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91 Book Character Names That Are Real Page Turners

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There are many types of books, including science-fiction, which is based on scientific experiments; romance, based on love stories; fantasy, based on supernatural aspects; and horror, which is based on fright.

Then there is imaginative fiction, a thriller based on suspense; a mystery based on a secretive format; and historical fiction, such as Great Expectations, based on past events. Fictional stories, such as Little Women, created from the imagination, mind, or life experiences of the author, transport you into a different world.

It would help if you had a strong name for a book that indicates the meaning or the moral of this book. The most famous character is Harry Potter, whom children and adults love. Some of the best fictional characters are Dorian Gray, Sherlock Holmes, Batman, and Superman. Here is a list of 91 book character names that are real page-turners!

Children's Book Character Names

Here is a list of some old and wonderful character names from children's books, including Harry Potter, that are perfect for reading!

Hermoine Granger- (Greek origin) is a fictional character who is very logical and clever.

Baloo- (Hindi origin) is a fictional character who is very loving and good-natured.

Snoopy- (English origin) is a very loyal and funny beagle.

The Tiger- is a famous children's book name.

Alice- (English origin) is a very beautiful character.

Captain Haddock- (English origin) is a famous character from the book, The Adventures of Tintin.

Philip Pirrip- (English origin) is the character name from the classical story authored by Charles Dickens. A great male name to take inspiration from.

Mary Lennox- (English origin), although she is ugly but also an ill-mannered character.

Anne Shirley- (English origin) is a very lovely girl who is passionate.

Lyra Belaqua- (Greek origin) is willful and rebellious and never obeys anyone.

Matilda Wormwood- is a very strong girl who also has the ability of telekinesis. A role model for the female gender.

Piglet- (English origin) is a very cute and timid character. A character whose life will offer you some useful tips.

Bilbo Baggins- (Spanish origin) is an intelligent and brave character who is the story's hero.

Lord Sauron- (Quenya origin) is a famous character who may even send shivers down your spine.

Dido Twite- (Greek origin) is a very inspiring character who is very passionate.

Arrietty- (Japanese origin) is very helpful and adventurous.

Pippi Longstocking- (Norse origin) is very rebellious and helpful.

Jo March- (Hebrew origin), is a very cranky but daring character.

Moominmamma- (Arabic origin) is a very calm mother who has taken good care of her kids.

Paddington- (English origin), is a very polite bear with good intentions.

Famous Book Character Names

Here is a list of some amazing names of the character renowned everywhere in the world!

Sherlock Holmes- (English origin) is a very hardworking detective who works compulsively on all his cases.

Patrick Bateman- (English origin) is a greedy and wealthy man. One of the uncommon baby names.

Inigo Montoya- (Spanish origin) will stop at nothing to requite his father's death. It is the only thing that matters to him, and he would have no problem dying for this mission.

Jay Gatsby- (Sanskrit origin) is a very selfish, dishonest, and vulgar character. It could be a fascinating baby name.

Hannibal Lecter- (Greek origin) is also called a pure sociopath with an antisocial personality disorder.

Ramona Quimby- (English origin) is a very bright and creative girl who is good at drawing and enjoys reading.

Robinson Crusoe- (Spanish origin) is an individualistic and self-reliant person.

Miss Havisham- (English origin) was a proud, beautiful, and passionate character.

Lady Brett Ashley- (English origin) is strong and independent and charms everyone.

William Brown- (English origin) is a famous character with a perfect name.

John Watson- (Hebrew origin) is a very disciplined and loyal companion of Sherlock Holmes.

Joe Gargery- (Hebrew origin) is a kind and forgiving character who is strong and gentle.

Elizabeth Bennett- (Hebrew origin) is a lively character who is delighted with any ridiculous action.

Julien Sorel- (Hebrew origin) is a fierce, hypocritical, and intelligent girl. It is one of the rare baby names.

Emma- (Germanic origin) is very nice but makes embarrassing mistakes very often. One of the common baby names.

Kari Buhl- (Greek origin) is an admiring character who is an aristocrat and very intelligent.

Daniel Deronda- (Hebrew origin) is a very intelligent and another cousin of Hamlet.

Muskrat- (English origin) is truthful, funny, and endearing character. It could be a rare baby name.

Lyra- (Greek origin) is a character who never compromises and is very brave.

Joachim Ziemssen- (Hebrew origin) is a soldier who is charming, honest, and never boasts in the story. A long name that you may want to think about for your list of baby names.

Baby names of Roman and Greek mythology are extremely popular.

Female Comic Book Character Names

Here is a list of some famous comic book characters that are very impressive and will adore you!

