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94 Best J Nicknames

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Are you expecting a baby brother or sister to step into your house soon?

The arrival of a baby in the house is truly an exciting affair. How about looking for some suitable nicknames for him or her?

Well, that's not such a bad idea! Generally, we give nicknames to people who are very dear to us. Sometimes, we call our sisters and brothers cool nicknames and sometimes, funny ones. To showcase that the newbie or the munchkin is affectionate to you, people use some unique nicknames.

Some people prefer choosing nicknames with a particular letter. Sometimes even numerologists ask you to choose a particular letter for the betterment of the person. If you are a lover of the alphabet 'J', here are some cool nicknames with the first letter 'J'. The names with 'J' given in the list below are not just cool nicknames, but also unique and funny. If you want to make your brother or sister or anyone, feel like a part of the family, choose anyone from the 'J nicknames' as provided below.

Creative J Nicknames

Not everyone prefers to keep nicknames that are commonly heard. Instead of following the crowd, they prefer to be a bit creative and keep nicknames that stand out from the crowd. If you are a creative person and want to pick some unique nicknames, follow the list of nicknames, as given below.

1. Jaabir (M) - a masculine name of Muslim origin that can be referred to as a person who has a comforting or consoling attitude towards others.

2. Jabbaar (M) - a male name of Arabic origin that refers to the Almighty or something that is giant.

3. Jack (M) - a unique and cute name in reference to the protagonist of the popular movie 'Titanic'.

4. Jackie (U) - a unique version of Jack or Jacob or Jackson, or Jacqueline, meaning supplanter or protector.

5. Jackson (M) - a variation of Jack, literally meaning the son of God.

6. Jacob (M) - an important figure in Christianity or Judaism mentioned in the Old Testament, meaning a supplanter.

7. Jaka (M) - a nickname of Indonesian origin that means young man.

8. Jalisa (F) - an Arabic word that can be used for a girl which means the abundant blessings of God.

9. James (M) - a Hebrew name that issues from the name Jacob meaning supplanter.

10. Janice (F) - a girl's name of Hebrew origin or a diminutive version of Jane.

11. Janice Baby (F) - a toddler's name taken from the name of the popular TV star Janice Hosenstein.

12. Janiel (F) - a name of Hebrew origin meaning 'God is amicable'.

13. Jaques (M) - boy's nickname in reference to the melancholy character of the popular Shakespearean drama 'As You Like It' with the same name.

14. Jasmine (F) - a feminine name with reference to the flower jasmine or to the character of Princess Jasmine of 'Aladdin'.

15. Jason (M) - a masculine name of Greek origin that means 'healer'.

16. Jaunel (F) - name originated from a Jamaican supermodel bearing the meanings of sensitive, inspirational, and idealistic.

17. Javor (M) - a boy's name which is a Serbian word for a maple tree.

18. Jax (M) - nickname based on John or Jay, meaning 'God has been gracious.'

19. Jay (M) - a Sanskrit word commonly used in the Hindu culture, meaning win or victory.

20. Jayne (F) - a female nickname of Hebrew origin that means God is gracious.

21. Jewel (U) - a feminine name of English origin that indicates a precious stone.

22. Jezreel (F) - a Hebrew girl's name that has been mentioned in the Bible or can be referred to as the Valley of Jazreel.

23. Joeanne (F) - a girl's name that is a variant of Joanne.

24. John (M) - one of the 12 apostles of Jesus as per the New Testament.

25. Johnet (F) - a diminutive and feminine form of John or Johnny used as a Judith variant.

26. Jojo (M) - the name of a boy taken from the name of a popular American singer and songwriter of the same name.

27. Jolie (F) - a French word, meaning 'pretty', and referred to the legendary movie star Angelina Jolie.

28. Joses (M) - a male nickname of Spanish origin that means the one who pardons or forgives easily.

29. Joyetta (F) - a nickname in reference to the religious Hindu culture meaning the one who is victorious or a winner.

30. Jun (M) - a masculine name of Chinese and Korean origin that stands for a handsome and talented ruler.

Cute J Nicknames

When it comes to setting nicknames for babies, you always want to look for names that are adorable and sweet. Sometimes, to select a nickname, you pay attention to the characteristics of the baby. To help you decide on a suitable name for the baby, here is a list of cute and cool nicknames with the letter 'J'.

31. Jaala (M) - a boy's name who is as strong-headed as a wild goat.

32. Jack Dancer (M) - can be attributed to a dancer personality whose name is Jack.

33. Jackie Chan (M) - one of the cool nicknames taken from the popular and world-famous martial arts practitioner, Jackie Chan.

