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Originally Published on Oct 21, 2020
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A bugbear is a mythical creature, a kind of humanoid that's related to goblins and hobgoblins.

The term is also associated with something that causes fear and anxiety, which is apt, as this hairy creature is known to be used as a tactic to frighten children. This mythical beast has played a part in well-known folklore and stories, most notably the popular role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.

Bugbears usually have harsh and guttural names, similar to orc and goblin names. A good bugbear name has sharp sounding syllables, is not too long, and easy to remember. A good name represents the creature's ferocious nature, horrific appearance, and ability to manipulate and bully its way towards their desired goals. There are many different kinds of names one can give to a bugbear, describing their most notable physical features or ones that represent their personality traits. If you need some good, strong names for your new literary character or a project based on mythical creatures, then look no further! Given below are different kinds of naming options for all types of bugbears.

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Feminine Names For Bugbears

The first list includes strong options for the powerful female bugbear. These names are suitable for the cross-bow-wielding fighter who induces terror and fear. The following are some of these names.

1. An'hek (Multiple Origins) is a name that means ' a wall or barrier.'

2. Doth (English Origin) means ' to do.'

3. Ginn (Medieval Origin) means 'to trick' or 'snaring.'

4. Gretru (German Origin) is a name meaning 'spear,' 'strength and ambition.'

5. Nuvrak (Polish Origin) means 'to shine.'

6. Septa (Irish Origin) means ' a division or a seed.'

7. Tedra (Greek Origin) means 'a divine gift.'

8. Tonk (Medival Origin) means 'to strike with a heavy blow.'

9. Zel (Aztec Origin) refers to 'the chosen one' or 'the warrior.'

10. Zetak (Indian Origin) is a term meaning 'black magic.'

Masculine Names For Bugbears

The next list includes masculine names, ideal for the bugbear barbarian, or bugbear fighter. They are suitable for bugbears who can take much damage and come out winning from the battlefield. These bugbears are also known as 'bugbear rogue' as they have crafty sneak attacks to tackle their enemies. The following list includes sharp and powerful names.

11. Buirak (Czechoslovakian Origin) means 'to have dark hair and dark eyes.'

12. Cleath (German Origin) means 'a firm lump.'

13. Darg (Scottish Origin) is a name meaning 'a hard day of work.'

14. Flark (English Origin) refers to a 'deep hollow within a bog.'

15. Goruk (Russian Origin) means 'strong mankind.'

16. Nurruk (Indian Origin) is a name meaning 'hell, an abomination and torture.'

17. Murakh (Indian Origin) means 'a blessed fool.'

18. Urgram (Sanskrit Origin) means 'wrath or anger.'

19. Vulk (German Origin) means 'falcon' or 'a person of great size.'

20. Zuruk (German Origin) means to ' go back or to back off.'

Gender-Neutral Names For Bugbears

Interestingly, most clans of bugbears carry forward a matriarch lineage where the names are passed on from the females. This means many names are gender-neutral and can be used for male as well as female bugbears. Some names are even traced from specific clans or tribes. The following list contains some dominant gender-neutral options from different clans within the bugbear mythology.

21. Draykuu (Latin Origin) means 'dragon.'

22. Galrakka (Sanskrit Origin) means 'limbs.'

23. Irrun (Nordic Origin) is a name meaning 'rare.'

24. Korrak (Multiple Origins) hails from the 'Winterax tribe' of trolls and means ' bloodthirsty.'

25. Oloa (Basque Origin) means 'to forge.'

26. Ruusra (Sanskrit Origin) is a name that refers to 'the mightiest of the mighty and a personification of terror.'

27. Ryukk (Japanese Origin) means 'gift of God'.

28. Surra (Indian Origin) meaning 'a parasitic disease.'

29. Jussura (Latin Origin) means 'lawful' or 'Independent strength.'

30. Zander (Medival Origin) means a 'green fish.'

Funny Names For Bugbears

Not every goblin or troll has to be bloodthirsty and skilled at combat. Some of these creatures are not as quick and are quite dim-witted. Whether you need a name for a slow goblin or an unimpressive bugbear bard, the following list should provide some funny-sounding options.

31. Brutussar (Latin Origin) is derived from 'Brutus,' meaning 'heavy.'

32. Clogg (Nordic Origin) means 'a lumpy block of wood.'

33. Cretin (French Origin) means a 'stupid deformed beast.'

34. Dituz (English Origin) is derived from the slang word 'ditzy,' meaning 'stupid.'

35. Dubbo (Australian Origin) is a slang term for an uneducated or unsophisticated person.

36. Grumpf (English Origin) is a slang term used to denote 'junk.'

37. Grunt (English Origin) denotes 'a guttural sound of a hog.'

38. Gurgles (Multiple Origins) means 'an irregular, noisy sound.'

39. Knacki (German Origin) means 'old bloke' or 'jailbird.'

40. Wakoo (English Origin) means 'whacko.'

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