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51 Chennai Area Names: An Easy Guide For City Tourists

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Chennai is one of the most famous southern Indian cities that receives travelers worldwide.

If you are also planning a trip to Chennai, then having a list of Chennai area names can come in extremely handy. Some of the most popular localities in Chennai are Madhavaram, Kodambakkam, Ambattur, and several others.

Read on for some of the most popular local areas of the South Indian city and their names. Afterward, also check ancient city names and German city names.

Chennai City Area Names

There are various important areas in the metropolitan city of Chennai. The city of Chennai is divided into three regions. They are North Chennai, Central Chennai, and South Chennai.  Check out the Chennai area name list given below and explore the area of Chennai. 

Anna Nagar (Tamil origin) was named after the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, C. N. Annadurai. Anna Nagar is located in the north-western part of Chennai and forms a part of the Anna Nagar Zone.

Ayanavaram (Tamil origin), meaning ' Place where Brahma lives,' is a neighborhood of Chennai. Ayanavaram is about 3.7-4.3 mi (6-7 km) from the city's center. Ayanavaram is close to a railway station, corporation, bus stand, and hospitals.

Chennai (Telugu origin), meaning 'in memory of the Telugu ruler Chennappa', is the state capital of Tamil Nadu. The old name of Chennai was Madras. The name was changed to Chennai officially in 1996.

Kodambakkam (Urdu origin), meaning 'Garden of Horses,' is central Chennai's business and residential neighborhood. Kodambakkam is famous for its film studios, and Kodambakkam is known as the hub of the Tamil film industry.

Madras (English origin), meaning 'a large silk or cotton kerchief.' The name Madras was derived from Madrasan, a fisherman who lived in the coastal area of Madras. Chennai was initially known as 'Madras Patnam.' Madras was home to temples, dosa, and beaches. Madras was located in the province of Tondaimandalam.

Perambur (Tamil origin), meaning 'Place of bamboo,' is a neighborhood locality of Chennai. Perambur was widely regarded as a place of bamboo forest. Perambur was annexed to Chennai in 1742 CE.

Chennai Area Names In Tamil

There are various Chennai area names in Tamil. Since Tamil is the native language of Tamil Nadu, it is essential to know some of the Chennai area names in Tamil. Therefore, go through the following article and check out Tamil's various Chennai area names.

Adyar (Tamil origin), meaning 'The name of a river,' is a neighborhood of Chennai. Adyar got its name from the Adyar River. Adyar is famous for its Cancer Institute (WIA) and educational and research institutes.

Alandur (Tamil origin) is a place in Chennai corporation. Alandur is well connected with the road network system.

Ambattur (Tamil origin), meaning 'Fifty-first place or temple village,' is one of the places in Chennai and is a good location for people who wish to live peacefully.

Egmore (Tamil origin), meaning 'Seven villages,' is one of the oldest villages in Tamil Nadu. Egmore is a lively area known as the Government Museum. Egmore exhibits bronze statues and ancient artifacts from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Guindy (Tamil origin), meaning 'pitcher for performing pooja,' is one of the important neighborhoods of Chennai. Guindy is a main hub for its several small and medium scale industries. Hence, Guindy is nicknamed, 'The Gateway to Chennai.'

Madhavaram (Tamil origin) is a part of North Chennai. Madhavapuram is located between Perambur and Kodungaiyur.

Mambalam (Tamil origin), meaning 'Place located on the west of Mylai,' is a residential and commercial area in Chennai. Mambalam is known for its bazaars, shops, and Hindu temples.

Mylapore (Tamil origin), meaning 'Land of the Peacock Stream,' is among the Chennai cities, a place of cultural importance for Brahmins. Mylapore got its name from the belief that goddess Karpagambal took the form of a peacock to worship Kapaleeswarar, who came from Ayanavaram. Mylapore temple was built in the seventh century by the Pallavas rulers.

Royapuram (Tamil origin), meaning 'Tamil appellation for St. Peter, Royappa,' is best known for its beach and the Royapuram railway station.

Saidapet is a neighborhood of Chennai. Saidapet is situated on the northern banks of the Adyar River, and this area serves as an entry point to south Chennai.

Teynampet (Tamil origin), meaning 'Place of coconut trees,' is part of the city’s central business district. Teynampet is one of the busiest commercial localities in the city of Chennai. In addition, Teynampet is famous for its educational institutions like Stella Maris College.

Tondiarpet (Tamil origin) is a northern neighborhood of Chennai. Tondiarpet got its name from the Muslim saint Kunangudi Masthan Sahib who lived in the 19th century. Tondiarpet shares its boundaries with other important regions of Chennai, including George town.

Triplicane (Tamil origin), meaning 'Sacred Lily Pond,' is another neighborhood city in Chennai. Triplicane is famous for its sambar, a food item inevitable for Tamil people. Triplicane is situated on the Bay of Bengal coast.

Ancient temple tower  in Chennai

Cities And Towns In Chennai District

There are various famous cities and towns in Chennai. Go through the famous cities and towns by reading the list given below.

Anna Nagar (Tamil Origin), meaning 'named after the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu C. N. Annadurai),' is located in the north-western part of Chennai.

Ashok Nagar (Hindi origin), meaning 'named after Great emperor Ashoka had spent a night' here.