34. Jada (M) - an Arabic word that denotes the all-knowing perception and characteristics of the Almighty.

35. Jaime (M) - the name of Lannister from the popular series 'Game of Thrones'.

36. Jair (M) - a baby boy's name of Hebrew origin that means someone who is enlightened or shines brightly.

37. Jamin (M) - a right-handed person with proper intellect and a positive attitude.

38. Jane (F) - name related to the gracious Lord in reference to the popular novelist Jane Austen.

39. Janella (F) - a female name of Hebrew origin that means the fair one.

40. Jareth (M) - a Christian boy's name of English origin associated with the number eight.

41. Jarvis (M) - a male name taken from the popular 'Iron Man' series.

42. Javan (M) - Javan is said to be the son of Noah, according to the Bible.

43. Javi (M) - a short version of Javier.

44. Javier (M) - a Spanish boy's name, sometimes used for the name of Saint Francis Xavier, meaning new house.

45. Jayla (F) - a Hebrew word that means 'God will protect'.

46. JB (U) - the initials of kids whose first name starts with 'J' and the surname with 'B'.

47. Jedaiah (M) - this is a biblical name of Hebrew origin that stands for the hand of the Lord.

48. Jefferson (M) - the name used in reference to Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy in the US Civil War.

49. Jehu (M) - a male name in reference to the 10th king of Israel who reigned from 841-814 BCE.

50. Jeniqua (F) - a girl's name of English origin that stands for a gift.

51. Jenna (F) - a suitable name for an enthusiastic girl who is as energetic as the waves of the sea or ocean.

52. Jereme (M) - English male name of biblical origin meaning 'Good will unloosen'.

53. Jerome (M) - English male name is taken from the popular author Jerome K. Jerome.

54. Jerry (M) - a cute and sweet name in reference to the popular children's cartoon 'Tom and Jerry'.

55. Jessica (F) - originated from the Hebrew Bible, traditionally a girl's name, meaning God beholds.

56. Jimena (F) - a girl's name that stands for being heard.

57. Joel (M) - a male name of Hebrew origin that stands for the Lord is God.

58. Jordan (U) - the name is taken from the name of the famous Jordan River in Israel, meaning 'to go down'.

59. Josephine (F) - a Hebrew word mentioned in the Bible in reference to the phrase 'God raises'.

60. Joy (U) - a Latin word that stands for ecstasy and happiness.

61. Juju (U) - a short version of the name Julia or Juliana or Jason.

62. Julia (F) - a Latin word used for a girl which means youthful and fresh.

63. Juliet (F) - a romantic and adorable female name taken from the popular romance drama 'Romeo and Juliet'.

64. Julius (M) - a male name is taken from the popular Shakespearean drama under the name of 'Julius Ceasar'.

65. Juni (F) - a girl's name in reference to the month of June and of Scandinavian origin.

66. Jupiter (M) - a male name of Latin origin given in reference to the Roman God of the supreme power of the same name.

Cool J Nicknames

Generally, parents or other family members prefer keeping cool nicknames for their kids, especially boys. When you have a cool nickname, it is sure to make you popular amongst your friends. So, check out these cool nicknames as given below.

67. Jada (F) - an Arabic name suitable for a beautiful and graceful woman.

68. Janet (F) - a feminine name meaning a gift from God.

69. Jansen (M) - a boy's name of Scandinavian origin and given to boys whose father's names are Jan.

70. Javert (M) - a name of French origin that can be given to a person who is religious and strong-willed.

71. Jaylen (F) - a sweet female name that can be given to a woman who has a thankful attitude.

72. Jean Luc (M) - a Christian male name whose reference is found in 'Star Trek', especially in the character of Picard.

73. Jeeves (M) - taken from 'My Man Jeeves'.

74. Jenesis (F) - a name of Greek origin that stands for a new beginning.

75. Jessie (F) - a name of Hebrew origin that translates to the 'Lord exists'.

76. Jet (U) - can be the name of a girl or a boy that stands for someone rebellious or free-spirited.

77. Johanna (F) - a name of both German and Hebrew origin that is a variant of 'Joanna', meaning 'God is gracious'.

78. Jojoba (U) - a nickname that suits both boys and girls and denotes a type of shrub.

79. Joshambee (M) - a popular character in the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

80. Journey (F) - a word with English roots that mean a voyage.

81. Joyce (F) - a feminine name in reference to the famous author James Joyce.

82. Judith (F) - a Hebrew name to which any woman of Judea can be referred.

83. Judson (M) - taken from the character of 'The Librarian' movie.

84. Julissa (F) - a perfect nickname for a baby girl with beautiful and soft hair.

85. Juniper (F) - a baby girl's name of Latin origin that is suitable for evergreen and young children.

86. Justice (M) - an English name with reference to the movie 'Justice League'.

Unique J Nicknames

Want to go through some more unique nicknames with 'J'? Here is a list of some nicknames with 'J' that can suit your brothers, sisters, and pals.

87. Jamila (F) - an Arabic name for females that stand for beauty and grace.

88. Jersey (M) - a masculine name that stands for a grassy island.

89. Jinger (U) - a word that has English roots and stands for enthusiasm and liveliness.

90. Josey (U) - a name that can be used for both males and females and is a diminutive version of Joseph.

91. Joshua (M) - a Hebrew name for a male mentioned in the Old Testament that stands for God in deliverance.

92. Jovie (M) - a friendly nickname for a boy who loves celebration or has a joyful pessimistic attitude.

93. Judy (M) - a name for a baby boy of Hebrew origin, meaning praising someone.

94. Juno (F) - a name of Latin origin that means the queen of heavens.

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