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100+ Best Hamster Names

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Thinking of getting the cutest rodent hamster as your new pet?

Hamsters are recently being considered as one of the popular small house pets. So if you are planning to get a hamster for yourself, searching for a cute hamster name is a must.

Did you know there are 18-19 types of Hamster breeds? Out of these the golden or the Syrian hamster are most commonly kept as pets. A few people prefer to get a dwarf hamster too. Though it's a choice based topic, being able to choose the right name for your best and favorite breed of hamsters is yet another choice based task one needs to go through.  Zelda, Lily, Amber, Cashmere, Buttercup are a few cute and popular female hamster names. Apart from these, Yogi, Ash, Bandit, Fuzzy, Chomper are a few good male hamster names. The plus point of choosing a perfect name for your little hamster is that they soon respond to their name as hamsters are an intelligent breed of rodents and remember their names.

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Hamster Names For Boys

European hamster on a flowering meadow

Naming male hamsters based on gender is the first way to finalize a few options. Here's a list of some cutest hamster names for your pet male hamster.

1. Ace (Latin origin) meaning "one who excels"; a super name for animals.

2. Aiden (Celtic origin) meaning "fiery". Among the cute names for hamsters who are passionate.

3. Ash (Old English origin) meaning "remains after a fire". A great name for a grey-furred hamster.

4. Bernard (German origin) meaning "brave as a bear".

5. Blake (Old English origin) meaning "black"; is a popularly fancy unisex name for your dark cutie.

6. Bob (German origin) meaning "fame, bright"; one of the cool names boy hamster would love.

7. Buster (American origin)  meaning "tough one"; a pretty cute male hamster name.

8. Cheeser, derived from Caesar, meaning "ruler, emperor".

9. Cooper - Meaning "a barrel maker"; is one of the cute hamster boy names.

10. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong".

11. Feeny (Irish origin) meaning "tiny raven". Among the unique hamster name ideas.

12. Felix (Latin origin) meaning "successful".

13. Fluffy (English origin) meaning "rise and fall"; a perfect fit for your furry hamster pet friend.

14. Franklin (English origin) meaning "free landowner".

15. Fresco (Germanic origin) meaning "fresh".

16. Gus (Latin origin) meaning "to increase"; is short for Augustus or Gustav and makes for a cute hamster name.

17. Jasper (English origin) meaning "treasurer".

18. Jo Jo - Meaning "Monday born"; is a cute unisex hamster name for your Syrian hamster. Also a popular name for a pet after the movie 'Jojo Rabbit'.

19. Larry (English origin) Meaning "laurels"; is one of the simple and cute hamster names.

20. Logan (Scottish origin) meaning "little hollow".

21. Lucius (Latin origin) meaning "light"; one of the mysterious-sounding hamster names.

22. Malin (English origin) meaning "small warrior". One of the cute strong hamster names.

23. Maxi (Roman origin), from Maximilian meaning "the greatest"; classic hamster names for a boy.

24. Mo (American origin) meaning "dark"; is a gender-neutral name perfect for dark-colored dwarf hamsters.

25. Mooney (Irish origin) meaning "wealthy".

26. Newt (English origin) meaning "tiny salamander"; trendy name for a dwarf hamster.

27. Nox (Latin origin) meaning "night"; is a gender-neutral hamster name.

28. Orville (French origin) meaning "gold town".

29. Pablo (Spanish origin) meaning "small and humble"; is a cute name for animals like a hamster, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, and more.

30. Po - Meaning "night"; is a cute one syllable hamster name for your dwarf hamster.

31. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king"; fits a sporty name bill for a hamster.

32. Rian (Irish origin) meaning "king".

33. Ripley (English origin) meaning "from strip field".

34. Ron (Old Norse origin) meaning "advice"; name idea taken from trendy hamster names.

35. Sparky (Latin origin) meaning "to scatter".

36. Sweeney (Irish origin) meaning "hero"; name your furry little hamster pet with this reference to the 'Sweeney Todd' movie.

37. Taz (Eritrea origin) meaning "king". Among the more regal hamster names.

38. Teddy (English origin) meaning "wealthy protector".

39. Tiny (Middle English origin) meaning "little one"; is one of the perfect unisex cute hamster names.

40. Whiskers (Middle English origin) meaning "something that whisps".

41. Yin (Chinese origin) meaning "in the shade"; is one of the catchy names for your dark, ash-color hamster.

Female Hamster Names

Small white hamster in hands and on a dark background.

Females amongst the hamster family also have some famous as well as unique names. Here's a list of pretty hamster names, specifically for your cheese-loving furball.

42. Adila (Arabic origin) meaning "just fair".

43. Alba (Gaelic origin) meaning "white"; quite popular amongst the girl hamster names.

44. Alice (Old French origin) meaning "noble"; a popular name amongst females and a sweet one especially for your hamster pet.

45. April (Latin origin) meaning "to open".

46. Blanca (Spanish origin) meaning "white". Ideal for a white hamster.

47. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "bonus"; one of the best unisex hamster pet names.

48. Bunny - Meaning "little rabbit"; one of the cute hamster pet names for the fluffy look-alike.

49. Cashmere (English origin) meaning "soft silk wool"; is a unisex hamster name that can be used for cute dwarf hamsters.

