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60+ Best Lashunta Names For Starfinder

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The Lashunta is a playable race in the role playing game 'Starfinder'.

The Lashunta race, which consists of humanoid creatures, belongs to the planet called Castrovel. The Lashunta are known for their psychic abilities.

If you can't come up with the right name for your Lashunta character while playing 'Starfinder', read on to find more than 50 Lashunta names in this article. Names for Lashuntas are known for their M sounds and S sounds and for being very soft and melodic in nature, so expect plenty of these soft names!

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S Sounding Lashunta Names

In this section, we'll take a look at names for a Lashunta character that start with the letter S. You can also find the meaning and origin of each Lashunta name mentioned here. Why use a name generator to generate random names for your character when you can pick one from this list of meaningful 'Starfinder' Lashunta names?

Most Starfinder Lashunta names have 'm' or 's' sounds but some can have both sounds.

1. Saana (Finnish origin), derived from the name of a Finnish mountain.

2. Saar (Hebrew origin), an apt Lashunta name meaning "storm".

3. Sabah (Arabic and Turkish origins), meaning "morning".

4. Sabri (Arabic origin), meaning "patient".

5. Saburo (Japanese origin), meaning "third son".

6. Sachiko (Japanese origin), a great Lashunta humanoids' name meaning "good luck" and "happiness".

7. Sacnicte (Native American origin), meaning "white flower".

8. Sadaf (Arabic origin), meaning "mother of pearl" and "seashell".

9. Saddam (Arabic origin), meaning "one who confronts".

10. Sade (Finnish origin), meaning "ray of light", one of the best names for Lashuntas.

11. Sadiq (Arabic origin), meaning "true" and "loyal", one of the best 'Pathfinder' Lashunta names.

12. Safaa (Arabic origin), meaning "purity", "clarity" and "serenity".

13. Safira (Esperanto origin), meaning "sapphire".

14. Saga (Norse origin), one of the ideal Lashunta 'Starfinder' names meaning "the one who sees".

15. Sagi (Hebrew origin), meaning "sublime" and "elevated".

16. Sahar (Arabic and Persian origin), meaning "dawn".

17. Saif (Arabic origin), meaning "sword".

18. Sakchai (Thai origin), one of the most ideal 'Starfinder' Lashunta names meaning "honorable victory".

19. Saki (Japanese origin), meaning "blossoming hope".

20. Sakiko (Japanese origin), meaning "blossoming child".

21. Sakina (Arabic origin), meaning "peace" and "calm".

22. Sakshi (Sanskrit origin), meaning "witness".

23. Sakura (Japanese origin), meaning "cherry blossom".

24. Salah (Arabic origin), the perfect name for a Lashunta Damaya meaning "righteousness".

25. Salama (Arabic origin), meaning "safety".

26. Salambek (Chechen origin), meaning "peaceful chieftain".

27. Salih (Arabic origin), meaning "virtuous".

28. Salil (Arabic origin), meaning "son" or "sword", one of the most powerful 'Starfinder' Lashunta names.

29. Salim (Arabic origin), meaning "safe and sound".

30. Salme (Estonian origin), meaning "verse" and "poem"; truly one of the most musical 'Starfinder' Lashunta names.

31. Saltanat (Kazakh origin), meaning "festival".

32. Salut (Catalan origin), meaning "cheers" or "health".

33. Salvador (Spanish origin), meaning "savior".

34. Salvius (Roman origin), one of the most mighty 'Starfinder' names meaning "safe".

35. Salwah (Arabic origin), meaning "comfort".

36. Sam (Persian origin), meaning "dark", one of the 'Starfinder' Lashunta names that has both 'm' and 's' sounds.

37. Samad (Arabic origin), meaning "eternal", another one of 'Starfinder' Lashunta names that has both 'm' and 's' sounds.

38. Samael (Hebrew origin), meaning "God's severity".

M Sounding Lashunta Names

Now that we've covered some S sounding Lashunta names for all you 'Starfinder' fans to use, it's time to shift our attention towards some M sounding Lashunta names in the following list. Feel free to use these names and share them with all the Starfinder loving people that you know.

Lashunta names should be such that they reflect the power and goodness of Lashuntas.

39. Maacah (Hebrew origin), meaning "to crush" or "to press"; a name that you people will surely want to use and share with fellow 'Starfinder' fans.

40. Maalik (Arabic origin), meaning "master"; a name that can be used for a powerful Lashunta character.

41. Maayan (Hebrew origin), a name people will love, meaning "spring of water".

42. Mabon (Welsh origin), meaning "son"; a name that can be used for a male Lashunta character.

43. Mabyn (Welsh origin), meaning "youth"; perfect to use if you're looking for a name for a young Lashunta character.

44. Macario (Spanish origin), meaning "happy" and "blessed"; a name that many 'Starfinder' fans will love.

45. Madalitso (African origin), meaning "blessings".

46. Madelief (Dutch origin), meaning "daisy"; a beautiful name that many 'Starfinder' fans will appreciate.

47. Madhava (Sanskrit origin), meaning "of the springtime".

48. Mael (French origin), meaning "Prince" or "chieftain"; a name fit for Lashunta royalty.

49. Maeva (Tahitian and French origin), meaning "welcome".

50. Magahet (Chamorro origin), meaning "certain" and "true".

51. Magnus (Scandinavian origin), meaning "great".

52. Mahatma (Sanskrit origin), meaning "great soul"; an ideal name for a noble Lashunta character.

53. Mahdi (Arabic origin), meaning "guided one".

54. Mahin (Persian origin), meaning "of the moon", a really mystical name that goes well with the psychic powers of the Lashunta.

55. Mahpiya (Native American origin), meaning "sky" and "cloud"; one of the names Lashunta characters can carry quite well.

56. Mahtab (Persian origin), meaning "moonlight"; another one of the names Lashunta characters are well suited for.

57. Mahvash (Persian origin), a Lashunta name meaning "like the moon".

58. Maia (Roman origin), meaning "greater"; not one of the 'Starfinder' Lashunta names that you can get from a name generator.

59. Maimu (Estonian origin), one of the best 'Starfinder' Lashunta names meaning "little".

60. Mainchin (Irish origin), meaning "little monk".

61. Mainio (Finnish origin), meaning "excellent".

62. Mairwen (Welsh origin), meaning "fair" and "blessed".

63. Maite (Basque origin), meaning "lovable"; a great Lashunta name.

64. Majdi (Arabic origin), meaning "praiseworthy" and "glorious".

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