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Complete List Of Mercenary Company Names

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Mercenaries recruit capable people who have undergone military training or have experience handling weapons.

These organizations work as contractors in the security sector to offer trained security services or equipped combat to state and non-state security service seekers. If you are a fan of world building, it will surely help to know about mercenary company names.

If you are an author and are looking for mercenary company names for your novel, this list might be able to help you. We have listed below some traditional mercenary company names, famous mercenary guild names, cool mercenary group names and unique mercenary company names. These names may also be useful for those playing 'Dungeons And Dragons', as mercenary companies can be found in the world of fantasy gaming as well as the real world too.

Governments often outsource classified services to a private contractor or a mercenary company for security offerings. The contractors usually wear a mix of civilian gear and military wear, and they can be found all over the globe. The concept of mercenaries is existent for a long time now and is known to be the second oldest occupation across the world. So, let's begin with taking a glance at some interesting company names in the field.

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Traditional List Of Mercenary Company Names

These are some of the best traditional names. If you are looking for a traditional mercenary company name for your world building efforts we hope you will find it here.

military trained experts names

1. Academi (American origin), Academi is a private military group that was acquired by private investors. This is one of the most well known traditional mercenary company names.

2. AirScan (American origin), AirScan specializes in airborne surveillance. Considering the work they do, the name AirScan is totally appropriate for them. If you are looking for a company name for an airborne service in your worldbuilding, why not choose AirScan?

3. Control Risks (UK origin), is a globally renowned strategic and risk consulting firm for political, integrity and security risk.

4. Defion Internacional (Peru origin), Peruvian mercenaries based in Lima which is known to take and train administrative, logistic and security personnel.

5. Erinys International (UK origin), is a private security registered company.

6. Executive Outcomes (South African origin), was founded by Eeben Barlow who has served as a Lieutenant Colonel in defense force of South Africa.

7. G4S (British origin), is a multinational security service provider with headquarters in London.

8. MAG Aerospace (US origin), specializes in surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance.

9. MVM (US origin), is a private contractor in securities offering the US Government help with security staffing, contractor and training.

10. Northrop Grumman Corporation (American origin), has around 90,000 people working for it and is a leading global defense and aerospace technology group.

11. Raytheon (American origin), one of the biggest defenses and aerospace manufacturers.

12. Sandline International (UK origin), operated in conflicts in Papua New Guinea.

13. Slavonic Corps (Hong Kong origin), is a company which operated in Syria.

14. Titan Corporation (US origin), offers products and solutions in information and communication.

15. Unity Resources Group (Australian origin), Australian based private security service provider that hires military veterans from British, US, Canada, Australia and NZ.

16. Vinnell Corporation (US origin), is based in Virginia and specializes in military training and helping the State to acquire weapons.

17. Wagner Group (Russian origin), is a paramilitary group whose contractors help in cases of civilian war.

Famous Mercenary Guild Names

After traditional names, it is time to see some historic companies, which might inspire you. If you are on the lookout for a famous mercenary guild name, take a look at our list below. These famous mercenary guilds have made a name for themselves through history.

Pick from the best names you can use

18. The Ten Thousand, The Ten Thousand mercenary guild was an assortment of Greek warriors.

19. The White Company, part of Italy's warfare in the fourteenth century, The White Company are quite famous.

20. The Flying Tigers, was a group of fighter pilots who fought against the Japanese during World War II.

21. The Catalan Grand Company, was formed in the year 1302 and made its mark in medieval military history.

22. The Varangian Guard, were originally traders and pirates and served as protectors of Constantinople.

Cool Mercenary Group Names

These are some fantasy mercenary company names you can use. If you are an author and are looking for a cool mercenary group name for your novel, or even for your world building efforts, take a look at our list below.

23. Band Of The Hawk, is a popular company led by a strategist referred to as “White Hawk”, who takes disguise to gain power to rule the kingdom and defeat enemy troops.

24. Band Of The Sunken Wheel, bears remembrance to forgotten religion.

25. Brothers Of The Gull, is led by the Gull, a Demigod feared at a point of time. Surely a name to like.

26. Chosen Of The Lords, a super skilled company very popular to ward off enemies.

27. Die Eisenfalke, a company recognized for discipline and their bright uniforms.

28. Red Water Legion, derived from underwater monsters, Red Water Legion are famous.

29. Silver Shields, is an elite group of armors.

30. Sons Of The Eternal Flame, famous for the last-man standing concept.

31. The Hand Of Silence, is one heavy infantry company.

32. The Vowkeepers, consists of armor suits and made up of the remaining people of a small village.

33. The Hawk’s Eye, is the name of a group of sharpshooters.

34. The Slayers, is a band of dwarves, it is a relatively new concept.

35. The Blades Of The Moon, members of this fantasy clan enchant their blades to bring moon like glow.

36. The Wing Of Fury, is an elite air-force unit who use airways.

37. The Gallus Brigade, is a relatively small company with a cool name and consists of heavily equipped close-quarter warriors.

