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103 Best Motel Names That Are Cool And Creative

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It is important to consider naming your lodging in such a way that will interest potential clients which is the reason we present to you this list of motel names that you can use for your next business venture.

In case you are wondering why motels are called "motels", they were developed on highways for motorists. Regardless of whether you're looking to see a few instances of motel names, huge lodging names, or just need motivation for good names for inns; this list is for you.

You should choose a name that will leave a lasting impression and attract the best customers if you ever intend to rent out. Your choice name should depict your style and environment. So check out these 100 best motel names that are cool and creative.

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Popular Motel Names

People will trust your hotel more if the name is popular.

In the event that you are searching for motel names to get motivation, you are in the ideal spot. You need a motel name that can bring more clients.

1. Coast Hotels: guests at the hotel can enjoy a buffet breakfast at Coast Hotels and enjoy the breezy air on the coast.

2. Kings Inn: as the name says, enjoy the ambiance king size.  

3. Lunch Inn: it has all the things you need and nearby to all necessities. The hotel has excellent vegetarian food and one pub too.

4. Moss View Motel: Moss View Motel is an award-winning eco-smart bed and breakfast located in the center of the new city.

5.  Omni Motels: Omni Motels provides a great time with your family and friends and keeps their words.

6.  Paramount Motel: Paramount Motel provides the best service at affordable rates. Guests enjoy the comfy beds. It is located near the beachside.

7. Primland Hotel: diverse luxury accommodations, and endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

8. Roadside Motel: Roadside Motels you'll actually want to stay in on your next road trip. It is situated on the highways.

9. Malabar Hotels: if you want to spend your vacation on the beach, think about booking a hotel situated on a hill station.

10. Happy Mornings Motel: enjoy your mornings in Happy Mornings Motel with a healthy breakfast and breezy air.

11. Hillside Motel: enjoy the cool air in the motel. It is located on top of the hills.

12. Small Town Hotel: for your next weekend getaway or midweek escape from the metropolis, skip past the swanky hotels and hit the hay at one of these new Small Town Hotels.

13. The Local View Resorts: it is this stillness that shines through the splendor of The Local View Resorts that attracts people easily. Enjoy a home-like experience here and forget the old experiences.

14. Quaint Motel: experience the resort-like facility here and spend quality time with your loved ones.

15. Quality Motels: well known for their quality of food and good ambiance. You can easily find the food of your choice here.

16. Breeze Blows Resorts: this resort is located on the beachside. Enjoy the breezy air and sunbathe at the same time.

17. La Parisienne Resorts: it represents the Persian culture with awesome food and ambiance.

18. The Worldly Traveler Resort: people will love the ambiance and food as you can taste food according to the culture.

19. Quick Stop Motel: eco-friendly environment with good food and music.

20. Persian Motel: it's an incredible historical hotel, with Persian gardens and Persian food.

21. Barbeque Grills Resorts: a barbeque grill is an open air-kitchen that gives you more or less a picnic feel with your family with a comfortable stay.

22. Mountain Inn Motel: provides accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, and a garden.

22. Treehouse Hotel: the Tree House Resort offers great views and keeps their words.

23. Rosegarden Motel: Rose Garden Motel offers rooms with free WiFi and awesome food.

24. Windy Pharaoh Hotel: lovely hotel, food very good but very windy atmosphere.

25. Windssy Hotel: it is the cheapest motel chain.

26. Foody Sterling Inn: nice ambiance with good food & drink options.

27. Foodie Admire: for someone who is particularly interested in trying new foods

28. Windy Emerald Hotel: offering good accommodations with good food.

29. Imperial Inn: good food, music, and a comforting stay.

30. Stallion Motels: good ambiance, and food at a cheap price.

31. Majestic Inn: good food with a high-class facility.

32. Foodies Point: fast food restaurant with good ambiance.

33. Hot Chilli Hotel: famous for the Italian dish.

34. Lavish Rosewood Motel: lavish, luxurious, beautiful with good food.

35. Remarkable hotel: known for its Chinese food.

36. Delicacy Inn: famous for continental food.

37. Blooming Flower Hotel: known for its words, food, and ambiance.

38. Imperial Taste: known for its unique taste.

39. Tastelia: famous for spicy noodles.

40. Rare Taste Motel: situated at the bank of the river famous for fast food.

Funny Motel Names

People will remember your motel name if its name is funny and creative

How would we locate the ideal lodging name? A few proprietors feel that it is sufficient to simply get a popular name and a great idea to go. But some people want something a bit more memorable.

