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95 Contact Nicknames

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If you have a mundane contact list on your device, then it's time to add some fun and spice!

Firstly, the age of remembering numbers has been left decades behind. Secondly, the idea of saving contacts with the characteristics of the person can make you remember a particular memory or the importance of that person when you see the name flashing on your screen.

Truth be told, contact names are quite important on anyone's phone. A nickname for your friend, sibling, parents, or that special someone can bring their face in front of your eyes the minute you see their contact names flashing on your screen's pop-up messages or calls. So instead of saving the mundane and simple or actual names of the people, you need to select some great nicknames for your best friend, siblings, casual friends, and even your girlfriend or boyfriend. Read on, and keep your contact list ready to update the names right away!

Contact Nicknames For Siblings

Siblings are fun and super interesting people in the family. Here are a few nickname suggestions for their contact names.

  • Baby Face - For the brother or sister who always looks small irrespective of how old he or she gets.
  • Bambam - Which means yellow in the Meriam language, is also referred to as the Thai rapper. Sounds cute to your younger sibling.
  • Big Sistah - For your favorite elder sister, this is a cool nickname that also sounds like she is one of your best friends.
  • Broflake - For a brother who is tiny and thin, just like a snowflake.
  • Brotato Chip- This is one of the perfect contact names for a brother who adores and loves potato chips.
  • Cookie Monster - Do you have a sibling who always ends up eating all your cookies before you ever even get to them? This is one of the apt contact names that you can have for them.
  • Cousin-For-Life - A cousin who is also a best friend makes him or her one of the sweetest people in your life forever.
  • Cuz - This is one of the coolest contact names, which refers to a short and fun name for the cousin who happens to be your best friend too.
  • Doodle Bug - If your sibling likes to doodle and always has a book and pen with them, this is a perfect name for them.
  • Einstein - A nickname for the smartest little brother or sister of yours.
  • Evil Twin - If you have a twin, what better than announcing yourself as the good and your sibling as the evil twin?
  • Favorite Cousin - Another name for your cousin who also happens to be your best friend.
  • Freckles - If your sibling has freckles, well, this is quite a literal term to use for your sibling's contact name.
  • Kitten - For your baby sister, who is a cutie pie just like a small kitten.
  • Lazy Bones - Every sibling ends up turning lazy, and this is a name you can use to save your lazy sibling's contact, who is like a best friend to you.
  • Minion - For a sibling who loves you like the minions love Gru and love the minions in general, this is a cute name to save their contact with.
  • Personal Chef - For a younger brother or sister who is a wonderful chef and dedicatedly makes food for you and you alone.
  • Person Who Tolerated Me - For your small brother or sister who hates you but loves you all the same.
  • Santa Claus - For your sibling who is a Santa who is also your gift bearer.
  • Sissassy - For your sassy little or big sister and pretty.
  • Sherlock - For a sibling who is always nudging and poking into your matters and is a detective on his/her own.
  • Troublemaker - For a sibling who always creates problems and waits for you to bring him/her out of them.

Contact Nicknames For Mom

Mothers are the cutest beings on the earth, and here are a few nicknames as contact names for your sweet, strong-willed, and sometimes strict mothers.

  • Amma - A word used for mother in South India.
  • Birther - For a mother who has given birth to you.
  • Boss Lady - One of the perfect contact names for the mother who is nothing less than a boss at home or even at her work.
  • Candy Crusher - For a mother who loves to play candy crush and similar games.
  • Dictator - For a strict mother who is almost a dictator at home and does not allow you to go out for parties or sleepovers.
  • Mama - Why leave out the basics of motherhood, right?
  • Mamma Mia - This is one of the best contact names that you can use for your mother, who also makes yummy food.
  • Mom/Mommy - Another form of the basics into the contact names list.
  • Momzilla - This is a simple wordplay and often refers to a new mother who is an obsessive, controlling, and highly involved mother.
  • Super Mommy - Mothers are all amazing women, so here's a nice tribute to her name for your contact list.
  • Super Woman - A similar reference to the above but also refers to a fictional character of a superwoman.
  • The Boss - For the mother who is a boss at home.
  • The Magician - For a mother who works her magic almost every single time in any situation.
  • Wonder Woman - Refers to the fictional superheroine, a character played by Gal Gadot in the DC universe.

Contact Nicknames For Dad

No matter whether you chat or call, contact names can make you smile at times. Fathers are just like mothers, strict but sometimes way too cool. Here are a few nickname ideas for your dad's contact.