Vampirella- despite being a vampire, is a good vampire who has vampiric powers of hypnotizing and healing.

Catwoman- is a fictional character in love with Batman and is very willed, strong, and dubious.

Dawn- (English origin), also known as the goddess of birth and rebirth, lives with the god of death, Cernunnos.

Barbara Gordon- (Hebrew origin) was the first modern batgirl and is a protector of Gotham city.

Emma frost- (Hebrew origin) is a famous Marvel comic character who is a powerful telepath and can transform herself into a diamond.

Jean Grey- (French origin) is a powerful telekinetic with limitless powers.

Starfire- was the princess of planet Tamaran but later found a home on Earth with teen titans.

Red Sonja- (Scandinavian origin) is one of the greatest swordswomen with revealing armor.

Sara Pezzini- (Hebrew origin) is a very good investigator who never explains the normal world.

Wonder woman- with god-like superpowers, is a defender of peace and justice.

She-Hulk- is a very famous and brave part of the Avengers team.

Abbey Chase- (Latin origin), a member of the Danger Girl team, is an archeologist with majors in firearms.

Harley Quinn-(English origin) was a psychiatric resident at Arkham Asylum, where she met a joker.

Baroness- the Cobra commander's right-hand woman, is an efficient killer and beautiful.

Supergirl- has a bold and defiant personality.

Black widow- is also known as Natasha Romanoff and became the super spy.

Big Barda- is a member of the justice league and has been on Earth for a very long.

Power girl- is one of the greatest heroes on Earth.

Medusa- (Greek origin) is the queen of Inhumans, and her husband is the king of Inhumans.

Lois Lane- (Greek origin) is the winner of the Pulitzer prize for the planet of the metropolis.

Wonder Girl- daughter of god Zeus, became the second wonder girl.

Mary Jane- (Hebrew origin) is a lover of Spiderman but does not marry him and still supports him as a close friend.

Dejah Thoris- (French origin) is the princess of mars and the wife of John Carter.

Batwoman- resigned from the army.

Spider-woman- is a very intelligent spy and avenger and got her powers from a wrong experiment.

Shi- (Japanese origin) is half-American and half-Japanese woman trained to be a Sohei warrior.

Pantha- (Egyptian origin) is an ancient Egyptian cursed to live forever by the gods as she killed the spree she went on.

Dream girl- also known as Nural Nal, is from the planet Naltor, where everyone can see through the future.

Vixen- is a fashion icon and an animal activist who can channel the powers of all the animals existing on Earth.

Phantom girl- a native of planet Bgztl, can pass through the phantom zone and Earth.

Popular Book Character Names

Here is a list of some of the beautiful names of the characters that are popular worldwide for their super-duper performance or the role in the novels of the book that you are going to love!

Winnie Foster- (Welsh origin), the nickname of Winifred, is an innocent and kind character.

Jean Scout Finch- (French origin) is a pretty and kind character.

Ophelia- (Greek origin), raised by her father and brother, is a wonderful character.

Ramona Quimby- (Spanish origin) is a nursery schooler and a kind teacher.

Jean Valjean- (French origin) is a merciful woman who is very caring.

Ford Prefect-  (English origin) is a broad-minded and eccentric character.

Ariadne Oliver- (Cretan origin) is a mystery novelist and a wonderful character.

Alma Mereminski- (Latin origin) is about growing up and being lively.

Pearl- (English origin) is an imaginative and determined woman. Next time you read the novel, you may even think and include this name in your list of favorites.

Augustus Waters- (Roman origin) is a confident, charming, and caring person. A baby name whose sound will bring a smile to your face.

Dorian Gray- (Greek origin) is a hedonistic and careless character but is lived by many. Dorian Gray could be an interesting baby name.

Atticus Finch- (Greek origin) is someone wise and kind yet discerning. A very popular character name.

Romeo Montague- (Greek origin) is an extremely likable character who is handsome.

Rhett Butler- (Dutch origin) is a charming, cynical, and humorous character. A name that would undoubtedly be a catch for your baby.

Melanie Hamilton- (Greek origin) is a great character in the novel. One of the favorites about whom people want to know more.

Holden Caulfield- (English origin) is intelligent and sensible with a jaded voice.

Juliet Capulet- (Greek origin) is a shy, innocent girl who lives with Romeo.

Huckleberry Finn- (English origin) is an uneducated and superstitious boy.

Daisy Buchanan- (English origin) is beautiful and charming but bored and sad.

Tom Sawyer- (English origin) has a good heart and is very naughty.

Hazel Lancaster- (English origin) is thoughtful, witty, and only 16 years old.

Bella Swan- (English origin) is a clumsy, lazy, and sensitive character.

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