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55 Cool Axew Nicknames

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About Axew Pokemon

Axew is a popular dragon-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V (fifth generation) of Pokemon Go.

Axew is a rare Pokemon in the game with the Japanese name Kibago. Although it is uncommon in the wild, Axew can be hatched from 10 km eggs.

It is a must-have Pokémon in Pokémon Go, especially for those who wish to get a Hacksaurus. Axew is a three-member family starting at level 38, which evolves into Fraxure when fed 25 candies, then into Haxorus at level 48. This Pokémon builds its nest in the earth and uses its tusks to crush the fruit. They also measure their strengths by squeezing fruit.

Axew is a bipedal Pokémon with pale, straight tusks emerging from the corners of its mouth. These tusks are capable of regeneration and will regrow if broken or lost. The renewal of its tusks strengthens and sharpens them. The tusks serve multiple functions, including creating territorial gashes in trees and crushing berries for consumption. They are super hard to find, so naming them right is crucial.

Cutey Axew and Tiny Axew are some common nicknames given by players to their Axew. They sound like some nice nicknames, but we have even better ones for your Pokemon. Here we are providing you with a female, cool, delta, and clever Axew nicknames. So, head down and find the right name for your cutie Axew.

Female Axew Nicknames

Pokemon Go is a great game to indulge in with friends and enjoy during free time. It's the Pokemon from the game that makes it worth playing, and Axew is one such Pokemon.

Axew is just a fascinating Pokemon that players hardly find while playing the game. It's the uniqueness that captivates the player. So, did you catch an Axew and are on cloud nine? It's your lucky day but let's make it even interesting by naming this cute Axew creature. Looking for a Female Axew nickname? Find the best one below:

  • Acacia - a shrub found in warm climates which has spikes.
  • Akiko - female name meaning bright child.
  • Asha - is a Sanskrit word for Hope.
  • Asiah - girl name for someone alive and healthy.
  • Asiya - means 'caring one'.
  • Asya - someone who has been favored by God.
  • Axala - girl name for someone peaceful.
  • Ayisha - means life, vivaciousness, and living prosperously.
  • Aziyah - means someone who has patience.
  • Azusa - this name is of Japanese origin meaning Catalpa Tree.
  • Iris - a plant with sword-shaped leaves.
  • Willow - a shrub that has catkins and grows near water.
  • Åxara - means someone who is unalterable.

Cool Axew Nicknames

Axew is such an amazing Pokemon with dark grayish-green on the head and a tall, slightly curved horn. It features red eyes surrounded by big, dark grayish-green ovals and a short, rounded snout with large nostrils.

There is no denying that Axew Pokémon is too cool to be given an ordinary nickname. So, we have researched and found some cool nicknames for your Axew that will suit your Pokemon's demeanor and perfectly fit it.

  • Axel - a jump from one skate's forward edge to back edge.
  • Axeman - someone who knows how to handle the axe.
  • Ayaxa - means a beautiful flower.
  • Battle-Axe - a large broad-bladed axe used during ancient warfare.
  • Blade - cutting edge of a knife, or weapon.
  • Dragnor - represents agility, versatility, and enthusiasm.
  • Drakon - primarily male name meaning To See Clearly.
  • Hatchet - a tiny axe with a short handle.
  • Katana - single-edged long sword used by Japanese samurai.
  • Nero - something black in color.
  • Slasher - tools used to cut wood.
  • Titan - someone with great intellect and strength.
  • Typhon - a monster with a howling voice.
  • Xew - often means a celebration or an occasion.
  • Shrapnel - object thrown out of an explosion.

Delta Axew nicknames

Delta Axew is a water-type Delta Pokémon. Starting at level 38, it evolves into Delta Fraxure, which evolves into Delta Haxorus at level 48. It cannot breed with any Pokémon save for Delta Ditto due to its mutation. It is a magnificent Pokemon in Pokemon Go that is hard to find.

But did you find a Delta Axew? Well. Congratulations. So, you must need a nickname for the Axew Pokemon, right? Here we have several nicknames for Delta Axew that will suit its personality and feel right.

  • Ahyoka - means someone who brought happiness.
  • Aiko - means little loved ones.
  • Aixa - a noble title meaning free women.
  • Ajah - means 'God protects'.
  • Ashe - concept via which the Yoruba people of Nigeria change things with power.
  • Asia - means sunrise.
  • Aska - means ashes.
  • Axle - a rod passing through the center of wheels.
  • Draco - this is a Latin word for serpent Of dragons.
  • Fuse - means 'to blend' or join.
  • Razor - something with sharp blades.
  • Saber - light fencing or heavy cavalry sword.
  • Zorro - means a fox in Spanish.

Clever Nicknames for Axew

Axew's limbs and tail are short, with forelimbs of three digits and feet of two digits. According to the anime, Axew is adept at scaling walls and trees and is simply an adorable little Pokemon beloved by its master. If you have caught an Axew and want a clever nickname for it, here we have some fantastic clever nicknames for Axew that will definitely be fitting for it.

  • Aquamentus - a throwback to the first boss of 'The Legend of Zelda'.
  • Axu - means someone quiet and conscientious.
  • Bastion - someone with strong principles and attitude.
  • Candor - someone who is open, honest, and frank.
  • Cleaver - a tool with heavy and broad blades.
  • Deimos - was the Greek God of dread.
  • Executioner - someone who carries out death or condemns someone.
  • Gimli - a place where worthy survivors live.
  • Godzilla - someone who is fierce or frightening.
  • Guillotine - typically a machine with heavy blades. This is a good name for Haxorus.
  • Hax - this means something that is deemed unfair.
  • Kukri - a curved blade that broads towards the end.
  • Tusk - a long pointed tooth.
  • Valkyrie - means someone who is the chooser of the fallen.

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