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101 Best Nicknames For Jessica

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 'Jessica' is a famous name with varied and different origins.

Jessica is an English word of Hebrew origin, and it means 'one with a foresight'. It is an exceptionally popular name across the world and has been around for ages.

In fact, it finds its earliest mention in the Shakespearean play 'The Merchant of Venice', with an important character named Jessica. Now girls with this name can be found worldwide, and its incredible meaning makes it extremely popular with parents. Because of this nicknames for Jessica are very unique and important.

Identifying nicknames for 'Jessica' can be a headache because of it's popularity. Here are some of the unique nicknames for Jessica that will be both funny and cool. You will be excited to search for nicknames that match your little Jessica’s personality, and if your thoughts are running dry, you can refer to this list for more inspiration. Without further delay, let’s discover the origin and meaning of 'Jessica' and the nicknames for 'Jessica.'

Unique Nicknames For Jessica

You may be wondering whether Jessica is of Spanish origin or not. Jessica is not of Spanish origin but Hebrew origin. Most people from the mid-1980s and early ’90s in the United States prefer this name, and it is used exclusively to name a girl, whereas the male version of Jessica is Jesse.

  • Bless Jess- is the variant of the name Jessica.
  • Clint- is the name of a place in North Yorkshire.
  • Ica- meaning ‘light,’ is a short nickname for Jessica.
  • Jacy- meaning ‘Moon,’ is the most popular nickname in the United States.
  • Jay Bae- perfectly suits your girl baby Jessica if she is a passionate person.
  • Jebino- is a fashionable nickname for Jessica.
  • Jecasi- meaning a handsome man or woman, refers to unisex babies. It is one of the unique nicknames for Jessica.
  • Jecca- meaning ‘God Beholds,’ is a short form of the name 'Jessica.'
  • Jei- meaning ‘Victorious,’ represents the girl with romantic and nurturing qualities.
  • Jeje- consists of two vowels and two consonants. It is one of the short nicknames for Jessica that will go well for someone with a silly and fun personality.
  • Jellymcflurry- is a sweet chocolate-flavored ice cream that represents your sweet honey girl.
  • Jenica- meaning ‘The gracious gift of God,’ is one of the popular names that can be given to your baby girl. This word surely sounds like a fun option for a nickname.
  • Jenkins- meaning ‘son of John,’ is a biblical name and is more popular in England.
  • Jerry- meaning ‘Spear,’ is the symbol of courage, power, and pride, and this is a perfect choice of name for your baby girl.
  • Jersey- meaning ‘Grassy Island,’ is a neutral name that can refer to either a boy or a girl. It is indeed one of the fun nickname ideas for Jessica.
  • Jessabeth- meaning ‘the desire of heart,’ is used most commonly to name boys and girls.
  • Jessalen- meaning ‘merciful,’ is one of the gracious nicknames for Jessica.
  • Jessalyn- meaning ‘he sees,’ is a unique girl name that is one of the trending names in the name list of girls.
  • Jesseca- is the Hebrew version of Jessica.
  • Jesselyn- meaning ‘He sees,’ is a diminutive version of Jessica.
  • Jessey- meaning ‘Our Lord exists,’ is another spelling for 'Jesse,' a Hebrew origin. It is one of the best nicknames for Jessica.
  • Jessi Jess- meaning ‘God Beholds,’ is a perfect short form of Jessica and Jessye is a variant of Jessi.
  • Jessica- meaning ‘gift of god’ or ‘God beholds,’ is a biblical name in the Old Testament.
  • Jessicara- comes from the original version of Jessica.
  • Jessicarita- a nickname that sounds lovelier and elegant.
  • Jessie Tickles- is one of the funniest names to tease your daughter, Jessica.
  • Jessisaurus- is a lengthy nickname for Jessica.
  • Jessy Joe- is a stylish name used commonly in England.
  • Jessyka- meaning ‘gift,’ is a cute girl name mainly used in the Hindu religion.
  • Jezzica- is a slight variation of the name Jessica. One of the fun ideas for nicknames for Jessica.
  • Jiji- meaning ‘wise,’ is a perfect name to refer to your cute and intellectual girl baby. It surely sounds more fun than all other nicknames for Jessica.
  • Jitz- refers to a faithful and sensitive type of girl.
  • Jora- meaning ‘autumn rain,’ refers to girls born in September, October, and November.
  • Miss Jess- is a respectful short name for Jessica.
  • Sika- meaning ‘money,’ is an African version of a female name that denotes wealth.
  • Yessica- meaning ‘God Beholds,’ is a name that William Shakespeare invented.
  • Yessy- meaning ‘a beautiful girl,’ is used in Indonesia to refer to your girl baby.

