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100 Best Twilight Names To Inspire You

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The Twilight Saga is a story revolving around vampires, werewolves, and humans.

The stories, written by Stephenie Meyer in 2005, were already a hit. It got more famous when the stories were adapted into movies later.

The four-part story was made into five-part movies; Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1, and Breaking Dawn Part 2. With actors like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart in the lead, the movies became favorites for many people very quickly. Stephenie wrote another part from a different viewpoint by swapping the characters' genders, named 'Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined' in 2015. As the stories are about vampires and werewolves, so the characters of Twilight vary in terms of age and places, especially the Twilight vampires. So do the Twilight character names. Choosing baby names from them will be perfect, especially if you're a fan. So we've made a list of Twilight baby names for your inspiration.

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Twilight Vampire Names

Vampires in the series have lived for thousands of years and in every part of the world. So the Twilight girl names or boy names are diverse.

1. Afton (English origin) it's the name of a place.

2. Alec (Greek origin), meaning "defending men". A member of the Volturi guard.

3. Alice (German origin), meaning "noble". Alice Cullen is one of the adopted children in the Cullen family and sister of Edward Cullen.

4. Amun (Egyptian origin), meaning "the hidden one". Amun is the Egyptian coven leader.

5. Aro (Finnish origin), meaning "hard, relatively infertile ground". Aro is one of the leaders of the Volturi, the oldest living vampires. They were first introduced in New Moon.

6. Benjamin (Hebrew origin), meaning "son of the South".

7. Caius (Latin origin), meaning "joyful". Caius is another one of the Volturi leaders.

8. Carlisle (Scottish origin), it's the name of a city in northern England. Carlisle Cullen is the head of the Cullen family and father of Edward Cullen.

9. Carmen (Spanish origin), meaning "song".

10. Charlotte (French origin) means "free man".

11. Chelsea (Old English origin), meaning "port for chalk or limestone".

12. Corin (French origin), meaning "spear".

13. Demetri (Greek origin), meaning "devoted to earth mother".

14. Edward (Old English origin), meaning "rich guard". Edward Cullen is one of the protagonists of the Twilight series.

15. Eleazar (Hebrew origin), meaning "God helps".

16. Emmett (English origin), meaning "entire". He's a brother of Edward Cullen.

17. Esme (Old French origin), meaning "esteemed". She's the wife of Carlisle and the mother of Edward Cullen.

18. Felix (Latin origin), meaning "lucky, successful".

19. Garrett (German origin), meaning "ruler with the spear".

20. Heidi (German origin) means "nobility".

21. Irina (Greek origin), meaning "peace". She's a former member of the Denali coven.

22. James (Hebrew origin), meaning "supplanter". James is the main antagonist of the first movie and book.

23. Jane (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious".

24. Jasper (Persian origin), meaning "treasurer". He's a brother of Edward Cullen.

25. Kate (Greek origin), meaning "pure".

26. Kebi (Egyptian origin), meaning "honey".

27. Laurent (Old Greek origin), meaning "the bright one".

28. Liam (Irish origin), meaning "resolute protector".

29. Maggie (English origin), meaning "pearl".

30. Marcus (Ancient Roman origin) means "dedicated to Mars". Marcus is another one of the leaders of the Volturi.

31. Nettie (English origin), meaning "clean".

32. Peter (Greek origin), meaning "stone, rock".

33. Renata (Late Latin origin), meaning "born again".

34. Riley (Irish origin), meaning "brave".

35. Rosalie (French origin), meaning "beautiful Rose". She's a sister of Edward Cullen.

36. Siobhan (Irish origin), meaning "God is gracious". Siobhan is the leader of the Irish coven.

37. Tanya (Russian origin), meaning "ruler, regent". Tanya is the leader of the Denali coven.

38. Tia (Greek origin), meaning "princess".

39. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "winner". Victoria is the main antagonist in the third movie and book.

40. Zafrina (Indian origin) means "saffron flower".

Twilight Werewolf Names

You can find a unique name for your baby, be it a Twilight girl name or a boy.

There aren't many werewolves in the series, but they have some beautiful names.

41. Brady (Irish origin), meaning "broad, spirited".

42. Collin (Gaelic origin), meaning "whelp, cub".

43. Embry (English origin), meaning "work rule".

44. Ephraim (Hebrew origin), meaning "being fruitful". Ephraim Black was the leader of a pack of three werewolves, and he is the great-grandfather of Jacob Black.

45. Jacob (Hebrew origin), meaning "to follow". Jacob Black is one of the protagonists of the entire series. He is also the leader of one of the two packs of werewolves in the series.

46. Jared (Hebrew origin), meaning "descent".

47. Leah (Hebrew origin), meaning "weary."

48. Levi (Hebrew origin), meaning "joined, attached".

49. Paul (Latin origin), meaning "humble, small".

50. Quil (Middle English origin) means "shaft of a feather".

51. Sam (Hebrew origin), meaning "God has heard". Sam Uley is the leader of the Uley pack of werewolves from the series.

52. Seth (Hebrew origin), meaning "placed or appointed".

53. Taha (Arabic origin), meaning "pure or mystic."

54. Yaha (Indian origin), meaning "the world".

Twilight Human Names

Even the human names in the series are unique.

