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200+ Best Softball Team Names

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Here is a list of some softball teams' names which you can consider.

Team names for softball can be hard to find. You don't need to worry though, because here are some funny softball team names that can be used as girls' softball team names and boys' softball team names.

We have even put some coed softball team names that can make for good softball team names. And lastly, we have included awesome softball names for teams that will give you a cutting edge. So, let's check this list where every name is a unique softball team name.

If you are interested in more team names, you can look at our other articles Dodgeball Team Names and Running Team Names.

Unique Softball Team Names

Here is a list of some unique softball team names that you can consider to make your softball team stand out.

1. Axis of Ignorance

2. Base Desires

3. Bat Attitudes

4. Bat Intentions

5. Bat-itude

6. Exploding Rodents

7. Hit for Brains

8. Hit Happens

9. Lavish Display of Ignorance

10. Mid-Life Crisis

11. Mound Pounders

12. One Hit Wonders - One Hit Wonders is a great name if you want to give a touch of humor to your softball team.

13. Pitches In A Box

14. Poles and Holes

15. Schilling Me - Softly inspired by the song ‘Killing Me Softly.’

16. Smokin’ Bases

17. The Bumkins

18. The Dirt Eaters

19. The Flaming Marshmallows

20. The Good, The Bat and the Ugly

21. The Grand Salamis

22. The Screwballs

23. The Skidmarks

24. The Switch Hitters

25. Ump Yours

26. Wasted Talent

27. Weakened Warriors

28. Wipe You Off The Pitches

29. Win Or Lose

30. Yager Bombers

Popular Softball Team Names

Here are some popular softball team names that are well known across the globe.

31. Aces Of Bases

32. Backdoor Sliders

33. Bat News

34. Bat’s Life

35. Behind The Bench

36. Benchwarmer Bombers

37. Benchwarmers

38. Big Al’s Heimers

39. Black Ice

40. Blood Bath And Beyond

41. Blood Bath and Beyoncé

42. Brews on First?

43. Brokebat Mountain

44. Broken Bones

45. Bunt Monkeys

46. Catchers In The Rye

47. Caught Looking

48. Chin Musicians

49. Coached By Chuck Norris

50. Crash Test Dummies

51. Designated Hitters – Wordplay on the phrase ‘designated drivers.’

52. End of The Bench

53. Fire Breathing Kittens

54. Freaks And Geeks

55. Going, Going, Out

56. Hammer Time- In reference to the song ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer.

57. Help Wanted

58. Hit Squad

59. Ice Breakers

60. In The Zone

61. Just The Tip

62. No Guts, No Glory

63. Pancake Batter

64. Praying For Rain

65. Quit Your Pitching

66. Road Kill

67. Scared and Hitless - Scared and Hitless is a great name for a softball team.

68. Silver Bullets

69. Swing and Pray

70. Terror Wrists

71. That Better Team

72. The Bunt Cakes

73. The Do Nothings

74. The Fat Guys

75. The Go Getters

76. The Golden Eagles

77. The Grass Stains

78. The Hazmat Suits

79. The Imperials

80. The Know-Nothings

81. The Leftovers

82. The Living Legends

83. The Overeasies

84. The Prodigies

85. The Scorpions

86. The Swingers

87. Uncommonly Good

88. Village Idiots

89. We Bruise Easily

90. We Got The Runs

91. Window Lickers

Rare Softball Team Names

Hanley Ramirez 1st basemen for the Cleveland Indians at Peoria,Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona/USA March 4,2019.

Here are some rare softball team names that you can consider when you name your winning team.

92. Adrenaline Rush

93. Aftershock

94. Apocalypse

95. Avalanche- A team name that denotes that whoever goes up against this team should be prepared to face an avalanche of attacks.

96. Catch 22

97. Dream Killers

98. El Diablo

99. El Fuego

100. Hit Runners

101. Home Run Hitters

102. Instant Classics

103. Intimidators

104. Natural Selection

105. No Mercy- A team name that says it all really: opponents should not be expecting any mercy from this team that means only business.

106. No Sympathy

107. On Pitch Nightmares

108. Open Season

109. Pitch Perfect

110. Prison Rules

111. Rampage

112. Second Place Is Not An Option

113. The Aluminum Alliance

114. The Earthquakes

115. The Elite- A short and simple name like this sends out the message quite clearly: that your team is the elite and no one is a worthy challenge for the team.

