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38 Best Nicknames For Maddie

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There can be two different literal meanings of the name 'Maddie'.

It has been taken from both the Hebrew word Madeline and the English word Maiden. The Hebrew word Madeline means 'woman from Magdala' and the English name Maiden means 'young unmarried woman'.

The name Madeline has been derived from the Christian faith from the name Magdalen, a name related to the Mary of Magdala. She is known to be the symbol of forgiveness and redemption. Hence, Maddie is generally a girl's name. There are two syllables in this name. The pronunciation of the name is 'Mad-ee'. It is a trendy name that is quite famous among celebrities and various social media influencers. The name became popular after the well-known character Madison Sinclair, who was a very popular, arrogant, and vicious fictional character in the TV series for teens. The other spellings for the name are Maddy or Maddi.

Funny Maddie Nicknames

Maddie is a name of English origin, and it is more of a western name that is now commonly used all over the world. There are some really funny and exciting nicknames for Maddie. The names that are often used as nicknames are always very outgoing. The following Maddie nicknames will amaze you. The nicknames are silly, but your daughter would love her name as she grows up. We often give nicknames to our close friends and partners to make it more casual and personal too.

1. Mad Dog - A real dog lover Maddie, or for someone with a very aggressive attitude.

2. Mad Hatter- Named after the loony character from 'Alice In Wonderland.'

3. Madasaur- Maddie likes dinosaurs.

4. Maddie Boom- A partygoer.

5. Maddie Mads- An obvious name.

6. Maddie Moo- Who loves cows.

7. Maddy Patty- A great cook.

8. Madsie- A cool Maddie.

9. Madz- An excited one.

Unique Maddie Nicknames

The aforementioned nicknames are really funny, whereas there are a lot of unique nicknames for the same. The list is never-ending but here we have tried to put the names with the most uniqueness. Initially, the name Maddison was used for baby boys as the literal meaning of the name is 'Son of the Mathews'. But eventually, it became quite a popular name on the girl's name list.

10. Madagascar- Named after the place or the famous movie.

11. Madailein- Which means magnificent.

12. Madelein - A different variation of the previous nickname.

13. Madi - A shorter version of Maddie

14. Madilyne- A nickname taken of Greek origin.

15. Madisyn- A British variant meaning child of a mighty warrior.

16. Madonna- Denotes the meaning of 'my lady'.

17. Madylen- Wordplay on Madeleine.

18. Mandoline- This is a nickname for a person who loves music.

Cute Maddie Nicknames

It's time to surprise your kids with super exciting and trendy names like Maddie. Don't keep age-old stereotypical names just to make it very obvious. Here are some cute nicknames.

19. Addie- For a Maddie who is sweet or noble.

20. Baddie Maddie- An evil Maddie.

21. Emmy- Means whole or universal.

22. Lil Maddie- The younger version of Maddie.

23. Madda- Pretty Maddie.

25. Maddgirl- A funky girl.

25. Mads- Which means the gift of God.

26. Mara- An adorable Maddie.

27. Mimi- A clumsy one.

28. Princess M- A Maddie who is her parents' princess.

Hilarious Maddie Nicknames

The name Maddie can be a true unisex name that can be given to both boys and girls. But this name is mostly given to girl babies. This particular name is so flexible that you can create a hilarious nickname anytime. Personalize names with your choice with these options for you.

29. Dee- A short form of Maddie

30. M&M- Named after the chocolate brand Maddie who is a chocolate lover.

31. Ma Ma- A cute nickname.

32. Maddie Muffin- One who likes to eat muffins or is sweet like one.

33. Maddycakes- Maddie, one who is fond of cakes.

34. Mado- Which means 'woman of Magdala'.

35. Madster- A fun way to tease.

36. Madtad- A crazy name for Maddie

37. Madzilla- Maddie who compares to Godzilla.

38. McDonalds- The name for a fast-food lover.

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