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110 Catchy Pidgey Nicknames

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One good name can change a person's whole mood and bring a subtle smile to someone's face.

If you are looking for a nickname for your Pidgey, this is your one-stop solution for finding an attractive Pidgey nickname. Some popular nicknames are Aeroga, Flappy, Velocity, Jet, Airforce, and Talon,

Pidgey is a character in an anime 'Pokémon' known for its brownish body and avian Pokemon. Some may also call it 'little pigeon Pokémon'. This is why you need to select a nickname for your Pidget that stands out from others.

Read on for some of the most interesting nickname options for the popular Anime character in the Pokémon game, Pidgey.

Unique Pidgey Nicknames

Unique names will always make heads turn. So, what's the hurry if you are searching for unique Pidgey nicknames? Here are some incredible choices for Pidgey nicknames, and you are free to choose anyone you like.

  • Aeroga - meaning 'destroyer' suits well as a nickname.
  • Airforce - is a clever nickname for your Pokémon
  • Burb - is a unique nickname.
  • Chirpy - is a popular nickname that sounds great.
  • Epona Air Force - is an ideal nickname.
  • Fearless - is again a marvelous nickname.
  • Fierce - is a blazing nickname.
  • Iris Claws - is a popular nickname option.
  • MartPinfire - is a fiery nickname.
  • Phoenix - is a 'mythological bird' and a perfect and unique nickname.
  • Pidfire - is another great nickname.
  • Pidgbull - is an incredible nickname option.
  • Pidgepiper - is a quirky and imaginative nickname.
  • Pidgeygang - is a nickname that suits well to any Pidget.
  • Pidgycoaster - is a great nickname option to choose from.
  • Pidgyflash - is a fine nickname.
  • Pidgytron - is a strong and unique nickname.
  • Pidgytyson - is named after a legend 'Mike Tyson,' a perfect nickname.
  • Pierre - meaning 'rock,' is a great nickname.
  • Pierson - is a different nickname.
  • Piggy - is a nickname that sounds cute and unique.
  • Pignite - is a popular nickname that cleverly combines 'Pidgey' and 'ignite.'
  • Pippin - is a cute but different nickname.
  • Pudge - is a cool and imaginative nickname.
  • Razorbeak - is a brilliant nickname.
  • Skyrocket - meaning 'to ascend' is an intriguing nickname.
  • Sparra - is a suitable nickname choice.
  • Talon - meaning 'Bird claw' is a good nickname.
  • Turbo - is an amazing nickname for your Pokémon.
  • Winger - is very suitable for Pidgey.

Creative Pidgey Nicknames

Pidgey nicknames are extremely popular with the fans of Pokémon. You can nickname your Pidgey a myriad of names, for example: 'Pike,' 'Pidge,' 'Birdy,' 'Piggy,' and many more. Why choose a boring nickname when you can select a creative nickname for Pidgey that makes you proud of yourself for choosing a good nickname? Here is the list of some creative nicknames.

  • Ace - is a brilliant nickname for a Pidgey who is as great as an eagle.
  • Beast - is undoubtedly a creative nickname.
  • Big Bird - is an option that suits well as a nickname for Pidgey.
  • Blazing Bird - is a blazing nickname indeed.
  • Breaker - is a perfect nickname for Pidgey. 
  • Cloud Jerker - is a preferable nickname.
  • Eagle - is named after the king of birds, 'Eagle.'
  • Floater - is an ideal nickname option.
  • Jetter - is a better nickname for a flying Pokémon.
  • Lightning - is another suitable nickname.
  • Night Sky - is a beautiful nickname.
  • Patriot Aviator - is named after a movie that is considered a cult classic.
  • Pigtails - is a perfect combination for a nickname.
  • Rider - is a unique nickname for Pidgey.
  • Rocket - is an extraordinary nickname.
  • Sharp Beak - is an ingenious nickname, certainly.
  • Sky Piercer - is a great nickname.
  • Soar - is an outstanding nickname.
  • Spear - is another imaginative nickname.
  • Speedy - is a brilliant nickname for a Pidgey.
  • Spicy - is an undoubtedly spicy name.
  • Spinner - is an option that makes for an attractive nickname.
  • Storm - is a wonderful nickname.
  • Strong Beast - is an ideal nickname for Pidgey.
  • Velocity - is an intelligent nickname indeed.
  • Volcano - is another great nickname.
  • Wind - is a nickname that will suit any Pokémon.
  • Wind Setter - is another attractive nickname.
  • Wind Waker - is a simple yet impactful nickname.
  • Wingless King - is a superb nickname for a talented Pokémon.

Cool Pidgey Nicknames

Pidgey is a fictional character in Pokémon. However, it does look like a sparrow, but it is not sure if it is one. However, it formulates into Pidgeotto and Pidgeot.

Whenever players look for nicknames, they always look for something cool and fun, and if you are still unable to find any cool nicknames, then you can find all the possible cool Pidgey nicknames here.

  • Aero - meaning 'of the sky,' is the perfect nickname.
  • Belarus - is an ideal nickname.
  • Bermuda - is named after a Spanish Sailor 'Juan De Bermudez.'
  • Coco - is a cool and cute nickname.
  • Destiny - is a beautiful nickname.
  • Fiery Tale - is a fierce nickname.
  • Flappy - is a funky nickname.
  • Grace - meaning 'goodness,' is a good nickname.
  • Horus - meaning 'God of light,' is a cool nickname.
  • Hurricane - is named after a disaster.
  • Icebreaker - is a good nickname.
  • Kite - is another brilliant nickname.
  • Majestic - meaning 'royal bearing' is a grand nickname.
  • Nutcracker - meaning 'power, strength,' is the best nickname.
  • Patriot Fate - is another great nickname.
  • Peck - is a head-turner nickname.
  • Quaker - is a nickname that surely sounds cool.
  • West - is a classy nickname.
  • Whirlwind - this nickname gives off cool vibes.
  • Yoshi - meaning 'respectful,' is a great nickname.

Cute Pidgey Nicknames

Looking for some nicknames overloaded with cuteness that make your day? It is a fact that a cute nickname is sometimes heart-melting, and if you are looking for a cute pidgey nickname, then read the options below.

  • Alexa - meaning 'defender of man,' is another delightful nickname.
  • Angel - is another precious nickname.
  • Beaky - is another cheerful nickname.
  • Chase - is an intense but cute nickname.
  • Chiffon - meaning 'a sheer silk', is a lovely nickname.
  • Chocobo - is overfilled with cuteness.
  • Cloudy - is a decent but wonderful nickname.
  • Flame - is a bright and perfect nickname.
  • Flash - is a playful nickname.
  • Fluffball - is an amazing nickname.
  • Fluffy - is a sweet nickname.
  • Fly - is a bold and cute nickname.
  • Grain Pidgeot - is as cute as it sounds.
  • Iris - is a nickname that sounds lovely.
  • Jet Rider - is a short and cute nickname.
  • Melody - is a mesmerizing nickname.
  • Nutcase - is a quirky but cute nickname.
  • Pudge - is a funny but cute nickname.
  • Shimmer - is another lovely nickname.
  • Speedwalker - is a delightful nickname.
  • Speedy - is a perfect nickname.
  • Starshaper - is a galactic nickname.
  • Starshine - is an adorable nickname.
  • Strider - is another ideal nickname.
  • Sunny - is a bright nickname.
  • Sweetcorn - is certainly a soft nickname.
  • Truffle - is indeed a heart-melting nickname.
  • Walnut - is another precious nickname.
  • Whirly - is a groovy nickname.
  • Wings - is a nickname that gives off cute vibes.

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