50. Chante (Frnehc oriign) eaning "to sing". Among the cuter, elegant hamster names.

51. Cinderella (English origin) meaning "girl by cinders"; perfect choice for the pretty little hamster girl names.

52. Cocoa (Nahuatl origin) meaning "chocolate seed"; cute hamster unisex name perfect for girl and boy names.

53. Cressida (Greek origin) meaning "gold"; made a perfect match for the golden-haired hamster.

54. Cuddles (Scottish origin) meaning "to embrace or a donkey"; irrespective of the latter meaning this name is perfect for your cuddling pet as a hamster loves to cuddle.

55. Dia (Spanish origin) meaning "day". Among the meaningful hamster names for a hamster who brightens up your day.

56. Dolly (American origin) meaning "cute child"; isn't your pretty hamster equal to the cute child?

57. Donut - Meaning "a sweet"; A sweet and good name for your hamster.

58. Dorene (Greek origin) meaning "gift".

59. Eri (Japanese origin) meaning "drawing".

60. Floortje (Dutch origin) meaning "flower".

61. Gretel (German origin) meaning "pearl"; fits in the mysterious names for hamster list.

62. Holly (Old English origin) meaning "to prick".

63. Honey - Meaning "sweet"; what better endearment than this for your cute little honey-colored dwarf hamster?

64. Keri (Welsh origin) meaning "blessed poetry"; is one of the cute girl hamster names.

65. Kiki (French origin) meaning "double happiness"; gives a spirited vibe to a hamster.

66. Kyla (Gaelic origin) meaning "lovely".

67. Lady (Old English origin) meaning "woman"; one of the direct and simple girl names.

68. Leila (Hebrew origin) meaning "dusk, night, black".

69. Lily (Greek origin) meaning "flower name"; pretty looking name for the beautiful tiny pet hamster.

70. Lucy -  Meaning "light"; is quite a common girl perfect for your winter white and bright pet hamster.

71. Magenta (French origin) meaning "red family color".

72. Maggy (English origin) meaning "pearl"; is quite a playful name for a hamster.

73. Melanie (Greek origin) meaning "black"; one of the cute hamster names for your solid-colored shiny one.

74. Melosa (Spanish origin) meaning "gentle"; a pretty name for a hamster.

75. Minnie - Meaning "tiny"; cute pet name to match the dwarf hamster personality.

76. Nyx (Greek origin) meaning "of the night"; associated with the Greek Goddess of night, great name for a hamster.

77. Orla (Gaelic origin) meaning "golden princess".

78. Orsola (Italian origin) meaning "female bear".

79. Pearl (English origin) meaning "round, smooth gem"; an apt name for the white-colored pet hamster.

80. Peppermint - Meaning "spicy, flavor".

81. Precious (English origin) meaning "treasure"; is one of the common dwarf hamsters' names.

82. Renee (Roman origin) meaning "reborn"; quite an influential hamster name.

83. Sherry (American origin) meaning "darling"; an endearment that is perfect for the cuddly hamster.

84. Skittles (American origin) meaning "loved by all"; a popular American name can be used for the sweet hamster.

85. Snookums - Meaning "an endearment"; used for a hypothetical person or newlyweds forms one of the cute hamster names for girls.

86. Snow White - Meaning "white as snow"; cute name for your fully white hamster cutie.

87. Tia - Meaning "crown or princess".

88. Tigger - Meaning "bouncy animal"; is associated with 'Winnie the Pooh' animated series character.

89. Tinkerbell - Meaning "mischievous fairy".

90. Trixie (Latin origin) meaning "bringer of joy"; a fun name for your Syrian hamster pet.

91. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "female bear"; strong name for your pet hamster.

92. Xanthe (Greek origin) meaning "yellow"; a color-themed good hamster name for your yellowish hamster.

93. Zelda (Yiddish origin) meaning "happy"; one of the girl names that fits all the cute hamster name ideas.

Cool And Funny Hamster Names For Your Pet

Be it Russian dwarf hamsters or a Syrian hamster, cool or funny hamster names are what always win the pet names charts. Here are a few popular hamster names that can be used by any breed of a hamster.

94. Budweiser (M) - Meaning "brewed beer"; one of the funny names for your hamster.

95. Charlie (M/F) - Meaning "free man"; among the star names for your new hamster.

96. Chewy (M/F) (American origin) meaning "likes to chew"; one of the best names that goes with the hamster personality.

97. Chubby (M/F) - Meaning "cheeky"; a really perfect name for your big, furry hamster ball.

98. Churro - Meaning "brown color fried dessert".

99. Lillebror (M) (Swedish origin) meaning "little brother". Among the more unique hamster names.

100. Nibbles (M/F) - Meaning "who likes to nibble"; the diet focused name for your cutie hamster.

101. Orange soda - Meaning "aerated drink"; cute name for an orange hamster.

102. Peanut (M/F) - Meaning "groundnut"; isn't it one of the pretty hamster names?

103. Pepper (M/F) - Meaning "spice name".

104. Puny (M/F) - Meaning "minor"; this name takes inspiration from the size of your hamster.

105. Rusty (M/F) - Meaning "red-headed".

106. William (M) (German origin) meaning "protector"; classy names hamster owners would love to take up.

107. Winnie (M/F) (Welsh origin) meaning "soft, fair"; commonly associated with 'Winnie the Pooh', is also a pretty name for a hamster.

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