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105 Best Mexican Restaurant Names

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The food industry is teeming with successful Mexican restaurants, also known as 'restaurante' in Spanish.

Every day a new restaurant is opening at a prime location, so you'll need a compelling business name to stand out from the crowd. To help your business and to become recognizable, we've rounded some of the top Mexican restaurant name ideas to help give you a leg up.

Our big list of catchy Mexican restaurant name ideas can be used for food trucks, taco takeaways, or proper fine dining Mexican restaurants. With these names, we are sure you'll have your space teeming with happy customers.

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Popular Mexican Restaurant Names

Names for a restaurant should invoke something about your business or menu

If you are looking for creative, yet popular names for restaurants, then this is the list for you. It contains names inspired by names for Mexican food like Tacos, Chipotle, Guacamole, and much more.

1. Aroma Dish: is the perfect restaurant name for an aromatic restaurant.

2. Bigotes y Sombreros: suitable for Mexican restaurants, that welcomes you with men dressed in hats and big mustaches.

3. Burrito Country: such fun restaurant names are difficult to come across.

4. Burrito Palace: a Spanish restaurant that specializes only in the burrito.

5. Chicken Hint: a cool restaurant name for a place that cooks delicious chicken dishes.

6. Cocina Cancún: it translates to Cancun kitchen, such Spanish restaurant names are often inspired by the owners' name or location of the restaurant.

7. Delicious Treats: a perfect name for a place to eat all your favorites.

8. El Plato Caliente: it translates to the hot plate.

9. El Ranchero: a perfect steak place with perfect ranch dressing.

10. El Super Burrito: for a perfect burrito place.

11. Enchiladas: do we need any more information.

12. Epic Kitchen: for an epic dinner time.

13. Fajita Friends: a perfect name for a place to go for fajitas and drinks with friends.

14. Flawless Recipe: for a flawless dining place.

15. Hot Plate: for a place that always serves hot food.

16. Hot Tamales: for a place where you can eat tamales as much as you like.

17. Las Tapas: for authentic appetizers or snacks from Spanish cuisine.

18. Los Amigos Restaurante: for a place to hang out with friends.

19. Macho Tacos: for a macho tacos place.

20. Margaritas: for a place for margaritas and chats.

21. Mayan Icon: for a rustic and old-fashioned place.

22. Mexican Bite: for traditional Mexican food.

23. Mi Ranchito: for steaks, ranch dressing, and a place to chill with friends.

24. Mis Amigos Restaurante: for a pet-friendly place.

25. Nacho Queso: for a place that specializes in nachos.

26. Perfect Mix: for a place with drinks, good food, and good music.

27. Picante Dominion: for a place with finger-licking and spicy food.

28. Precious Delight: for great quality and authentic dining.

29. Rancho Grande: for fresh and homemade dishes.

30. Restaurante la Familia: for a family place.

31. Royal Tables: for a royal fine dining experience.

32. Su Vecindario Restaurante: for a friendly neighborhood joint.

33. Tacos DF: for a place where you can find food and taste from Mexico City.

34. Tequila N' Taquitos: for your need for tequila and tacos.

35. Tex-Mex Hipster: for a fun and happening Tex-Mex place.

36. The Enchilada Man: for a restaurant, whose name is inspired by the song by Dean Martin.

37. The Tasty Quesadilla: for a place to get the best quesadillas.

38. Three Amigos: for a restaurant owned by three friends.

Mexican Food Truck Names

Mexican and spanish restaurant names should be creative

If you are looking for a creative business name for your food truck business, then all the entries on this list is just what you should be looking for. We have compiled a list of names that are inspired by the Mexican menu, which might just make a perfect name for your business.

39. Amigo Bros: a friendly Spanish restaurant name for a friendly restaurant.

40. Benny's Burritos: for a place that is named after its owner.

41. Bob's Burritos: for a burrito shack.

42. Burrito Bros: if you are low on Spanish restaurant name ideas, then try this name for your food truck.

43. Burrito Bus Co.: for a chain of burrito trucks.

44. Burrito Zone: for a burrito only cart. Aah! who doesn't love a good burrito on a chilly winter night.

45. Cancun Corner: for a local food cart.

46. Chilli on Wheels: such ideas for restaurant names are inspired by your staple dish.

47. Esposito's Burritos: for an express burrito joint.

48. Fajita Food Truck: for a dedicated fajita truck.

49. Fernando's Food Truck: for food truck named by its owner. It is a perfect name choice if you believe in personal touch.