Funny Nicknames For Jessi

If a name has to be considered classic, it should be consistently popular among people for decades, at least a century. Until 2011, the name 'Jessica' stayed in the top 100 popular girls’ names list, but in the last decade, the popularity of this name has diminished.

Are you excited to learn some of the funny nicknames for Jessica? Below are some funny names you should know before deciding to keep a nickname for your girl baby.

  • Caca- meaning ‘daughter of Vulkan,’ is a short and common girl name that is easy to pronounce. It is one of the rare Jessica nicknames.
  • Cassie- meaning ‘prophetess,’ is a common popular girl name in Greek mythology.
  • Chloe- meaning ‘blooming or fertility,’ is mainly remembered as the goddess of fertility and agriculture in Greek mythology.
  • Essie- meaning ‘star,’ refers to your baby girl who undoubtedly lights up your family.
  • Evie- meaning ‘life,’ is a funny nickname that can be given to your girl baby.
  • Hurricane Jessie- can be used to tease your buddy compared with a storm.
  • Jae- meaning ‘ability,’ is a neutral gender name that refers to your baby girl’s talent and good fortune. It is one of the best Jessica nicknames.
  • Jaggi- meaning ‘Awake,’ is a Sikh/Punjabi name that represents the spiritual qualities of your girl baby.
  • Jaisey- meaning ‘sacrificer,’ is a funny name that represents the personality of your cutie pie.
  • Jazzy- meaning ‘modern,’ is a mix of Jocelyn and jazz, a musical term. It surely is one of the fun Jessica nicknames.
  • Jello- meaning ‘Sugar,’ is a suitable name to refer to your baby girl if she dances like a jelly.
  • Jesse Car- perfectly suits your baby girl if she is a car lover.
  • Jesse- meaning ‘The gift of God,’ is a given name that comes from 'Yishai,' a Hebrew name.
  • Jessica Alba- is the name that comes after an American actress.
  • Jessica Day- is the name of the lead character artist in the sitcom 'New Girl.'
  • Jessica Meir- is the name of an American astronaut.
  • Jessica Rabbit- is the name of a fictional character.
  • Jessica Rose- meaning ‘Gold beholds fame,’ is a top trending girl baby name with a combination of two words, 'Jessica' and 'Rose.'
  • Jessicake- is used globally as a nickname for Jessica.
  • Jessie J- is the name of a British singer.
  • Jessie Mouse- reminds me of a cartoon character, 'Tom and Jerry.'
  • Jora- meaning ‘the rain in autumn,’ reminds you of a famous explorer, 'The Dora,' an animated character in the Nickelodeon series.
  • Lois- meaning ‘superior,’ is an iconic name representing your female child’s superior quality.
  • Messy Jessie- is a funny nickname for Jessica. It is one of the coolest Jessica nicknames.

Cool Nicknames For Jessica

It is believed that Jessica comes from the biblical name 'ISCAH' in Genesis 11:29. Iscah is a daughter of Haran in the bible. During William Shakespeare’s time, Iscah is labeled as Jesca. Later Shakespeare used the name in its present form in his work and since then it has been a popular choice for naming girls. If you need cool Jessica nicknames, the following list helps you to explore some of the cool nicknames for Jessica.

