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Complete List Of Persona 5 Protagonist Name

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

'Persona 5' is a role-playing video game that's the 'Persona' series' sixth installment and has become as successful as 'Persona 3' and 'Persona 4.'

The 'Persona' series is a part of the greater 'Megami Tensei' franchise. The official 'Persona 5' is set in Tokyo and revolves around the vigilante group known as the 'Phantom Thieves of Hearts.'

Like all other games from the official 'Persona' series, 'Persona 5' features numerous characters and if you're looking for a complete list that features every 'Persona 5' protagonist name from the game and its anime adaptation, you're at the right place! Read on to know all about the official 'Persona 5' characters from the original 'Persona 5' and its spin offs, including the 'Persona 5' protagonist names, and how they fit into the scheme of things in the video game. For more unique names, check out Persona 4 protagonist names, where you'll find out about the Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami and the names of characters that Yu Narukami encounters, and Final Fantasy names right here on Kidadl.

'Phantom Thieves Of Hearts' Characters

As mentioned before, the official 'Persona 5' revolves around the activities of the 'Phantom Thieves of Hearts'; the 'Persona 5' group name of a vigilante group consisting of high-school students, which is similar to the 'Investigation Team' from 'Persona 4'.  The vigilante group is led by Joker, the 'Persona 5' protagonists name. In this section, we'll check out the names of all the members of the vigilante group in the original game and its spin offs, including the anime adaptation, along with their 'Persona' names. Let's get started.

1. Ann Takamaki: Known as "Panther" in the vigilante group, Ann Takamaki is a part-American 'Persona 5' character who returns to Japan and becomes the Joker's classmate. She is known for her unique appearance and is one of the most popular individuals at school. She joins the 'Phantom Thieves of Hearts' after she learns that Shiho Suzui's attempted suicide has ties to Kamoshida. Ann's persona, Carmen, fights with submachine guns and whips.

2. Futaba Sakura: Codenamed "Oracle" in the 'Phantom Thieves', Futaba is Sojiro Sakura's adopted daughter and she is an accomplished computer hacker in the official 'Persona 5' games. During the initial stages of the original game, Futaba is fearful of crowds and also quite reclusive.  She slips into depression after she is blamed for her mother's death and abused by family members. Her Persona is Necronomicon and as the original game progresses, she goes on to become the Phantom Thieves' navigator after replacing Morgana.

3. Goro Akechi: A well-known teenage detective, Goro Akechi, a character with a Japanese name, is hailed by the media as "The Second Coming of the Detective Prince". Even though he is against the Phantom Thieves during the initial stages of the original game, he joins them later on and is assigned the codename "Crow". Goro, like the official 'Persona 5 protagonist', has the "wild card" ability, giving him the power to fuse multiple Personas, just like the main character.

4. Haru Okumura: Codenamed "Noir", Haru Okumura, another character with a Japanese name, is next in line to take over Okumura Foods. During her first encounter with the Phantom Thieves, she is an ally of Morgana and uses the "Beauty Thief" alias. However, she joins the vigilante group in the games to escape her arranged marriage, which she sees as her father's way of furthering his political and business ambitions.  Her Persona, Milady, uses axes and grenade launchers to fight.

5. Joker: The Joker is the official Persona 5 protagonist and as the main character, follows in the footsteps of Makoto Yuki, the official protagonist of Persona 3, and Yu Narukami, the official protagonist of Persona 4. The protagonist is a high school student in his second-year who is expelled after he is accused falsely of assault by a corrupt politician. After the high-school life of Joker 'Persona 5' resumes in a new school, the protagonist and several other students awaken to Persona, a supernatural power, following which they band together to form the vigilante group 'Phantom Thieves of Hearts.' The Joker is known for his iconic "wild card" ability, the Joker smash, which gives him the power to hold multiple Personas and fuse them together. His official 'Persona 5' Joker name in The Animation is Ren Amamiya, which is also his official canon name, and Akira Kurusu in the anime adaptation.

