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110+ Best Miraluka Names For Your Character

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In ‘Star Wars’, the Clone Wars was a very important battle that changed the course of the story.

During the Clone Wars, a sentient species that gained quite a lot of popularity were the Miraluka. They first made their appearance in ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’.

The Miralukas were a humanoid species that belonged to the swtor races and were famously known for not having eye sockets or eyes. They usually always wore a band around their eyes. Owing to their distinct lack of eye sockets they gained a lot of popularity in the intergalactic universe. When playing any ‘Star Wars’ game, it is natural for you to wonder what to name your Miraluka characters. Whether you are looking for female Miraluka names or male Miraluka names, you can forget the name generator because here is a list of the best 'Star Wars' Miraluka names and Miraluka last names. If you’d like, you could also have a quick look at these Nautolan names for the best Nautolan names from 'Star Wars' and these great 'Star Wars' Bounty Hunter names.

Best ‘Star Wars’ Miraluka Names

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ was known for many things and the humanoids race of Miraluka is one of the most prominent ones. With their notable Miraluka eyes, one can come up with some amazing Miraluka Jedi names. When looking for the best Miraluka male names and Miraluka female names, many people look to a name generator for ideas, however we have compiled a list here of some of the best Miraluka 'Star Wars' names that would give any Miraluka Jedi a superb personality. The names of Miraluka humanoids are usually very short and are easy to pronounce. These species might be born without eyes but they have some of the most amazing strengths and names.

1. Aepi

2. Bahb

3. Bhippop

4. Bipeur

5. Com

6. Dlott

7. Dunn

8. Eowyn

9. Ezekiel

10. Flann

11. Flodd

12. Ghion

13. Gribba

14. Griggad

15. Guzeod

16. Hanaal

17. Logset

18. Mapar

19. Nafod

20. Pomol

21. Rezur

22. Rhuzzo

23. Sasuur

24. Sevec

25. Slabb

26. Stevastin

27. Tufih

28. Vivood

29. Wessex

30. Zakem

Miraluka names are very mystical.

Female Miraluka Names

Got a female Miraluka for whom you are looking to pick that one amazing name? These species might be born without eyes but they have some of the most fierce names you could ever come across. Pick a name from this that you like rather than using a name generator to find your perfect name! These female species in ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ owe their popularity to their fierce personalities and it is crucial that you name your characters something equally fierce as well. From the list below, pick your favorite female Miraluka name and use it to give this species the appreciation they deserve.

31. Aewop

32. Alyhna

33. Alylyra

34. Aodmoon

35. Bamala

36. Barya

37. Calgaris

38. Cellaeron

39. Daereris

40. Elaemys

41. Haelerya

42. Hera

43. Jaehra

44. Laengaris

45. Ligop

46. Maelerla

47. Maella

48. Maemera

49. Maesys

50. Movkat

51. Naerehra

52. Nelaena

53. Qaraeris

54. Qoheneos

55. Saelyra

56. Slowurr

57. Taelar

58. Vaena

59. Vysera

60. Wofuay

Male Miraluka Names

Looking for a male Miraluka name for your ‘Star Wars’ character? Just like female names for the Miraluka species, many Miraluka male names are also short with usually two to three syllables. Your search for the names of characters from ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ is finally over! Pick any of these names that you like or put them in a name generator to get more unique options for the same. Use these amazing male Miraluka names to get your characters a fierce personality. These names can be used not only for Old Republic 'Star Wars' characters but also for other characters as well. Here are the best Miraluka names for the males of this species.

61. Aerydar

62. Artigar

63. Baegaron

64. Berlaeron

65. Celiar

66. Chazam

67. Daemond

68. Dagirr

69. Gahaevor

70. Galgaris

71. Gofuf

72. Gontaris

73. Jacaerion

74. Kecup

75. Kimath

76. Laegarys

77. Lucaegaron

78. Maltalos

79. Mamyx

80. Matamor

81. Mavar

82. Nukir

83. Raedar

84. Sibuan

85. Taemarys

86. Ucarth

87. Vinor

88. Wogil

89. Xegtouk

90. Ximen

Miraluka names are powerful.

Unique Miraluka Names

The Miraluka species was famous for not being concerned with personal glory or gains. They were always cautious and thoughtful beings who were rare, fierce and deliberative. Owing to how unique the Miraluka species is, it only fits well that you name them something rare and interesting. If you are looking to name your Miraluka character something fun and unique, here is a list of the most rare and mysterious names for you to look at. You can also put these options in a name generator to obtain more unique alternatives to the names.

91. Aelwin

92. Alfrun

93. Arnis

94. Brunloc

95. Cenwulf

96. Cynehild

97. Cynric

98. Eada

99. Eddval

100. Eomer

101. Estrith

102. Fjolmod

103. Gardiner

104. Godwyna

105. Halldor

106. Hildigunnr

107. Hildir

108. Ingeborg

109. Ingunn

110. Kenelm

111. Kiaran

112. Marit

113. Myrun

114. Nader

115. Nikulas

116. Oda

117. Runolf

118. Thorgil

119. Tilmund

120. Wulgan

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