome of brown big fluffy dog names.

117. Jabba (Somali origin) meaning "the Jubba river". Jabba Desilijic Tiure, also known as Jabba the Hutt, is a Star Wars character that has become a popular name for Pugs and Bulldogs of late, because of their resemblance to aid character.

118. Peewee (English origin) meaning "diminutive in the form". A funny dog name for small dog breeds such as Maltese.

119. Pompom (French origin) meaning "ornamental round tuft". Best suited for Pomeranians because they look like cheerleader poms.

120. Pongo (African origin) meaning "orangutan". Pongo is Perdita's husband in the film '101 Dalmatians'. As a funny trivia, the term was used to refer to infantrymen because the genus of orangutan in question was known to dig holes in order to hide from threat - coincidentally, digging holes is a common activity for dogs as well.

121. Slinky (English origin) meaning "sleek" and "graceful". A famous 'Toy Story' character which is a toy Dachshund dog held together by a spring.

122. Weegie (Scottish origin) meaning "resident of Glasgow" but also "foolish person". Weegie the Norwegian elkhound was the pet of Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States.

123. Woofer (English origin) meaning "a type of loudspeaker driver". Befitting for loud dogs, especially because the term was originally derived from a dog's 'woof'.

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