Are you looking for a motel name that seems funny as well as creative? Here are some funny name ideas for the motel business.

41. Flying Saucer Motels: provides services for travellers, that is why is called a motel.

42. Renovat Inn: perfect for somewhere under new management.

43. Elephant Trunk Hotel: a jungle theme hotel, known for good food.

44. Kitty Witty Hotel: a hello kitty name themed restaurant with good ambiance.

45. Devil Return Hotel, a known fast food point.

46. Beachside Hotel: experience breezy pair with seafood.

47. Breakfast Hunger Hotel: famous for different types of breakfast options.

48. Jungle Theme Hotel: an animal theme restaurant with good nonvegetarian food.

49. Jumping Monkey Hotel: situated at the riverside with good ambiance.

50. Jumpingiva Hotel: known for Italian dishes.

51. Kidporium Inn: An exceptional dining experience at the hotel with imaginative dishes that excite and service with a smile.

52. Cafeops Hotel: experience home-like continental food at a cheap price.

53. Celestial Kid: food with kids rides.

54. Step Back Inn: located in the center of the city with good ambiance

55. Elephant Tail Inn: a fast food corner for teenagers.

56. The Last Resort: good for a place in the middle of nowhere.

57. What's Mine Is Yours Motel: a place with great hospitality.

58. We're Halfway There: Woooaah, living on a prayer!

59. Wanda Inn: anyone is welcome here.

60.  Boo-tique Hotel: perfect for a motel with a spooky vibe.

61. Hotel City: Perfect funny name for a tiny motel.

62. Hollywood Sands: One of the funniest hotel names for a hotel that isn't in California.

63. The Gourmet Resorts and Hotel: known for their fast food.

64. Cotton Candy House Hotel: as the hotel names say, situated near the cotton factory.

65. The Watson Hotel: known for its best continental food.

66. Pacifica  Inn Hotel: situated near the seaside known for service like home.

67. Hotel Barry Love: known for good ambiance and continental food.

68. Cosmopolitan Hotel: situated at the riverside with the best continental food.

69. White Dove Hotels: a famous open-aired restaurant with good ambiance.

70. Reefs Resort & Club: a resort famous for food and pub.

American Motel Names

An upscale full-service motel offers extravagance luxuries, an on-location cafe, and the most elevated level of customized administration. Are you looking for American motel names that are cool as well as creative for your motel business? Here are some top American motel names for your motel venture that will give you an idea for your motel venture.

71. New House Hotel: It's related to continental food.

72. Blossom Well Resort: experience a home-like facility with a pub.

73. Family Ties Hotel: a hotel situated on the bank of the river with a great view.

74. Clean Convenience Hotel: complete classy services at a cheap rate.

75. Paradise Point Resort: a beautiful view that cant is expressed in words.

76. Spotlight Hotel: come and enjoy high-class service at cheap rates.

77. Spring Brook: come and feel fresh air with good food.

78. Quaint Motel: a 5-star hotel.

79. White Season Resort: located at the seaside with a great view.

80. Parallel Shine: one of the famous hotels, famous for coffee.

81. The Venetian: a vegetarian food joint.

82. Purple Orchid: a purple-themed restaurant.

83. Lime Wood: located on the bank of the river with a nice view.

84. Green Tortoise Hotels: a continental food joint.

85. Red Velvet Motel: a 3 star motel with home-like food.

86. Sunset’s View: sunset view with good food.

87. The Beach Cottages: a beachside motel with nice ambiance.

88. Union Rooms: a hotel famous for good hospitality.

89. Hotel deLuxe hotel: as the hotel name is. same deluxe services.

90. The Breakers: fast food joint with a nice ambiance.

91. Four Seasons motel: as the hotel names say it provides all-season food.

92. Happy Stay: find your happiness with us.

93. Night In Paradise: good ambiance with a snow theme.

94. Sunset Lodge: located on the roadside, a small hotel.

95. Peaceful Mornings: famous for different types of breakfast.

96. Big Dreams Inn: come and find your soul-satisfying services.

97. Rooftop Resort: an old resort with new services.

98. Hotel Bliss: as the hotel names sound, feel pure bliss.

99. Soft Petal Inn: as the hotel names say, feel the comfort here.

100. Relax Inn: a food joint with spa services.

101. Country Charm:  feel the old-time experience here.

102. North Side Cafe: a complete fast food corner.

103. Cordial Hosts: this place a pure bliss.

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