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160 Best Running Team Names

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If you have started a running team or you are participating in an upcoming community running event, then you need a team name for your running crew that stands out among the others.

Running in a team helps keep up your morale and motivates you to keep those muscles moving, as when weariness sets in you need your team members to help you motivate you. To spare you and your team from the pressure associated with concocting a funny, unique and decent team name, we have curated a list of the best running team names. If you are looking for running team names ideas then keep on reading.

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Best Running Team Names

A teen athlete ready to race.

Names like Sole Sisters, Agony of Defeet and Training Wheels are very popular for a running team name but they are quite popular, we hope our list won't disappoint you and will provide you with some good running team names that you may not have heard before.

1. Across The City: They could race around town if you give them the opportunity.

2. Addicted To The Track: For a running team that lives for races.

3. Adrenaline Rush: There is no greater feeling than being on the tracks.

4. Aflame: For a team big on emotion in the race.

5. All For Speed: For a team with unimaginable speed.

6. All Underdogs Run: For individuals who achieve a surprise victory.

7. Bad Like Bandits: For the team united by running.

8. Bar Setters: All runners who set the bar for the next runner.  

9. Blackbirds: A reference to the film 'Blackbird'.

10. Bolt: Just like Usain Bolt, they run.

11. Border Blind: For a team with one goal, run.

12. Born To Run: For a team that is born to race.

13. Bullets For Legs: For teams with quick legs.

14. Can't Be Still: For a team that can't stay still, they are always running.

15. Chasing Clouds: This team run so fast they are practically flying.

16. Compulsive Speed: For a high speed team.

17. Conquer The Track: For the team who is set to claim the race.

18. Craze For Running: For a team who finds running very energizing.

19. Forget The Pain: For a team who wants to triumph over the pain.

20. Dash Like The Wind: For a team who run like the wind.

21. Dominators: For all the dominators and winners.

22. Edge: For a group that lives on the edge.

23. Eyes On The Medal: For a team who lives to win.

24. Feet Be Kickin': For a team that is dynamic.

25. Feet With Rhythm: For a multi-talented team.

26. Fired Up: They're always prepared to race.

27. First Place Please: For a group who wants first.

28. Fit Hour: For a team that is the perfect fit.

29. Flex Those Muscles: For a team who likes to move.

30. Follow The Trail: A team who lead the course.

31. For Restless Beings: Those legs would never stay still.

32. Free Men Run: For a team whose love the freedom of the race.

33. From Start To Finish: For a team who will never be the ones to stop.

34. Furious Toes: For a team that is driven.

35. Game On: Running is the only game they know.

36. Gangster Speed: They are quick, and they know it.

37. Go All Night: A team that can run all night.

38. Golden Moves: For the most skillful runners.

39. Green Feet Gang: Running everywhere is good for the planet, right?

40. Guts For Sprints: For a gutsy running team.

41. Let Loose: For a team who goes insane when they are on the field.

42. Here To Win: For a team who doesn't like to come second.

43. Hitting The Road: For a team who like to run rather than be in a car.

44. Hot Blooded: For a team that are passionate about winning.

45. Hot Wave: For a team that can raise the temperature.

46. Iron Legs: For a strong legged team.

47. It's A Runner's Thing: Non-runners can't relate to them.

48. Jaguars: For a team as quick as a jaguars.

49. Jet Speed: For smooth runners.

50. Join The Beasts: For team as tough as a beast.

51. Jolly Racers: For the happy runners.

52. Killa Speed: For a team high on energy.

53. Know No Pain: For a team who has gotten used to pain.

54. Late Night Runs: For anytime runners.

55. Legs Like Thunder: A quick and eye catching name for fast runners.

56. Leg Whippers: For a team who can make others feel incompetent.  

57. Licensed To Overtake: The clue is in the name, they will overtake you in a race.

58. Lightning V: V in Roman numerals means "five". A perfect name for a team of five members.  

59. Like Firecrackers: For a team filled with fire to win.  

60. Long Legged League: For a tall team.

61. Mad Men: For fans of the TV show 'Mad Men'.  

62. Max Speed: They can't control their energy, ever.

63. Mentally On Track: This group has their head absolutely in the game.

64. Midday Madness: For runners who go a little crazy if they go a day without a run.

65. Miles To Go: For teams who run long races.

66. Moment Of Movement: For running teams who have a strong start to the race.

67. No Destination Squad: For runners who don't have a destination in mind.  

68. No More Knocking Knees: For runner with strong legs.

69. On Becoming Grounded: For runners who follows all instructions.  

70. One More Mile: For runners who don't give up.

71. Pain For Gain: No pain means no gain.  

72. Painful Thrills: For runners who knows the thrill of the pain.  

73. Pavement Pounders: For runners who train hard.

74. Pride Over Pain: For runners who take pride in pain.  

75. Pushing Limits: A cool group name for record breakers.

76. Pushing Past: For runners who push past their limits.  

77. Quickened Up: For the quickest runners.

78. Quicker Than Who? They are fast and they know it.

79. Race Like Outlaws: For adrenaline pumped runners.

80. Racetrack Missiles: Guaranteed to hit the target.  

81. Raise The Bar: For a team who raise the bar for others.

82. Ready To Go: For runners who are always ready to run.

83. Record Breakers: For the energized record breakers.  

84. Road Quest: For runners on a mission to stay as powerful as they can.

85. Run & Burn: For runners who race until it burns.