50. Francesco Food Truck: for a truck where you can buy authentic Mexican food.

51. Guac's Truck: perfect Mexican restaurant names for a food truck that makes the best guacamole.

52. Guac N Roll: Do you get it? A food cart that makes the best roll using guacamole spread.

53. Guerrilla Burritos: a perfect name for Mexican restaurants that make the best burritos in town.

54. Holy Guacamole: for a restaurant known for their guacamole

55. Little Mexican Chef: for a small and quaint place for quality Mexican food.

56. Made in Mexico: for 100% authentic local food.

57. Mad for Mexican: for a place where you can go mad about the Mexican food menu.

58. Mad Mex: inspired by the movie 'Mad Men'.

60. Mexican Bistro: for a small cafe.

61. Mexican Central: this place gets its name from its cultural theme.

62. Mexican Chilli: for the best chili on the menu.

63. Mexican Food Truck Co.: for a food truck dedicated to local cuisines.

64. Mexican Grill: for authentic grilled dishes.

65. Mexican Pollos: for a fried chicken fast food truck.

66. Mexican Southern Grill: for a Southwestern staples truck.

67. Mexican Street Food: for local antojitos.

68. Mexican Overload: for 100% authentic antojitos.

69. Mex Loaded Fries: for a fries place.

70. Miguel's Mexican: for a great place to tantalize your taste buds.

71. Rollin' Burritos: for an authentic burrito experience.

72. Rolling Guacamole: for an authentic guacamole experience.

73. Salsa Shack: for a place with authentic and unique salsa dips.

74. Salsa Street Grill: for a place famous for its salsa and grills.

75. Southern Bites: for quick and inexpensive dining.

76. Southern Grill: for a quick grill desire.

77. Sunshine Burrito: for a perfect burrito morning.

78. Taste of Mexico: for a one-stop destination for beef barbacoa, chicken fajita quesadillas, and taco Tuesday.

79. Tequila Truck: a perfect name for a place for tequila needs.

80. Tex-Mex Grill: for steaks, burgers, pizza, and sandwich needs.

81. Tex-Mex Kitchen: for an authentic American regional cuisine experience.

82. The Chilli Bus: for fresh & homemade chilli, burritos & bowls.

83. The Chilli Truck: for a perfect destination for your perfect fall dish!

84. The Fresh Tortilla: need we elaborate more.

85. The Little Guacamole: for a place with small but fine serving.

86. The Little Mexican: for gourmet local cuisine.

87. The Urban Wrap: for an upscale food truck who specializes in different types of wraps.

88. Tijuana Food Truck: for a restaurant style dining experience outside.

89. Urban Burrito: for an upscale burrito joint.

90. Vegan Burrito Bus: for all those vegans.

Fancy Mexican Restaurant Names

Who doesn't love a fine dining experience? All the creative restaurant names on our fancy restaurant names have been curated bearing in mind the Mexican tradition and food habits. We hope that one of these names of restaurants is just what you are looking for in your business.

91. Cafe de Tacuba: for a small and cute Mexican café in the picturesque city of Tacuba.

92. Chipotle Mexican Grill: for an authentic Mexican grill restaurant.

93. Del Taco: for a place with awesome tacos. You can never go wrong with tacos.

94. El Bajío: for a cafe with a fine dining experience.

95. El Cardenal: for a place to go with your boss.

96. El Pollo Loco: it translates to "the crazy chicken", a perfect name for a place whose specialty is chicken.

97. Fonda Fina: for an inexpensive yet fancy restaurant.

98. La Casa de Toño: for an overall fancy place. A cool restaurant name inspired by the TV show 'La Casa de Papal' or 'Money Heist'.

99. Merotoro: for a surf and turf place.

100. Nico’s: a perfect restaurant named after its owner.

101. Pujol: for a small yet luxurious Mexican place. So, if you are looking for short and sweet name option go for it.

102. Qdoba Mexican Eats: for a fast serving and fast-growing Mexican food chain.

103. Quintonil: for a quiet and reserved restaurant.

104. Taco Bell: as the name suggests, a taco place. It is the most popular Mexican restaurants in the U.S.

105. Yuban: for a perfect place with coffee and tacos.

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