Chetpet (Tamil origin), meaning 'named after Namperumal Chettiar,' is served by the Chetpet railway station. It is in Chetpet that the famous mathematician Ramanujan died.

Choolai (Tamil origin), meaning 'brick kilns,' is a famous tourist place previously known as 'Lakshmi Narasimhapuram.'

Chromepet (Unknown origin), meaning 'Home of chrome leathers' ' is located in the southern part of Chennai. Chromepet is home to the Madras Institute of Technology, which has famous alumni like the former president of India, Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam.

Gopalapuram is an important residential locality in Chennai. Royapettah surrounds Gopalapuram in the North and East and Mylapore in the South-East. Indian cricketer M.S Dhoni owns a house in Gopalapuram.

Injambakkam is located in the south of Chennai. Injambakkam is famous for its long beaches like relaxed Akkarai and resort hotels.

Korukkupet is situated in the northern part of Chennai. It is served by the Korukkupet railway Station.

Mannivakkam is a small place in the suburb of Chennai. It is located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu.

Mudichur is a residential locality in Chennai. Mudichur had a population of 16000 as per the 2011 Census of India.

Nungambakkam is a locality in downtown Chennai. Nungambakkam is famous for its multi-national commercial establishments, government offices, foreign consulates, shopping malls, sporting facilities, tourist spots, star hotels, restaurants, and cultural centers.

Pallavaram (Tamil origin), meaning 'Pallava settlement of Pallava Puram,' is one of the oldest inhabited places in South India. Pallavaram corporation was a corporation planned by the government of Tamil Nadu.

Pammal is a suburb in the city of Chennai. Leather and tannery factories are present in and around Pammal. Pammal Sambandha Mudaliar, the father of modern Tamil theater, was born in Pammal.

Shenoy Nagar is a part of the great Anna Nagar region in Chennai. Thiru Vi Ka Park is located in Shenoy Nagar, and the Government of Tamil Nadu here also opened a skating park.

Tharamani (Hindi origin), meaning 'Starry Night,'  is an area in Chennai. Tharamani is known for the presence of the city's first IT parks and various government educational and research institutions.

Thoraipakkam is an area of Chennai in Tamil Nadu converted into a dump yard.

Tirusulam is a census town in Chennai. The Chennai International Airport is located in Tirusulam. Tirusulam hill is the tallest hill in the city. Tirusoolanathar temple is the most famous temple in the locality.

Vadapalani is a famous area in Chennai. The place is known for its film studios and the Vadapalani Andavar Temple, an important pilgrimage center in Tamil Nadu.

Vandalur is a census town situated in the southern part of Chennai. Vandalur is the southern gateway to the metropolitan city of Chennai. Vandalur Zoo or the Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the most famous tourist spot here.

Vannarapettai is a northern neighborhood of Chennai. The place is also known as Vannai, Pazya Vannarapettai, Washermenpet, and more. The place is famous for its jewelry shops and matchbox industries.

Vyasarpadi (Tamil origin), meaning 'after sage Vyasa,' is located within the Chennai district. The first train to Arcot started from the Vyasarpasi station. The place also acts as the junction, and four rail routes branch from here.

Top Localities In The Chennai Area

The top localities in the Chennai area are numerous, and it is essential to understand the Chennai streets before visiting Chennai. They are the main parts of Chennai. Go through the top localities in Chennai from the list given below.

Alwarpet is a residential zone in central Chennai. It is a part of the Teynampet region known as the 'Heart of Chennai.'

Besant Nagar is an upscale, coastal neighborhood with a lively vibe. It has good connectivity to schools, shops, hospitals, and markets. Beaches are also present in Besant Nagar.

Boat Club is the most upmarket area in Chennai. It is the home to the city’s top business people, actors, politicians, and conglomerates. It is a spacious and serene locality and blessed with the natural beauty of the Adyar River running along its side.

East Coast Road is known for its scenic beauty. It is an important route that connects Chennai with Tamil Nadu.

Kovilambakkam is a southern suburb of Chennai. Kovilambakkam lake is located here. It is located about 16 mi (26 km) from Chennai city.

Madipakkam is located in the south of Chennai corporation. It was recently placed under the Greater Chennai Corporation.

Poes Garden is a posh residential locality in Teynampet, Chennai. It is a high-security area and home to many celebrities, industrialists, and lawyers.

Porur is a sprawling and residential place in Chennai. It is known for its expansive lake ‘Porur’ and the famous waterside Porur Lake Shiva Temple.

Sholinganallur is known for its IT hub. The place also has lakes, reservoirs, and a bird-watching area attracting pelicans and storks.

Thiruvanmiyur is a primarily residential neighborhood in the south of Chennai. The Tidal Information Technology Park, Chennai’s first dedicated technology office space, is located in its neighborhood Taramani.

Urapakkam is a developing area with many schools and colleges available. Urapakkam is the 'Gateway to the southern part of Chennai.'

Vadapalani is a neighborhood in the city of Chennai. It is known for its film studios and the Vadapalani Andavar Temple, an important pilgrimage center.

Velachery is a famous area in Chennai, home to malls like the huge upscale Phoenix market city with fashion stores and Indian and global dining.

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