6. Kasumi Yoshizawa: Introduced in 'Persona 5 Royal', Kasumi's codename in the Phantom Thieves is "Violet" and she is well-known in the Shujin Academy for being an excellent rhythmic gymnast. Even though her initial opinion of the Phantom Thieves is far from positive, she joins them later and the name of her Persona is Cendrillon and during battle, she fights with rifles, rapiers, and lever shotguns.  

7. Makoto Nijima: Makoto Nijima uses "Queen" as her Phantom Thief codename in the official 'Persona 5' games and is the Shujin Academy's student-council president.  Due to her intelligence and analytical prowess, she is considered the brains of the vigilante group. However, despite her intelligence, she suffers from an inferiority complex. Her Persona 5 name is Johanna and during battle, she relies on tekko (weaponized horseshoes and stirrups) and revolvers.

8. Morgana: Morgana, also known as "Mona", is a mysterious cat-like creature who is also an amnesiac in the official Persona 5. The Joker encounters him after he is freed from his Kamoshida Palace cell. He joins the vigilante group in the hope of discovering his origins and true form. Morgana's Persona is Zorro and he fights with a curved sword and a slingshot. In the Metaverse, Morgana has the ability to transform into a minivan, which allows the vigilante group to travel rapidly. He makes an appearance in 'Persona 5 Royal' as well.

9. Ryuji Sakamoto: Ryuji Sakamoto, known by his codename "Skull" in the vigilante group, is essentially a nice guy, but one with a defiant streak. He is known for being sensitive and he often resorts to violence when he is offended. Ryuji was the Shujin Academy track and field team's star. However, after Kamoshida breaks his leg, he is forced to quit. His Persona name is Captain Kidd and during battle, he fights with shotguns and clubs. Like Morgana, Ryuji too makes an appearance in the official 'Persona 5 Royal.'

10. Sophia: Codenamed "Sophie", Sophia is first introduced in the official 'Persona 5 Scramble', and she helps the vigilante group as a virtual assistant. Eventually, Sophia leaves the Phantom Thieves after their battle with Demiurge, when she chooses to accompany Ichinose. The name of her full Persona is 'Pandora' and in battle, she fights with blasters and yo-yos.

11. Yusuke Kitagawa: Codenamed "Fox" in the vigilante group, Yusuke Kitagawa studies at the Kosei High School in the department of fine arts. Yusuke's essential qualities in the 'Persona 5' game include his concern for environmental aesthetics and his passion for art. He is also known for his eccentricity. His Persona is Goemon, who fights with assault rifles and Japanese swords during battle.

12. Zenkichi Hasegawa: Another character introduced in 'Persona 5 Scramble', Zenkichi is codenamed "Wolf" by the Phantom Thieves. He is a Public Security Bureau officer in 'Persona 5' and develops a bond with the vigilante group after it helps him to reconcile with his daughter. Valijean is the name of Zenkichi's Persona and in battle, he fights with dual revolvers and a greatsword.

Antagonists From Persona 5

In this section, we'll check out the antagonists in the 'Persona 5' games and its spin offs, including the anime adaptation, who are known for their severely distorted world views. Let's check out all the 'Persona 5' characters names in this section!

13. Ichiryusai Madarame: A well-known artist in the 'Persona 5' games, Ichiryusai Madarame plagiarizes from the works of his students and profits from them as well. When Madarame's plagiarism is discovered by Yusuke and Ann, he threatens them with arrests on the grounds of trespassing. In the Metaverse, Madarame's palace is representative of vanity.

14. Junya Kaneshiro: A ruthless mafia boss, Junya Kaneshiro enlists Shujin Academy students for drug smuggling in Shibuya. He blackmails the Phantom Thieves into paying him 3 million yen when the vigilante group tries to rescue Makoto from his clutches. In the Metaverse, Kaneshiro's palace is representative of gluttony.

15. Kunikazu Okumura: Kunikazu Okumura is Okumura Foods' president and the father of Haru Okumura. He is known for mistreating his staff and his big political and business goals. After he is defeated by the Phantom Thieves, Goro Akechi kills his Shadow. In the Metaverse, Kunikazu Okumura's palace is representative of greed.