38. The Broken Fang, is a big company that was initiated during peacetime. It helps soldiers to find work.

39. The Dovetail Brigade, is popular for training their soldiers to become true professionals.

40. The Chainbreakers, is another cool name for company and is a troop of elf goblins.

41. The Ashen, is mainly a group of volunteers in this field.

42. The Darksiders, is a big group of warlocks.

43. The Black Rams Of Winterburg, based out of Winterburg, The Black Rams of Winterburg are quite famous.

44. Veil Of Shadow, is a large fantasy clan with a cool name.

45. The Immortal Legion, an elite troop of soldiers.

46. The Adamantine Hides, a small group, packed with the latest adamantine gear.

47. The Adamant, a specialized group of blockade engineers known for designing the best catapults that are very hard to beat.

48. The Grand Cannoneers, with their vast array of uniforms they are specialized in using their powers not under their own brand name.

49. The Hephaestian Marauders, specialize in taking in fellow war victims who have been either enslaved or impoverished.

50. The Doomborn Legion, a group of demon worshipers, they hurt their own troops more than their enemies.

51. The Black Pyramid Bonkers Brigade, troops led by one of the most powerful wizards of Arabay.

52. The Grendels, fully equipped with modern warfare to tackle the enemy from all perspectives.

53. The Bishop Street Irregulars, is as the name suggests a group of thugs whose primary responsibility is to spread fear and chaos.

54. The Red Tears Legion, characterized by small operational groups, this group is quite organized and fully equipped.

55. The Blue Phalanx, extremely organized, disciplined, and most-effective with a close-knit attack strategy.

56. Thunderstorm Corps, battling from the sky gives them a better edge most often. They use all their power in the air through thunder and lightning to delineate enemies and make them confused.

57. The Wall, is a unique company that uses stone armor for its regiment. They operate within a specified boundary of the fortress and are not ever defeated.

58. Wrath Blades, led by a tall dragon, this is a bunch of experts specializing in dragon-hunting.

59. Scaled Kites, is best suited to bully your enemies. Scaled Kites uses nets to carry their enemies off the battle-field and throw them somewhere else.

60. The Fardwarves, although they might seem a little small to fight, they are adequate to protect their regiments.

61. The Oakenhold Union, uses the dual power of speed as well as strength among its troops of dwarves and elves.

62. The Gedryht, is a group of rangers and warriors.

63. The Chippendales, wearing shorts and collar ties, their unique characteristic is their unbeatable problem-solving attitude.

64. The Amaranthine Helm, is a group of silent fighters who never utter a single word.

65. The Chameleons, are best at stealing their enemies’ armors to confuse and defeat them.

66. The Green Runners, is a band of infantry specializing in destroying army lines.

67. The Voiceless, is a group made up of those who feel cast out of the fantasy society.

68. The Red Fist, a mercenary band dealing with demons.

69. The Brave Choir, this groups believes in signing song to raise morale during war.

70. The Brightswords, uses clever strategy to win on the battlefield.

71. The Black Wolf Company, is led by a man who is 7.5 feet (2.29 m) tall. So, you can imagine the cool idea behind its name.

Names Of Unique Mercenary Companies

Here are some unique mercenary name options that you may not have seen before. It is important to find a unique mercenary company name if you are looking stand out. Your search for unique mercenary company names ends here, with our list below.

72. Aegis Defense Services, Aegis Defense Services is a well known company of the 2000s.

73. Alexon (Greek origin), is a mercenary that operated in the Carthaginian garrison.

74. Autaritus, one of the groups that served during First Punic War.

75. Bolli Bollason, is a Viking mercenary, it got its reputation for becoming the first ever West Norseman. Bolli Bollason is a truly unique name for a mercenary company.

76. Charidemus (Greek origin), is reputed since it has served Athens, Rhodes and Thrace.

77. Diogenes Of Judea, made its name after serving during the times of Alexander.

78. Flanders William Of Ypres, served at the time of The Anarchy. If you are looking for a unique mercenary company name, Flanders William Of Ypres is definitely a great option.

79. Hereward The Wake, was operated by a rebel leader from England.

80. Mathos, is known for fighting Carthage during First Punic War.

81. Naravas, was the name of a Berber and Numidian leader who took part in the Mercenary War.

82. Normandy William Iron Arm, who founded the Hauteville family.

83. Phalaikos, was formed by the ruler of Phosis for Knossos.

84. Pythagoras The Spartan, was appointed to seize the Persian throne.

85. Selman Reis, has commanded a troop of 2,000 armed people.

86. Triple Canopy, one of the most well known private security firms

87. Xenophon, who served during the Peloponnesian War.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles for you, that we hope will provide ideas and inspiration for your own worldbuilding. If you liked our suggestions for mercenary company names from real life and from fantasy to inspire your worldbuilding, then you may like to take a look at our list of the best Dragonborn names, or for something different take a look at our article detailing the best Halfling names.

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