116. The Game Changers

117. The Grim Reapers

118. The Magic

119. The Shatterers

120. The Super Strikers

121. The Unstoppables

Awesome Softball Team Names

Baseball player throws the ball on professional baseball stadium

Here are some awesome softball team names that are amazing if you want to give your team a great edge.

122. Beast Mode- You should be worried if you are going up against this team because they are never ever out of the game and are waiting at every turn to switch on their 'Beast Mode.

123. Blood and Sweat

124. Born To Win

125. Chaos

126. Cleats on Fire

127. Cranium Krusherz

128. Head Hunters

129. Heavy Hitters

130. Hitting Machine

131. Inferno HELL- Having a scary and intense team name like this from the very beginning can make you defeat the opponent psychologically before the game has even started.

132. Looking For A Challenge

133. Natural Born Swingers

134. Nemesis Genesis- This is the team you don't want to mess with because they will take every jab and joke you throw at them very personally, they will make you their number one nemesis.

135. Nerves of Steel

136. Optical Illusion

137. Reigning Champions

138. Rockstar Lifestyle

139. Shocker Rockers- This is a name for that team whose on-field performances and attitude can rock the poor opponents and shock the people watching the game.

140. Smooth Operators

141. Swish Swish

142. The Antagonists

143. The Champs

144. The Cyclones

145. The Mighty Sledgehammers

146. The Nerve Wreckers- Who needs an easy and breezy win, when you can win every game in a nerve-wracking fashion.

147. The Perfect Storm- For the team can whip up a perfect storm every time they play against an opponent in a softball game.

148. The Strikers

149. The Tomahawks

150. The Trailblazers- For the team whose success in softball games are unheard of because they really are The Trailblazers.

151. Zeroes to Heroes

Common Softball Team Names

Here is a great list of some common softball team names that you can consider if you want to give your team a common but powerful team name.

152. 14 Balls and 3 Mitts

153. Abusement Park

154. Airborne- A perfect name for a team that is flying win because of their victories in all the softball games!

155. Angry Chicks

156. Balls to the Wall

157. Batters Up!

158. Batting Ballers

159. Brute Force- Sometimes skills are not required, you can win softball by the use of sheer brute force!

160. Cuties From The Block

161. Divas Achievas

162. Don’t Stop Ballieving

163. Fire Breathing Mutants

164. Glove Love

165. Human Targets

166. I Think; therefore I Slam

167. Ice Cold Pitchers

168. Impact Velocity

169. Inglorious Batters

170. Killer Aim

171. Legends

172. Master Batters- A team name for the special team that possesses the best softball batters in town!

173. Minimum Wagers

174. Monsoon

175. Sick Bat Flips

176. Triumph Towers- For the team that can never stop getting triumphant wins over all the other teams.

177. Unbeatable

178. Velocity

179. Vengeance

180. Wild Fire- A team name like this can bring out the hunger and desire of the softball players on your team.

181. Work It

Good Softball Team Names

Here are some hit softball team names with deeper meanings that you can consider for your softball team.

182. Around the Horn - Around the Horn is an amazing softball team name for good softball teams.

183. Base Invaders

184. Batting Divas- for the divas who don't ever want to stop batting in a softball game.

185. Beard View Mirrors

186. Bomb Squad

187. Breaking Balls

188. Dirty Divas - these can be a great team name of softball teams for women.

189. Dugouts

190. Friendly Girls

191. Ice Queens

192. Leather and Lace

193. Line Drivers

194. Lost Boys

195. Myth Busters

196. Nice Snatch

197. Odd Sox

198. Pink Panthers

199. Pink Sox - Pink Sox is an amazing name for you if you want to uplift the spirits of your softball team members.

200. Ponytail Express

201. Power Forever

202. Queen Bees

203. Saved by the Balls

204. Silly Boys

205. Soft Serves - Soft Serves is a unique team name.

206. Rulers of the Pitches - Rulers of the Pitches is a hit name for cool softball teams.

207. The Believas

208. The Wolfpack

209. Victorious Secret - Victorious Secret is a great softball team name.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for the softball team names then why not take a look at something different like Soccer Team Names, or Volleyball Team Names.


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