86. Run For Company: For a team who love running together.

87. Run For Liberty: For runners racing for exhilaration.  

88. Run For Place: Their eyes are on the prize.

89. Run It To Win It: Losers can never keep up.

90. Runnin' Into Shape: For a team looking to stay fit.  

91. Running For The 'Gram: For runners who like to show off on Insta.  

92. Running Like Wolves: For strong and ferocious runners.  

93. Run Some Mo': For a group that never slows down.  

94. Run With Rage: For those with a rage to win.

95. Running To Wellness: Running is the fastest way to wellness.

96. Rusty Run: For aged runners, who are still in shape.

97. Soles On Fire: For runners who can set their track on fire.  

98. Speedies: A cool group name for a group of fast runners.

99. Speed Up: For the runners who could be faster.

100. Speed Work: For runners who run like 'The Flash'.  

101. Stretch Ya Self: For a team of dedicated runners.  

102. Stunner Racers: They race without any difficulty, it's difficult to not be jealous.

103. Swift & Speedy: For a team quick on their feet.

104. Swifties: A conspicuous name for a team of fast runners.  

105. Switch It Up: They're prepared to dazzle in each race.

106. The Art Of Speed: They're quick, and everybody knows it.

107. The Chase: All for the rush of running.

108. The Escape: For runners who find comfort in running.

109. The Extreme Zone: Everybody brings their A game here.

110. The Flash Mob: For a large and coordinated group.  

111. The Intense Feet: All their energy lives in those feet.

112. The Religion Of Racing: Nothing is more important than running to this team.

113. The Thumpers: For loud runners.  

114. The Tramplers: Nothing can hold them back.

115. Thirsty To Win: For a group who believes in sink or swim.

116. Tired For What? No, they can't relate.

117. Uber For What? No need for an Uber when you're as fast as these guys.

118. Undefeated Racers: For runners who have never lost a single race.

119. Weekend Trips: A perfect name for a group for whom running in like a vacation.

120. We Heart To Run: It's a superb game, and they love it.

121. Wicked Speed: The energy of this group is practically unnatural.  

122 .Yes, Another Lap: Because there will never get tired of running.

Walking Team Names

Athletic couple running on track at stadium.

Names like Agony of Defeet, Sole Sisters, or even Training Wheels have become very common, but you need a name that is unique. We hope that one of these team names for walking is what you are looking for.

123. Controlled Up: For those who want everything in control.

124. Dusty Knees: For the team that is dusting off those running shoes.

125. Echoing Footsteps: For those heavy footed runners.

126. Linked Up To Win: For a team that stays together and wins together.

127. Made For Marathons: For teams that were made for such events.  

128. Olympic Worthy: For an Olympic ready team.

129. Powered Up: Together, this group can endure the longest runs.

130. Quick Breathers: They run quickly and breathe quicker.

131. Reckless Relayers: They might be great runners, but they take running risks as well.

132. Returning To Race: For a team returning to running.

133. Run The Miles: They can continue running for a significant distance without surrendering.

134. Stormy Waves: Small size runners who take the race by storm.

135. The Road To Finish: Who will win the race wholeheartedly?

136. Thunderous Titans: The name says it all.

137. Turbulent Waves: For the team that gives others the run for their money.

Funny Team Names For Running

Next is our lists of funny running team names, which compile of not so common running team ideas like Where’s the Finish Line, Get Er Run or Scrambled Legs. Some of these fun team names for running are as unique as each member of the team.

138. Awkward Legs: Their legs weren't working for running. Most running teams find this name funny and punny.

139. Can't Run With Us: They probably won't be the best sprinters, yet they're selective, and you're not welcomed.

140. Commotion Army: It's an enormous running crew, so things can get a little confusing at times.

141. Cramps For What? One of the best running team names for people who get leg cramps or muscle pulls.

142. Fast As The Internet: Running team names for runners who are quick on their legs.

143. Fit Like Sticks: Team names for runners who are super fast.

144. Fueled By Coffee: Funny running team names for teams who get their energy from coffee.

145. Fun 'n' Sore: Team names for runners who love running but hate the sore feet it gives them.

146. Furious Feet: They run furious and fast.

147. Granny Legs: For kids who run like grannies.

148. Scrambled Legs: Scrambled legs is a good name for runners who fall over their own feet.

149. Itchy Feet: For the team that itches for the finish line.

150. Jiggle & Jump: A funny running team name for a group of energetic runners.

151. Kangaroo-nians: It's difficult to discern whether they're running or hopping to the end goal.

152. Legs-A-GoGo: The cutest running name you'll ever see.

153. Legs Be Aching: Their legs may be imploring them to stop, however, they're not tuning in.

154. Legs Like Hammers: Even when their legs feel heavy, they keep on running.

155. Legs On Speed Dial: Everyone is prepared to take off when one individual needs to run.

156. Less Talkin', More Runnin': For a team totally dedicated to running.

157. Move Ya Soles: A perfect name for a team who is slacking.

158. Muddy Run: For a team that is always running and have the dirty shoes to prove it.

159. Ostrich Wannabe: Strong and long legs to match the unfathomable speed of the ostrich.

160. Outracing Laziness: For a team who is trying to give up laziness.  

Kidadl has lots of great team names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for funny running team names then why not take a look at these fantasy hockey team names, or for something different take a look at these fantasy basketball team names.

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