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40 Charming Nicknames For Preston

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Preston is a city on the northern river bank of the River Ribble in Lancashire, England.

The nickname given to the city is Proud Preston. The surname of Preston originates from this city.

The name Preston means 'priest's estate'. There are many famous Prestons around the world, especially in America. Some famous people with the first name Preston include - Preston Basset, an American inventor; Preston Brooks, an American politician; Preston Campbell, an American sports personality; and Preston Carpenter, an American football player. Some famous people with the surname Preston include - Alan Preston, a soccer player from New Zealand; Ashlee Marie Preston, an American media personality, producer, and activist; Douglas Preston, an American author; Jean R. Preston, an American politician, and Prince Hulon Preston, Jr., an American politician, educator, and lawyer.

Giving someone a nickname can create a new way of recognition. Picking a good nickname can be tough as there are many contrasting things to consider. Nicknaming is important to form good relationships and allows you to give someone a more personalized and interesting name. Some people may have caught inspiration from their favorite athletes or fictional characters. Often nicknames are easy to remember and pronounce.

Often, nicknames will have a special meaning or a backstory. The best nicknames are made just for that one person, using something unique about them. Here, we have carefully curated a list of nicknames for someone named Preston that you can use for your friends, cousins, siblings, or any other Preston in your life!

Adorable Nicknames For Preston

Giving a nickname is like showing your love and affection for someone. Here is a list of some of the most adorable nicknames for Preston, so have a look and see if any of these suit the Preston you know!

  • My Presty – a cute nickname for your lovely partner.
  • Paris – is one of the favorite baby names among parents all over the world and a fun nickname for Preston.
  • Pesto – the name refers to an Italian sauce made with basil, so it is a good nickname for a Preston who loves pasta.
  • Presto – a shorter version of the name Preston.
  • Pratty – a funny name to tease your friend whose name is Preston.
  • Skippy – a perfect nickname for a Preston who loves peanut butter.
  • Ron - rhymes with the last part of the name Preston and is suitable for a Harry Potter fan.
  • Sonny - is a popular nickname that can be a cute way to address anybody named Preston. 
  • Ton –  the name is derived from the last half of the name Preston and is a sweet and simple name for your friends with the name.

Funny Nicknames For Preston

The English-origin name Preston means 'priest's estate'.

Here are some funny nicknames for Preston that will have you and your friends laughing.

  • Pessi Presto – a good nickname for a Preston who always thinks positively about life.
  • Peter Presto – another great and creative name for a little boy named Preston.
  • Pony – a perfect nickname for a Preston who loves ponies.
  • Preschool – the name is appropriate for a young Preston or your nephew Preston, who is just starting school.
  • Pres-Tony – the best possible nickname for a Preston who is a fan of Tony Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • PT – an abbreviation of a physical trainer, so perfect for a Preston who loves to work out.
  • Ton Ton – the name of the adorable character from the famous anime 'Naruto'.
  • Pres-Toto - is a creative name for your energetic friend or cousin.

Best Nicknames For Preston

Let's level up our nicknaming game with some innovative nicknames for Preston that you might have otherwise missed out on. Have a look at this list of the best nicknames for Preston and see if you think any of these are what you are looking for!

  • Crazy Prezy - for a Preston who is fun to be around and always does crazy things.
  • Pity Pressy – for a Preston who is always having accidents and hurting himself.
  • Pre Stone – if the Preston you know is much older than you.
  • Pre Stony- a creative and stylish way of naming your friends and siblings.
  • Pres-tige – a clever nickname for Preston, derived from Christopher Nolan's famous movie 'The Prestige'.
  • Preston Shake – a perfect nickname for a Preston who loves his protein shakes.
  • Prez Proust – for a Preston who is always daydreaming.
  • Pro Pres - You can choose this name for a Preston who is an expert or a 'pro' at something in particular.
  • Restin Pres is a funny name for someone who always looks older than they are.
  • Stone - is one of the popular nicknames for someone named Preston.

Cool And Unique Nicknames for Preston

If none of the previous ideas for nicknames have taken your fancy, then take a look at these cool and unique ones for Preston. Cool nicknames often include a play on words or a link to pop culture. Have a look at this list to see if they suit the Preston you know so that you can choose your favorite.

  • Pester – is a good nickname for a Preston who never stops and always wants to chat.
  • Potato Pres for a Preston who loves potato chips.
  • Pres Story - if the Preston you know is a great storyteller or writer.
  • Presley Pirate for someone who loves the music of Elvis and also wants to be a pirate.
  • Preston Pressman for someone who writes for a newspaper.
  • Pressy Man - is a cool name to make your Preston feel like a superhero.
  • Prestorage – a unique nickname for a Preston who never throws anything anyway.
  • Prestry – a name that sounds like the word 'pastry' and is perfect for someone sweet.
  • Prezy Pres - is a fun nickname you can use for your unique Preston, who has a striking personality.
  • Prezzy Pun – a perfect nickname for someone named Preston who loves word games.
  • Proton – a proton is a positively charged atom, so this is a perfect nickname for a Preston who loves science.
  • Reston – this pet name rhymes with the original name and can be used for someone who always wants to sleep.
  • Sweet Presy – a sweet and loveable nickname for a sweet and loveable Preston.

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