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When you think of a pirate captain, names like Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Davy Jones, Captain John Rackham will come to your mind.

A pirate captain is in charge of the ship, and with the help of the crew, these pirate captains are able to plunder other ships for gold, silver, and other valuables. The main duty of the man is to command the ship around the world, probably with an eye covered with a black or white patch.

Read on for some of the most interesting pirate ship captain names.

Ship Captain Names From History

Here are some of the sea captain names which are best used for a sea captain. 

Duke (English Irish origin), meaning 'leader.' Duke can also be used as a short form for Marmaduke. 

Haddock (English origin), meaning 'a fisherman or a fish seller.' It can also be referred to as someone who looks like a fish. 

Henry (French origin), meaning 'house ruler' Henry is a classic royal name usually given to a king, especially in England. 

James (Hebrew origin), meaning 'supplanter.' Sounds like a great British name for British ship captains.

Kate (English origin), meaning 'pure.' It symbolizes purity and one who has a pioneering spirit.

Nemo (Greek origin), meaning 'nobody.' It may also refer to Alias Odysseus, who is used to trick Polyphemus in the Odyssey. 

Richard (Old Frankish origin), meaning 'strong, brave and hardy'; therefore, it can be referred to as a person who is strong in the rule. 

Thomas (Hebrew origin), meaning 'twin.' It came into popularity in the New Testament of the Bible, where one of the 12 apostles of Jesus was named Thomas. 

Tom (Greek origin), meaning 'innocence or purity.' It is also a short form used for Thomas. 

Will Turner (English origin) means 'a protector.' It became popular in the English language in 1066 after the Norman Conquest of England. 

Famous Captain Names From Popular Culture

Some of the famous Captain Names that were used before got stuck in people's minds due to their great works. Maybe these names of famous personalities portraying the role of a captain may add a charm to your character.  

Ahab (Hebrew origin), meaning 'uncle, brother, and father.' According to the Old Testament, this was also the name of the King of Israel, the husband of Jezebel. 

Barbossa (Portuguese origin) means a place with many palm trees. It is a common name used in Portuguese. 

Captain America (English origin), meaning 'home ruler.' A popular character in the Marvel movies where an Avenger is named Captain America.

Christopher Pike (Greek origin), meaning 'bearer of Christ.' It is an English name of Greek origin.

Davy Jones (Hebrew and Welsh origin), meaning 'beloved, darling or friend.' This name became common in Scotland and England from the 12th century onwards. 

Ferdinand Magellan (German and French origin), meaning 'brave in peace.' This name is very common among the Habsburg royal family of the Holy Roman Empire in Austria.

Han Solo (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'God is gracious.' Han is one of the oldest names in Korea. 

Jack Sparrow (English origin), meaning 'supplanter or god is gracious.' Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew are extremely popular. In the story, he is the captain of a ship called the Black Pearl.

Smollet (Scottish origin), meaning 'small head.' It is a common surname for English captains. 

William Kidd (Old German origin), meaning 'resolute protector or strong-willed warrior.' When the name was introduced by William the conqueror in England, it gained utmost popularity. 

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Good Captain Names For Kids

Kids are big fans of ship captains for the adventures they have. So, why not select one of the following captain names for kids, including some female captain names.

 Big Jones (Welsh-Celtic origins), meaning 'Son of John,' was a popular Cap'n name in Celtic Welsh origin and emerged during the Norman conquest in England in 1066. 

Black Jack (American origin), meaning 'black spades of Jack in playing cards.' Sounds like a famous Caribbean name.

Blackbeard (English origin), meaning a 'person with a black beard.' This is a popular name among pirates.

Blackeye (English origin), meaning 'discoloration of eye,' is one of the very popular names for pirates or captains in the ships.

Bonnie Brenda (Scottish origin), meaning 'fine, pretty and attractive.' It is also inspired by the French word 'bonne,' which means good.

Churchill (English origin), meaning 'hill of a church.' Earlier it was reinterpreted in the Old English cyrice as 'church.' 

Cut-throat Shelley (Old English origin), meaning 'clearing on a bank.'

Dark skull (English origin), meaning a 'place with no light,' and the skull is the bone part covering the brain in order to protect it from any physical damage.

Dreadful (English origin), meaning 'fear,' is not a name for a hero of wars.

Jackson (English origin), meaning 'son of jack.' It is a very popular name among the Scottish, Irish, and English. 