16. Masayoshi Shido: A politician and a National Diet representative, Shido, in the original game's initial stages, frames Joker, the main character and 'Persona 5' protagonist, after his plan of assaulting his subordinate is foiled. As this 'Persona 5' character ages, he appears as a prime ministerial candidate for the United Future Party. The research conducted by Wakaba on "cognitive psience" is stolen by Shido and his followers to gain victory. In the Metaverse, his palace is a representative of pride.  

17. Suguru Kamoshida: Shujin Academy's volleyball coach and PE teacher, Suguru Kamoshida is known for his abusive personality in the 'Persona 5' games. Kamoshida's palace is representative of lust and in the Metaverse, he views himself as a king, owing to his powerful status at Shujin Academy. However, after Kamoshida's Shadow is defeated, he surrenders to the authorities and subsequently confesses his crimes.

18. Yaldabaoth: The malevolent god of control in the 'Persona 5' games, Yaldabaoth appears in the game as the Holy Grail, which is a treasure comprising of mementos that were created from the distorted sloth of humanity. Some of his main traits include self-righteousness, sadism, and power-hungriness. In the original game, he is ultimately defeated by Satanael, the name of the main character Joker's ultimate Persona.

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Confidants Characters From Persona 5

In 'Persona 5' confidants replace the social links from 'Persona 3' and 'Persona 4' and each character, based on their problems and dispositions, represents a tarot arcana (suit). Characters with personas of the same suit can advance their personas by spending time with confidants and also gain extra skills and fuse that arcana's strongest persona. One of the original characters from 'Persona 4' makes an appearance in 'Persona 5' as a confidant. Find out who it is in this section.

19. Caroline and Justine: The Velvet Room's twin prison wardens, Caroline and Justine replace Elizabeth and Margaret from 'Persona 3' and 'Persona 4' as Igor's assistants. Caroline is short tempered and dislikes the main protagonist. However, Justine has a softer personality and manages the personas that the main protagonist has owned; the Persona Compendium. Both the twins are representatives of the Strength Arcana. Later in the game, the twins fuse into Lavenza, who displays both Justine's calmness and Caroline's aggression.

20. Chihaya Mifune: A fortune teller in the original 'Persona 5' who owns a stand in Shinjuku, Chihaya Mifune is also involved in the activities of a con-artist group, even though her clairvoyance is genuine. She was ostracized in her hometown for her abilities as a clairvoyant, following which she moved to Tokyo. She is a representative of the Fortune Arcana as a Confidant.  In the game, she can be used to improve the relationships of the Persona 5 protagonist with other Confidants along with his social statistics.

21. Hifumi Togo: One of Kosei High School's champion shogi players, Hifumi Togo is encouraged to make appearances in front of the media by her mother. Even though the developers of the 'Persona 5' game initially wanted Hifumi to be a part of the Phantom Thieves vigilante group, her role was later reduced to that of a confidant. Hifumi is a representative of the Star Arcana as a Confidant and teaches tactical skills to the protagonist.  Eventually, Hifumi finds out that many of the shogi matches that she won were rigged by her mother.

22. Ichiko Ohya: A paparazza and a reporter in the 'Persona 5' game, Ichiko Ohya is a representative of the Devil Arcana as a Confidant. As a reporter, she is known to indulge in writing stories that sell, often manipulating the truth to make more of a name for herself and, of course, money. Even though Ohya was once a good journalist, her reassignment to entertainment after the censorship of her reporting of the Masayoshi Shido scandal brought about a significant change in her worldview.

23. Igor: The Velvet Room's prison master in 'Persona 5', Igor is a representative of the Fool Arcana as a confidant, which allows the protagonist to simultaneously have multiple personas. He reveals himself as the evil god Yaldabaoth in disguise after the protagonist Joker's attempt to stop the Holy Grail fails. However, it later comes to light that the real Igor was held captive. After he is freed, he helps the protagonist in defeating Yaldabaoth.  Igor featured in 'Persona 4' as well and is one of the original 'Persona 4' characters to make a re-appearance in 'Persona 5.'