  • Estella- meaning ‘star,’ is the character’s name in 'Great Expectations.'
  • Jaggie- meaning 'Awake,’ is a philosophical and spiritual name used to refer to your baby girl.
  • Jasih- is an Arabian nickname for Jessica. Truly a unique nickname.
  • Jeddie- meaning ‘Beloved of God,' is a cool and cute nickname for your baby girl Jessica.
  • Jessalin- is Jesicca’s English and German variant. Jessalin is one of the cool nickname ideas for Jessica.
  • Jessica Biel- is the name of the American-born model and vocalist.
  • Jessica Capshaw- is the name of the American actress who portrayed 'Jamie Stringer' in Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Jessica Chastain- is the name of an American-born producer and actress.
  • Jessica Ennis- is the name of a former British athlete.
  • Jessica Gomes- is the name of a popular Australian model.
  • Jessica Hahn- is the name of a trendy American actress. It is a fun idea for a nickname.
  • Jessica Lange- is the name of the American actress to receive the triple crown for acting.
  • Jessica Simpson- is the name of an American singer and fashion designer.
  • Jessica Walter- is the name of a widely known American actress known for her role in 'Grand Prix'.
  • Jorg- meaning ‘son of George,’ is the popular first name used in European countries.
  • Princess Jess- meaning ‘God’s gift -a royal daughter,’ where princess belongs to English origin and Jess is of Hebrew origin.
  • Princess- meaning ‘Royal Daughter,’ is a female name to imagine your daughter or niece as a royal daughter of your family dynasty.
  • Queen J- is a trending nickname to call your princess with her initials.
  • Sarah- meaning ‘princess or noblewoman,’ is a biblical name of Abraham’s wife.
  • Sheshi- meaning ‘The moon,’ is called a ruler and is a cool nickname for your baby girl.

Cute Nicknames For Jessica

Jessica is a traditionally female name that means 'God beholds,' or 'to see before,' which originated from the Hebrew Bible. Some nicknames may sound familiar and easily memorable due to their cool factor. Are you interested in finding cute and cool nicknames for your girl baby, Jessica? The below list shows you some ideas for cute nicknames for your baby girl.

  • Baby J- is a nickname that can be used to name your newborn baby with just her initial J in 'Jessica.'
  • Esmeralda- is a unisex name and is popular in the Christian religion.
  • Jacky- meaning ‘God is gracious,’ is a unisex name and a short form of Jacqueline.
  • Jaggie- meaning ‘Awake,’ is a short form of the name 'Jacob.'
  • Jay Jay- meaning ‘The Victory,’ which can be used to name both boy and girl babies.
  • Jaycie- meaning ‘blue crested bird,’ is a cute nickname for your baby in Latin and American origin.
  • Jeddie- meaning ‘Beloved of God,’ is a famous biblical name and a shorter version of Jessica.
  • Jemma- meaning ‘precious stone’ or ‘dove,’ is a cute nickname that is considered a symbol of love.
  • Jennica- meaning ‘The gracious gift of god,’ is a Romanian version of jane.
  • Jess Jess- meaning ‘God’s Gift,’ is a shorter version of Jessica.
  • Jessa- meaning ‘He sees,’ is a common nickname and a diminutive version of Jessica.
  • Jessicka- is a cute nickname to name your girl baby, which is a slight variation of the name Jessica.
  • Jex- is a variant of Jack which is most commonly used to refer to boys but can also be used as the nickname for girls.
  • Jezzee- meaning ‘wealthy,’ is an attractive name that is very easy to pronounce.
  • Junot- meaning ‘young,’ is a variant of the name Junius.
  • Kika- meaning ‘Free man,’ will undoubtedly be a sweet nickname for your charming little princess.
  • Maria Jose- meaning ‘bitter or beloved,’ is the combination of the biblical names 'Joseph' and 'Mary.'
  • Patricia (Latin origin)- meaning ‘noble,’ is a feminine version of the name 'Patrick.'
  • Queen Jessi- is a cute nickname to refer to your cute little princess.
  • Yessi- is just a variation of Jessi. The 'J' is replaced with ‘y.’

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