Jimmy (English origin), meaning 'he who supplants' as it refers to the Cap'n who can easily replace anyone. 

John Smith (English origin) means 'wanderer, explorer and an adventurer,' who travels into few known regions for many purposes but especially for scientific purposes.

Kellie Winters (Irish origin), meaning 'lively, war, bright-headed and aggressive.' Unlike the unisex form Kelly, Kellie is only a girl's name. 

Lady Cassandra (Greek origin), meaning to 'excel over men.' According to Greek Mythology, Cassandra was a Trojan princess, the little girl of Priam and Hecuba.

Lady Marilyn (English origin), meaning 'drop of the sea, beloved, bitter, lake, rebellion.' It also came in the top 100 list of most commonly used names in America.

Liza Buckets (English origin), meaning 'God is my Oath and God is abundance.'

Mack Calabrian (Italian origin) refers to a region in Italy, mostly mountainous and prone to earthquakes.

Michael (Hebrew origin), meaning 'who is like a god or a gift from god' according to the Old Testament in the book of Daniel. 

Mighty Misty (American origin), meaning 'covered with mist or dew.' It can also be a nickname for Michelle or Melissa. 

Miranda (Latin origin), meaning 'worthy of admiration.' Miranda is also known as a lovely, poetic name invented by Shakespeare.

Old Jonathan (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God has given,' is a short version of Jehonathan or Yahweh. 

Oscar Wild (Irish origin), meaning 'spear of gods and friend of deer' as it is composed of elements such as 'deer' plus 'friend.' 

Robbin (English origin), meaning 'bright, famous and shining,' also represents the little dazzling little star of life. 

Sarah (Hebrew origin), meaning 'noblewoman or princess.' It is also said that Sarah is the name of the Biblical wife of Abraham. 

Silver-Tongue (English origin), meaning 'people who are good at persuading people to do something.

Silvera Snake-Eyes (Spanish origin), meaning 'woodland.' This word is derived from the Latin word 'silva,' which means wood. 

Wizard (English origin), meaning 'one skilled in magic or a clever or skillful person.' A popular fantasy name is given to characters and is very popular among kids. 

Funny Captain Names

These kinds of names generally are funny or slightly odd in order to add humor to that particular character. These will not only make the story interesting but also entertaining. 

Black (Scottish origin), meaning 'dark,' is generally given to a person who has a dark complexion or black hair. It refers to a dark-skinned person. 

Blood (Welsh-Celtic origin), meaning 'Son of.' It can also be referred to as the Son of Llyod. 

Caveman (English origin), meaning 'people living in caves.' In ancient times, this name was given to the people living in caves. 

David Death (Hebrew origin), meaning 'beloved.' The one who is loved by most of the people with utmost care and respect. 

Flint (British origin), meaning 'stream.' This name would also be nicknamed to someone with a hard-hearted and tough nature. 

Hook (Middle English origin), meaning a 'piece of metal bent at an angle in order to hang things on.' 

Jean-Luc Picard (French origin), meaning 'God is gracious' and 'man from Lucania'.

Lazyjacks (English origin), meaning 'people who are lazy.'

Mal (Hebrew origin), meaning 'messenger of god.' This name is popular in Hebrew. 

Morgan (Welsh and Breton origin), meaning 'sea chief or famous magic.' This name can be given to a fictional character portraying magic. 

Mullins (French origin), meaning 'mill.' It is derived from the French word 'moulin.'  

Puffypants (English origin), meaning 'the type of cloth people wear.' It can be used for a character or people wearing puffy pants in order to create humor.  

Pugwash, meaning 'a shoal'. It also refers to a reef usually found near the mouth of the harbor. 

Rattlebones (American origin), meaning 'a sense happening during a situation causing rattles in the bones'. It can also refer to any bony person or animal. 

Reynolds (Latin origin), meaning 'powerful ruler.' This name is most commonly given to boys. 

Skinny Dude (English origin), meaning 'skinny and thin.' It is usually given to a person who lacks muscular fats. 

Skully (American origin), meaning 'student.' It is said that it is a translation of the Gaelic name O Scolaidhe which means student. 

Slywester (Latin origin), meaning 'lush or wild,' comes from the thing silva signifying forest. 

Spike (American origin), meaning 'long heavy nail.' It is generally a weapon kind of thing carried by a particular character.  

Toothless Pete (English origin), meaning 'rock.' Actually, it is a nickname given to Peter. 

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