  • Appa - A term for father, often used in Indian and Korean contexts.
  • Big Guy - For a father who is the biggest person at home.
  • Daddio - Just a cool wordplay to make the basic 'dad' name stand out.
  • Dadzilla - Is one of the apt contact names for a father who is overly obsessive and controlling.
  • Danger - For a father who works as your alarm system from problems and sometimes curfew times.
  • Home Supervisor - For a father who is the supervisor of your home under the boss lady who is often your mother.
  • Iron Man - A superhero from the Marvel comics played by Robert Downey Jr. in the films. It's the best name for a father who is your best friend and a superhero too.
  • Papa - Not leaving out on the basics for your father's name tag either.
  • Popsie - A simple and quirky-sounding wordplay for pops.
  • Super Dad - This is a good contact name for a father who is a superhero for you.
  • Super Man - This one refers to the superhero often seen in DC comics.
  • Tiger - For a father who is always protective of his kids and is strong like a tiger is.
  • Tough Guy - A literal term for a tough father who is sometimes strict but is always looking out for your safety.

Contact Nicknames For Girlfriend

Find cute and fun ideas for contact names for the sweetest person in your life.

  • Baby Cakes - For a girlfriend who loves cake and looks cute as a baby.
  • Cutie Patootie - Another one of the cute contact names for your lover girl.
  • Foxy - A good nickname for a fierce and sly but smart and pretty girlfriend.
  • Honey - This is a basic term not just for your girlfriend but can be used as a contact name for your wife, husband, or even your boyfriend.
  • Kitty Cat - For your cat-eyed girlfriend who looks as cute as a kitten.
  • Minnie Mouse - Referring to the Walt Disney cartoon character, is a good contact name for a girl who is short, cute, and just as fast as Minnie, the mouse.
  • Miss Right - Quite a direct but obvious term to use for your partner or your miss right.
  • Munchkin - A cute contact name to use for a short girlfriend who is cute and also your best friend.
  • Pancake - For a girl with blond hair who has a sweet tooth and loves pancakes.
  • Princess - A name every girl would love to be associated with either by her best friend or her lover.
  • Senorita - A Spanish word that means Miss and is a perfect name for your Miss Love.
  • Sugar Lips - Quite a direct but cute contact name for your girlfriend with really pretty and soft-looking lips.
  • Sweetie Pie - Another name to use for your girlfriend who loves candy and can have pies any time of the day.
  • Tinkerbell - Is one of the perfect contact names for your problem-solving and over-enthusiastic girlfriend. Also refers to a Disney movie and the protagonist by the same name.

Contact Nicknames For Boyfriend

Here are a few contact names that you can use for your boyfriend.

  • Baby Shark - Refers to the popular song 'Baby Shark' by Pinkfong.
  • Cutie Pie - This is a gender-neutral term that can be used for your cute boyfriend, who is also one of your best friends.
  • Handsome - For your hunk-looking smart, and dashing boyfriend.
  • Honey Bunny - Is a cute title you can use for your lover's contact name.
  • Lover Boy - Quite a literal but boastful name for your best friend turned lover boy.
  • Mickey Mouse - This refers to Walt Disney's main character and is a perfect name for your boyfriend who is cute, smart, and fast as Mickey.
  • Mr. Dreamy - For the boyfriend of your dreams or for the best friend and your crush who is always lost in his dreamland along with you.
  • Puddin' - A cute name that can be used for your boyfriend who loves candy, specifically pudding.
  • Soulmate- What better name than what you believe your boyfriend is for you, right?
  • Stud - For the handsome and bodybuilders stud in your life.
  • Sunshine - For the boyfriend who brings happiness and sunshine into your life.

Contact Nicknames For Friends

True friends often stay for life. So, here are a few contact names that you can use for each of your friends.

  • Amigo - A Spanish term for really good friends.
  • Babes - A cute name for your female best friend.
  • Bestie 4 Life - A nice contact name for your best friend forever.
  • Beyonce - For the style diva and great singer amongst your friends.
  • Buddy - A casual name for your best friend who is probably more like a brother to you too.
  • Busy Bee - For the friends who are always busy to even reply to your messages.
  • Champ - For your friends who are champions at different games and levels in their lives.
  • Favorite Distraction - For your best friend, who knows when you need to be distracted?
  • Gangstar - For the friends who are stars in the gang.
  • Goku - For the anime-loving friends on your list.
  • Grumpy Cat - For a friend who looks like a sweet potato but is always grumpy like a cat.
  • Homie - For the friends who share your sweat and blood.
  • Hot Shot - For all the stylish friends that you have on your list.
  • Lucky Charm - For your best friend who works like a charm for you in all your problems.
  • PIC - For your official Partner in Crime.
  • Richie Rich - For the richest friend in your contact list.
  • Shakespeare - For that friend who is always interested in writing poems, letters, and stories.
  • Soul Sister - Another word for your BFF.
  • Swaggy - For all the swaggers out there, this can be a title for your swaggers' group name.
  • The Builder - For a friend who loves to work out and is almost always at the gym.
  • Yoda - For the smartest and calmest of your friends who always have answers to your doubts and questions.

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