24. Munehisa Iwai: A former yakuza who is the owner of an airsoft shop in Shibuya called Untouchable, Munehisa Iwai is a supplier of equipment to the Phantom Thieves in 'Persona 5.' Iwai is a representative of the Hanged Man Arcana. Iwai's inability to tell his adopted son, Kaoru, about the truth of his former ties to the yakuza, leads to him lying to Kaoru about his parents. However, later in the game, Kaoru is acknowledged by Iwai as his son.

25. Sadayo Kawakami: The homeroom and Japanese language teacher of Class 2-D in Persona 5, Sadayo Kawakami is threatened by Takase's parents after his death, which the parents use to extort money from the teacher. Sadayo Kawakami is a representative of the Temperance Arcana. She gives the main character free time in class and also helps the main protagonist with chores in the series. Later in the game, she suffers from exhaustion due to the nature of her second job, leading to hospitalization.

26. Sae Nijima: A Tokyo District Special Investigation Department prosecutor and Makoto's sister and legal guardian in Persona 5, Sae Nijima is known for her caring attitude towards Makoto. She is completely disillusioned with the Japanese judicial system and in the Metaverse, she develops a palace that's representative of envy. She becomes fixated on the Phantom Thieves after she is assigned to their case. As a confidant, she is a representative of the Judgment Arcana in the series. Even though Sae is tasked with prosecuting the vigilante group, she helps the main character escape after believing his story.

27. Shinya Oda: A student at an elementary school, Shinya Oda is frequently seen hanging out in Akihabara's Gigolo Arcade in 'Persona 5.' Other regulars of the arcade often refer to him as "King" due to his top score in Gun About, the name of an arcade shoot 'em up game. He is a big fan of the Phantom Thieves and the protagonist asks Shinya Oda for help to defeat a gamer who cheats in Mementos. Shinya Oda is a representative of the Tower Arcana in the series and teaches the protagonist a wide variety of gun moves in the game Gun About, which the protagonist masters and later uses in the Metaverse.

28. Sojiro Sakura: The guardian of the protagonist Joker during his probation and Cafe Leblanc's owner, Sojiro Sakura is initially cold towards the protagonist. However, as the game progresses, the character develops a bond with Joker. During the protagonist Joker's time working at the cafe, Sojiro teaches him about curry and coffee. After he learns about the protagonist Joker's association with the Phantom Thieves, he lets them use his cafe as the group's headquarters in the series. Sojiro is a representative of the Hierophant Arcana as a Confidant.

29. Tae Takemi: The owner of Yongen-Jaya's Takemi Medical Clinic, Tae Takemi is nicknamed "The Black Death" for selling prescriptions to her patients that are barely legal. Joker assists the character in testing her new medications by taking part in clinical trials and she hopes to boost her credibility through these trials.  She also provides supplies at a discount to Joker from her pharmacy. Takemi is a representative of the Death Arcana as a Confidant.

30. Takuto Maruki: A character who was introduced in 'Persona 5 Royal', Takuto Maruki is the Shujin Academy's new guidance counselor, who arrives after Kamoshida's arrest. He views the Phantom Thieves quite positively. Maruki lost both his parents owing to a violet crime, following which, he awoke to a Persona that allowed him to alter others' cognition and their memories and personalities. As a confidant, Maruki is a representative of Councillor Arcana.

31. Toranosuke Yoshida: A public speaker and an independent politician who has lost seven elections on the bounce, Toranosuke Yoshida makes an attempt to overcome his bad political reputation following a political scandal that he didn't have a hand in. Yoshida is a representative of the Sun Arcana as a confidant. By the time of the confidant's end, the character, for his upcoming campaign, has won a sizable base. Ultimately, popular support for him leads him to be elected to the Diet.

32. Yuuki Mishima: One of Ann's and Joker's classmates, Yuuki Mishima is a volleyball club member in the game and is frequently subject to the abuse of Kamoshida, who almost expels him after Yuuki decides to confront Kamoshida along with Ryuji and Joker. He goes on to become a manager of the Phantom Aficionados website, a Phantom Thieves fan website. Mishima is a representative of the Moon Arcana as a Confidant and gives experience points to party members. However, in time, Yuuki's Phantom Thieves fascination turns into an obsession, stemming from his lust for popularity. The character of Yuuki Mishima is set to make an appearance in 'Persona 5: The Stage.'

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