55. Amber (Arabic origin), it's a kind of a gemstone.

56. Angela (Latin origin), meaning "messenger of God". Angela Weber is a friend of Bella Swan from her high school.

57. Bella (Italian origin), meaning "beautiful". This is the girl's name in the series. She's one of the protagonists of the entire series. Although she becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn, she's a human most of the time in the Twilight series.

58. Billy (English origin), meaning "resolute protector". Billy Black is the father of Jacob Black.

59. Charlie (Old English origin), meaning "free man". Charlie Swan is the father of Bella Swan.

60. Emily (Latin origin) means "rival".

61. Eric (Old Norse origin), meaning "one ruler". Eric Yorkie is a friend of Bella Swan from her high school.

62. Gianna (Italian origin), meaning "the Lord is gracious".

63. Harry (German origin), meaning "home-ruler".

64. Jason (Greek origin), meaning "healer".

65. Jessica (Hebrew origin), meaning "to behold". Jessica Stanley is a friend of Bella Swan from her high school.

66. Lauren (Latin origin), meaning "Laurel leaves, honor". Lauren Mallory is a classmate of Bella Swan from her high school, only mentioned in the books.

67. Marie (French origin) means "rebelliousness". Marie Higginbotham is the maternal grandmother of Bella Swan.

68. Mike (Hebrew origin), meaning "who is like God?" Mike Newton is a friend of Bella Swan from her high school.

69. Phil (Greek origin), meaning "dear, beloved". Phil Dwyer is the stepfather of Bella Swan.

70. Rachel (Hebrew origin) means "one with purity". Rachel Black is the older sister of Jacob Black.

71. Rebecca (Hebrew origin), meaning "join, tie". Rebecca Black is the other older sister of Jacob Black.

72. Renée (French origin), meaning "born again". Renée Dwyer is the mother of Bella Swan.

73. Renesmee (French origin), meaning "reborn and beloved". Renesmee Cullen is the baby daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. She's born as a half-human and half-vampire in the Twilight saga.

74. Sue (English origin), meaning "lily".

75. Tyler (Old English origin), meaning "owner of a tavern".

Character Names From 'Life And Death: Twilight Reimagined'

The Twilight characters' names can be an inspiration for people who aren't fans.

Here's the list of the gender-swapped reimagined names of the characters in the new book.

76. Aaron (Hebrew origin), meaning "high mountain". Aaron is the counterpart of Rebecca Black in the book.

77. Adam (Hebrew origin), meaning "earth or soil". Adam is the counterpart of Rachel Black.

78. Allen (English origin), meaning "little rock". Allen is the counterpart of Angela Weber in this book.

79. Archie (English origin), meaning "genuine, brave". Archie is the counterpart of Alice Cullen.

80. Beau (French origin) means "beautiful or handsome". Beau or Beaufort is the counterpart of Bella Swan in the book.

81. Becca (Hebrew origin), meaning "to tie". Becca is a classmate of Beau in this book.

82. Bonnie (Scottish origin), meaning "pretty, attractive". Bonnie is the counterpart of Billy Black.

83. Carine (Latin origin), meaning "little darling". Carine is the counterpart of Dr Carlisle Cullen in the book.

84. Colleen (Irish origin), meaning "girl". Colleen is Conner's counterpart, who was a graduate of Forks High School in the main book.

85. Earnest (German origin), meaning "serious". Earnest is the counterpart of Esme Cullen in this book.

86. Edythe (Old English origin), meaning "wealth, fortune". Edythe is the counterpart of Edward Cullen.

87. Eleanor (Greek origin), meaning "the compassionate one". Eleanor is the counterpart of Emmett Cullen in this book.

88. Erica (Latin origin), meaning "heather". Erica is the counterpart of Eric Yorkie.

89. Jeremy (Hebrew origin), meaning "to exalt". Jeremy is the counterpart of Jessica Stanley in the book.

90. Jessamine (French origin) means "the Jasmine flower". Jessamine is the counterpart of Jasper Cullen.

91. Joss (English origin), meaning "little goth". Joss is the counterpart of James, the vampire in this book.

92. Julie (Latin origin), meaning "youthful or beautiful". Julie is the counterpart of Jacob Black.

93. Leann (English origin), meaning "clearing or gracious". Leann is a classmate of Beau in the book.

94. Logan (Scottish origin), meaning "little hollow". Logan is the counterpart of Lauren Mallory.

95. Mckayla (Hebrew origin), meaning "the one like God". Mckayla is the counterpart of Mike Newton in this book.

96. Royal (English origin), meaning "of the King". Royal is the counterpart of Rosalie Cullen.

97. Sal (Latin origin), meaning "savior". Sal is the counterpart of Amber, a waitress in the book.

98. Samantha (Greek origin), meaning "flower". Samantha is the counterpart of Sam Uley.

99. Sean (Irish origin), meaning "God is gracious". Sean is a classmate of Beau in this book.

100. Victor (Latin origin) means "winner or conqueror". Victor is the counterpart of Victoria, the vampire.

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Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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